Flame Knights

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Flame Knights
Flame Knights image1.PNG
Beware of the Flame Knights
Title One of Darktan's Minions
Race Penguins
Faction Evil
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Darktonian Realm

Flame Knights are one of Darktan's lesser minions who are basically controlled by him. They were infected with Doom Weeds.


Flame Knights were once Ninjas surprisingly. They served Sensei, and were masters at Card Jitsu. One day however they were sent to the Darktonian Realm to try and defeat Darktan. Unfortunately some Abyss Knights caught them and brought them to Darktan's throne room.

They expected Darktan would get rid of them, but he had something else in mind. He sent them to the dungeon and whispered something to a Lava Puffle.

While They slept that night the puffle creeped into their cell. He put crushed Doom Weeds into their mouths and slowly crept away.

When they woke up the next morning they believed they were minions of Darktan and spoke in a sort of Herbert Horror like voice. Since then they've been enemies to all of the USA, and one of Darktan's minor minions.


Flame Knights usually just defend Darktan's house instead of going out to war. However they aren't very powerful, and their inferno-like attacks aren't as strong as the fire variation of Abyss Knight. Despite that Darktan considers Flame Knights as lesser minions, the knights are very loyal and always treat Darktan's word like law.


  • Flame Knights can be defeated by using any water or ice-based attacks.
  • Coool41 is friends with 2 Painful Flame Knights named Frank And James

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