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Flamehopper image.jpg
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Str00del Force
Health Excellent
Level 810
Status At Large
Location Traveling

Flamehopper is an evil penguin, distantly related to Rockhopper. He is a Member of the Str00del Force.


Flamehopper was once a normal penguin. He was quite friendly and had quite a few friends. Unfortunately one day he discovered a container with Ditto in it. He thought it was his favorite drink, Citric Free Cream Soda, so he took a drink. When he was finished he turned evil, and could suddenly shoot flames from his flippers. He decided to join the Str00dels but was later accidentally sucked into a Penguin Portal. He has been trapped since, yet he is able to speak with Captain Str00del.


Flamehopper is Rockhopper's cousin's cousin's uncle's girlfriend's brother's friend's former roommate's clone. I told you he was distantly related. Flamehopper attacks with his fire powers, similar to Flame Knights. He can be defeated by a water attack though not as easily as Flame Knights. His fire attacks are useless for breaking out of portals though.


  • He is highly allergic to lemons and any other fruit containing citric acid. The Antics Brothers exploit this frequently, throwing lemonade, limeade, and orange juice at him when he comes into range.
  • Has esperidoeidiphobia, the fear of citric acid (see above). Explorer exploits this by constantly screaming "CITRUS!!!" and similar interjections at him when he comes into range.
  • His hat doubles as a grill. Some penguins have even tried to grill fish on it.
  • His abilities are powered by charcoal, which he tosses into his hat-grill.
  • He is very afraid of Fruit Blasters.

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