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Flipscone flag.png
The flag of Flipscone.
Flipscone image.png
The basic view of the Flipscone land and the capital city.
National name Terrain Land of Flipscone
Country UnitedTerra
Capital city Wellhedge
Largest city New Club Penguin
Demonym Flipsconian
Formation circa. 2002
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles
Other info
Population 38,149,932 (as of 2014)
Leader UnitedTerra Parliament
Location Eastern Terrain
Alliances None
Neighbours Brisking, Olde Snoxon, Scoodlepeep, TerraMount

Flipscone is a state located in the Eastern Terrain of UnitedTerra. It is the largest and most populated state of the country, home to over 38,000,000 penguins and puffles. The population of Flipscone are collectively known as Flipsconians. The capitol of UnitedTerra New Club Penguin, is located in Flipscone, however it is considered to be a capital district instead a city of Flipscone. The district is home to the President and headquarters of the UnitedTerra Parliament. Other major cities of the state include Wellhedge, Bluemoor and Springlake City - two of which are in the list of the nation's 20 most populated cities. Its neighbouring states include free republic TerraMount, Brisking and Olde Snoxon - as well as Scoodlepeep.

It was the first state to be formed after the collapse of PreTerra and formation of UnitedTerra, with the capital being the first city formed - one reason why the city is so largely populated. Due to this a major portion of the state's inhabitants speak the national language, Terrisian. 17% of the state's population are puffles, and 12% are Reindeer.


Formed in 2002, the state served as a temporary home for millions of penguins until the rest of the country was modernised.


Flipscone's culture involves the typical Terrain standards - a strong interest in music, gaming and various leisure activities.

Cities and towns[edit]


  • Wellhedge

Inhabited by 14,000,000 penguins, the city is the state's capital.

Major cities[edit]

  • Bluemoor

With a population of 7,000,000, Bluemoor is known for its gaming and beautiful sights.

Mcdonald's city has a population of 5,000,000 and was a former reindeer village.

  • Springlake City

Calm, tranquil and natural - the city is home to just 1,000,000 penguins.


Flipscone is known for its strong educational system that births hundreds of scientists and engineers. Penguins go through the normal procedures of primary school, secondary school, sixth form and then the option to continue on to university to obtain a degree.


The most popular sports of Flipscone are hockey, football and boxing. A large portion of the UnitedTerra national footballing squad originate from Flipscone and play on behalf of the entire country.

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