Floor Thirteen

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Floor 13
It's a van in a den with a hook on it! Hey where's the hook?
Key details
Type Vehicle in a cave
Level Floor 13
Location Evil Lake
Inhabitants Jerky II, Jerks

Floor Thirteen is a rusty vehicle that is trapped inside a muddy cave in Evil Lake. It is used as a base for the Jerk Penguins and home of the current Jerky leader, each who named the place after something (or was something named after the place?). Most describe it as "A van in a den with a hook on it", even though nobody knows why the "hook" thing was thrown into the jingle.


Nobody knows how it got there, but what happens there chills your average penguin to the bone.

For as long as anyone can remember the Jerks have been using it as a base and fortress, and it was once used as a snack bar only for Jerks, though it's use now is much more sinister.

Each Jerky leader claims that he was known to have named it after something, but some believe that the something is named after it for unknown reasons.


Floor Thirteen is located at Evil Lake, Dorkugal.

Most do not know where the cave is, but almost none of those people want to know.


Outside the van, there isn't much except for mud. But inside for those that dare enter there is a fridge filled with Judgies and other snack foods, and a bunch of seats.

If you come at the right time (and you probably will), Jerky and his gang of Jerks will be inside, not that you'd want to meet them.



Stupid, the only inhabitants ARE villains!


  • Lots of Mud
  • Rubber (from the van)
  • Glass (from the van)
  • Metal (from the van)
  • Food
  • Ditto (chemical)

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