Fluffy the Puffle

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Fluffy the Puffle
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Fluffy the Puffle
Title Fluffy
Gender Male
Race Rainbow Puffle
Faction None
Health Very Good
Level High
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin, USA
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Puffle of Peng Guin
Interests Almost Everything
Friends Peng Guin Williams, Gloria Walker, Ben Heartstrings, Amber the Puffle, Maddie Heartstrings
Enemies Fellowship of the Voltix, Mabel
Archetype Unknown

Fluffy the Puffle, more commonly known as Fluffy, nicknamed The Talking Puffle, is a Rainbow Puffle who is the puffle of Peng Guin. He is currently one of the the only known Rainbow Puffles who has the ability to talk (though he has a bigger vocabulary than most puffles), due to a strange science experiment conducted by Gary the Gadget Guy years ago. Fluffy was then put up for adoption at the Pet Shop, in which he was adopted by Peng. The two grew a great friendship, and Fluffy became considered one of Peng's best friends. However, his ability to speak has made many evil penguins around the USA consider kidnapping the unique puffle and studying it. Fluffy currently has a role as himself in Club Penguin: The TV Series.


  • His biggest fears are being taken away by the government from his family, zombie penguins, and were puffles.
  • His favorite video games are Flipper to Face and Flipper to Face 2.
  • He has a crush on Gloria Walker's puffle, Amber. In fact, the two were going to get married, until Peng and Gloria called off the wedding in the pilot episode Puffle Park.
  • He annoys Mabel.
  • He is a minor member of the Puffle Squad in The Fanon Character Gang.