Flying Dutchopper

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Flying Dutchopper
Flying Dutchopper.png
Yuck... At least Jasmine is cute.
Title Flying Dutchopper
Gender Male
Race Demon Penguin
Faction Demon Penguins
Health good
Level high
Status alive
Location The Underworld, or on the seas
Birth date created
Occupation Ship Captain, Demon Shepherd
Interests Sailing, reading romance novels
Friends His crew, Mectrixctic, Mr. Icarius
Enemies Everyone else
Archetype evil

Flying Dutchopper is a Demon Penguin who is a major naval commander. He also controls the Kraken. He doesn't like being bothered.


One day, when a Demon Penguin was being cloned, a squid and a crab got stuck inside the machine. Thus, Flying Dutchopper was born.

Flying Dutchopper found out that a Demon Penguin's head exploded whenever they listened to the P.O.P.E. or had a cell phone near them. He wanted to get to the bottom of this, and with the help Mectrixctic, he found out that the Demon Penguin's brain contained explosives which would trigger an explosion whenever these things occurred. Not wanting to have a blown up head, he removed his brain and stored it in a treasure chest. Other Demon Penguins tried the same thing, but the result wasn't as... successful. It is unknown how Flying Dutchopper is able to survive without a brain in his head, but life's a mystery. If his brain is destroyed or put back into his head, he will crumble to dust.

Flying Dutchopper has a special sock, which he needs to wear when he eats. If he is not wearing that sock, he can't eat and will starve. He enjoys eating sentient creatures, especially puffles.

One day Flying Dutchopper though he had enough of his job looking for penguins to make deals with and decided to retire. He went to the shore and disguised himself by retracting his crab claw, and tentacle beard. He found a woman he loved, and decided to get married to her and start a life, putting his evil ways past him. They eventually had a child. However, this child had horns and a crab claw, which made Dutchopper's mate realize Dutchopper was a demon. She attempted to kill him with a recording of the P.O.P.E., but it was futile since Dutchopper removed his brain. Dutchopper was heartbroken and vowed never to love again and to stay on the seas.

Due to his strong emotions at the time, Flying Dutchopper managed to get the Kraken to bow to his whims. He made his own ship, using magic and high tech equipment, and sailed the seas looking for people to join he crew. He also used to Kraken as major musclepower to fight battleships that opposed him.

In his travels, he eventually met a vampire parrot named Jasmine, who he got along with. Jasmine agreed to travel with his crew.

Dutchopper currently sails the seas looking for marooned or muitinied penguins to join his crew as well as nasty penguins to make deals with. He sends the ones who fail to live up to his deals to the Diss Prison.

Later on he met up with Captain Jack Penguin who made a deal to get a ship that was greater than the Migrator with a crew, and as a price, he would die and his ghost would be in Diss forever. However, his crew mutinied against him, and Jack believed that this rendered the deal void. Flying Dutchoper didn't think so and caught up with Jack. However, Jack convinved Dutchopper that he could capture 300 pirates or ghosts of pirates and give them to Dutchopper to be free. Dutchopper agreed.


Flying Dutchopper with a cutlass

Like all Demon Penguins, Flying Dutchopper is in a shade of red and has horns. He also wears a green pirate's hat and a striped shirt and boots. While battling, his right horn was knocked off. For some reason, it did not grow back, possible because the removal of his brain halted regeneration of certain body parts.

Flying Dutchopper has a blue tentacle-beard, and a crab claw for a flipper. He can snap the claw very hard and can break bones. He also plays keyboard instruments with his face tentacles. He has a tattoo of an anchor on his left cheek.

Skills, Powers, and Abilities[edit]

Due to sailing on the high seas, Flying Dutchopper is an expert navigator and geographer. He knows many shortcuts and can sail through rough storms as if it was a sunny day. He is also an excellent swordsman and marksman and is said be able to hold his cream soda more than anyone.


  • He has regeneration, although not as enhanced as other demon penguin's due to removing his brain.
  • Since his brain is not in his head, he can rub off any head injuries that would knock out or kill a normal penguin
  • Despite not having a brain in his head, he still has low level psychic abilities which he uses to control the Kraken
  • He can teleport anywhere on his ship he chooses.
  • He can retract his horns, crab claw, and tentacle beard to look like a normal penguin


  • Salt in his eyes
  • Iron and Silver
  • He can be destroyed by destroying the brain which is locked up safely.



  • He is a parody of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob. "Dutchopper" is slightly based on "Rockhopper".
    • He's not related to Rockhopper, though.
  • Despite vowing to never love again he acts amiable towards his crew. However if they fail him he does not hesitate to rough them up.
  • He has a parrot named Jasmine who is the long-lost sister of Jasper. Like Jasper, she is a vampenguin, er, parrot.
  • He pilots a ship, called the Scurvy Dawg.
  • He also removed the brain of Mister Icarius for one hundred million coins and ten percent of his company's income. Icaruis didn't survive, and tried to get a refund when he was revived, but Dutchopper refused and stayed wealthy.
  • He has the ability to shoot flames from his nostrils.
  • Robert O'vian is terrified of him. He once tried to eat Robert, Eduardo and Trickster.
  • Although his head won't explode when listening to the Governance or being near cell phones lightbulbs, ect, he still cannot go into the Telenacle.

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