Flying Flippers Emporium

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Flying Flippers Emporium
Founded September 7th, 1974
Founder(s) Sensei Fut

Club Penguin Island, USA

Ninja Hideout
Area served Across Antarctica
Key people Sensei
Products Ninja Outfits, Goldsmith Aprons, Dojo Igloos, Card-Jitsu Mats, Gongs and more...
Owner(s) Sensei
Employees 3 - 6 ninjas in each branch.
Parent Sensei's Fine Bonsai Trees

Flying Flippers Emporium is a chain of small Ninja commissaries located around Antarctica, usually near Dojos or in areas with a high ninja population. Once a penguin becomes a ninja, they also gain access to shop at the stores.


Flying Flippers Emporium was first founded in 1974 by Sensei Fut on Penguin Island (Now known as Club Penguin Island). His goal with the emporium was to make "A convenient market where ninjas could buy goods", and he did just that.


Flying Flippers sells many products, ranging from food, to clothing, to Card-Jitsu Cards, so on and so forth. Here is an incomplete list of all items that have been sold at the Emporium.

  • Card-Jitsu Power Cards (Club Penguin Dojo; Members only)
  • Ninja Outfit*
  • Cloud Wave Bracers*
  • Dojo-style Igloo Remodeling*
  • Gongs
  • Card-Jitsu Mats*
  • Issues of the Club Penguin Times
  • Ninja Outfit Stand- a stand where Ninjas can place their mask, outfit, belt, and Cloud Wave Bracers.*
  • Fruit (Apples, Oranges, Bananas)
  • Dojo Puffle House* (A puffle house that looks like a Dojo)
  • Other clothes for ninjas and ninjas-in-training
  • Fish dogs
  • Ice cream cones
  • Bowl of noodles*
  • Ninja Amulets were also sold here prior to 2013. Since 2013, they have been given to Ninjas for free.

*= This item is for Members only in the Club Penguin branch, but is available to everyone in other branches.


There are numerous Flying Flippers branches located around Antarctica. They are all operated by Ninjas. One can usually be found nearby a dojo, or in an area with a high ninja population. Here are some of the known locations.