Flystar's Successor

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????, the successor to Flystar55555
Title ????
Gender Male
Race Unknown, but is a Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Successor to King Flystar
Reign Unknown-Unknown
Coronation Unknown
Full name ????
Unknown Unknown
Titles Successor to King Flystar
Born Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Died Has not deceased yet
Place of death Has not deceased yet
Buried Has not deceased yet
Predecessor Flystar55555
None None
Successor None
Consort Unknown
Offspring None
Royal House Unknown
Dynasty Unknown
Royal anthem None
Royal motto None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

???? is an unknown penguin who will be the successor to Flystar55555 in the postion of ruler of the Land of Flystar55555. The only penguin who knows who he is is Flystar55555.


Preceded by
The Position of
Ruler of the Land of Flystar55555,

as held by ????


Succeeded by

No one much knows about ????, but that he will be the successor to Flystar55555.


He appears as a penguin twice the size of Winston, and has long, spiky hair that reaches the ground. He/she also has a staff with a purple jewel at the end that shoots soundwaves.


Confirmed Facts[edit]

  • He is unknown to the public.
  • He is NOT a villain.
  • It is a male penguin.


  • Some say that he is a Ghost Penguin. Penguins many years ago claim to have seen a creature very identical to the description of ????.
  • Others who don't believe the first theory believe he is a very large High Penguin.
  • Another theory to his existence that very few believe is that he is the reason why penguins have nightmares, known as a creature called "The Shee of Ban", an ancient High Penguin spirit that visits penguins when they are near death, and screams to Ban of their near death. If this is true, he is a parody of a Banshee.

Unconfirmed Facts[edit]

  • Who, or what, is he?
  • Is he a Ghost Penguin, like in the first and third theories?
  • Is he a normal High Penguin, like in the second theory?
  • Why does he need that staff he is holding?
  • Why does the staff hold powers like it does?
  • How did he get so tall?
  • What kind of penguin is he?
  • Is the jewel on the staff an artificial Amulet?
  • Is he someone that anyone knows in the public?
  • Is he associated with Flystar?
  • How is he associated with Flystarland?
  • Is he associated with High Penguin mythology?
  • Why is he unknown to the public?

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