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Me as Superhero.PNG
Flystar55555, one of the superpowered penguins in the USA
Nicknames Countless
Title Fly Star 55555 "Flystar"
Gender Male
Race Megadyptes waitaha (Waitaha Penguin)
Faction Troublesome Trio Honorary Member, Penguin Academy graduate, PSA Agent, South Pole Council Representative, King of Flystonia
Health Excellent
Level 200
Status Superhero
Location Flystonia
Birth date April 2, 1996 (age 19)
Occupation His palace in Flystonia
Employer Owns Star Inc.
Salary Around 13 million ATG a week
Height 2'4" (tall for a Waitaha penguin)
Eye color Brown/black
Feather color Dark black
Hair color Golden brown
Nationality Flystonia
Country of residence Flystonia
Primary residence 44,000 sq ft estate in Flystar City, Flystonia
Childhood home Small cottage in Senster City, Senstaria
Misc. land Secret house, likely in Freezeland and mostly underground.
Catchphrase Let's get this show on the road!
Hobbies Kicking the booty of evil creatures
Interests Showing off his skills, scaring kids (halloween only), defeating bad guys, etc.
Strengths Star Beast form, angered, etc.
Weaknesses His own powers turned against him
Powers See below
Abilities See below
Allergies None
Favourite color Red, yellow, and black
Fears None, really
Criminal record Destruction of the South Pole Council
Jail time accumulated None
Community service time None
Times arrested None
Times sued None
Net worth 24 billionATG
Friends His good citizens, Evilface, his "crushes", his puffles, etc.
Enemies Any Evil X-Antibody, Mabel, Darktan and his army, etc.
Member of Lots
Political beliefs Unknown
Alma mater Star University
Archetype Unknown
Online username Either his name or another secret account
Codename Unknown
Military allegiance Star Force
Military rank General
Medals/decorations received Unknown
Years served Still serving
Weapon of choice His powers

King of Flystonia
Flystar King.PNG
Reign 2009-Present
Coronation January 4, 2009
Full name Fly Star 55555 "Flystar"
Waitahian Уаитахиан
Titles King of Flystonia
Born April 2, 1996
Birthplace South Pole City
Predecessor Senster
None ????
Successor None
Consort Unknown
Offspring None
Royal House The Palace of Flystar55555
Dynasty Ston Dynasty
Royal anthem Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal music
Royal motto Let's get this show on the road!
Father Flystar55554
Mother Flygirl55553

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Flystar55555's theme!

Flystar55555 is a superhero. He is also a king of a land.


  • Ability to Fly (but gets dizzier as he escalates)
  • Pyrokinesis (can control fire with mind, and wreath himself in flames)
  • Super Strength (limited to 100x his weight, approximately 54.4 kg or 1200 lbs)
  • Super Speed (limited at speed of sound, 340 m/s)



In the year of 2017, day of November 16, at age 21, Flystar gets married. It is currently unknown who he is (going to be) married to, but the Time Agency is trying to figure out who it is. In the year of 2026, he gives up his position as ruler of Flystarland, due to being too busy, his heir taking his place. It is still unknown who ???? is, but the Time Agency is still trying to figure it out. In 2034, Flystar's wife dies, and he remarries a different, unknown wife. In 2051, Flystar's second wife died, and Flystar himself came down with a disease that slowly deteriorated his motor nervous system. In 2069, his disease gets worse. It was powerful enough to affect his whole body, so that made him bedridden for the rest of his life. The disease finally made him give out in 2086, dying at age 90, below average for a penguin with superpowers, but above average for a Waitaha Penguin. By the year of 2100, his legacy still continues. Since his death, the number of Waitaha Penguins increased twentyfold. To honor their great king, Flystarland had a 250-foot statue set on top the highest mountain in Flystarland, making it the highest monument anywhere. Penguins everywhere flocked to the statue to honor their friend.


Like Explorer, Flystar has modes. In all of his modes, he is completely aware that he has modes.

Normal Mode: The mode you will see him most in. Much like Sporty Mode.

Insane Mode: The mode that laughs the most and is the most insane. He has swirly eyes (red and green) and speaks very manaically.

Nerd Mode: The mode that is the smartest. He mainly speaks French, but he speaks just about any language. In this mode, he is even smarter than Nerdy and any of these penguins.

Sporty Mode: He is the best at sports. Much like Normal Mode, the only differences are that Normal Mode is smarter and Sporty Mode is sportier.

Manner Mode: The mode that most often appears at meals. He is the most mannered. He also has an air of British accent in his voice. He also likes to cook.

Evil Mode: Even Flystar has evil in him somewhere! He is much like Evilface, but he has the invisible tracking power. Very rare mode.

Confession Mode: The mode when Flystar's modes argue with each other. Since it's super rare, the arguement have had Normal Mode and Insane Mode, Insane Mode and Sporty Mode, and Manner Mode and Insane Mode. Super rare mode.

Mode Trivia[edit]

  • Somehow, most of his modes turn out the color blue.

Mode Gallery[edit]


  • Flystar is immune to all kinds of Ditto.
  • Flystar has a worst enemy.
  • Flystar is the only person who can hurt Winston.
  • Flystar is the only living of his kind. (along with Evilface)
  • Flystar is 19 years old.
  • Flystar is actually brothers with Evilface, Flystar being the older. They were long lost brothers, both of them not knowing they were brothers.
  • Flystar is completely immune to pain, except for his own powers turned against him, such as Evilface when he was evil.
  • He is an unlockable character in Tails6000 and the Secret Rings
  • Flystar has a blue jewel on his chest, and Evilface has a red one.
  • When Flystar and Evilface combine, they form a behemoth that is almost unstoppable. (has been stopped by Luce (dark energy insulates power to be good), Darktan, and Darktan X)
  • As well as speaking English and Waitahian (without Nerd Mode), he can speak hex code. Here is one of his common sayings: 546869732069732068657820636F64652100. Translation: This is hex code!
  • It is rumored that Flystar likes Luce, but he has declined this by saying, "I DO NOT LIKE LUCE! Luce is gonna KILL me for saying that!". It is ALSO rumored that he likes Hat Pop, but he has declined this ALSO by saying, "I DON'T LIKE HAT POP! Man, I gotta stop liking multiple girls at the same time! Heh heh!
  • Flystar has an icePhone that he took apart, put Spy Phone and EPF Phone parts in, and added his own touches, and the result was a handheld supercomputer with a teleporter across the world, 64G network, 1TB storage memory, waterproof, fireproof, bulletproof, and a surface durable enough to suppress a 25 ton weight (not metric ton, US standard ton). Peach Inc. asked Flystar if they could start manufacturing this type of phone, but Flystar said, "No, i'm sorry, but I can make one that's 1 quarter the power of my phone!"
Preceded by
The Position of
The King/President/Man of Flystonia,

as held by Flystar55555

January 4, 2009 - Present

Succeeded by


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Flystar is a snappy character and a witty speaker. He always ahs something to say and someone to say it to. If one so desires, take a trip down the dialog trail.

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