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These are the various adventures of Flystar! I will make at least one adventure a week for Flystar unless under further notice. Make your predictions of what will happen in the story here!

Book I: The Beginning of a Legend[edit]

The Legend of Flystar[edit]

One day, Flystar was walking along the sidewalk, when he saw a science convention. He loved inventing things. He went to the science convention to see the cool inventions that other penguins made. He saw a time machine, a machine that shoots out a radioactive beam, and others. When he saw a spider walk in the radioactive beam, it jumped across the room and bit him. "I feel funny!" he shouted as radiation affected his body. He then became a superhero and flew out of the building, making a hole in the ceiling.

The Troublesome Trio[edit]

Flystar was amazed he had superpowers.

"I never believed this could happen!" he said to himself as he was flying above the clouds. Then he landed near a movie theater, seeing the Troublesome Trio performing Operation Fish-Heads.

"Hey guys, what's up!" he said to the Trio. "Who are you?" Explorer asked Flystar.

"I'm Flystar55555, a new superhero!" he said to Explorer.

"You don't look like one, so how are you one?" Happyface asked.

"I don't have a costume yet!" he replied. "Watch!"

He flew in the air and made a recycle bin float with his telekinesis. He flew down and said, "Does that prove your point?".

This is pretty much how the Trio and Flystar became friends.

Flystar Meets Evilface[edit]

He left the Trio to their work and flew off.

"Hope to see you soon!" Barkjon shouted as Flystar flew higher and higher. Then Flystar felt a sudden chill in the air.

"This has never happened before!" he said as it became colder.

Then he saw a penguin that looked similar to him flying toward him.

"Are you Flystar?" the penguin asked angrily as he flew closer to Flystar.

"Yes!" Flystar said as he was backing up away from the penguin.

"I'm Evilface, the opposite of you. I have the same powers as you, but I use them for evil. Not to be confused with Happyface, that goody-goody..." said the penguin in more rage.

Evilface suddenly beat up Flystar and pulled him to his evil lair.

Evilface's Lair[edit]

When Evilface took Flystar to his lair, Flystar saw Herbert, waiting with his Mechanical Woodchopper.

"Hee hee hee, little bird. You will be destroyed by my Mechanical Woodchopper!" Herbert said as he started up the Woodchopper.

The Wood-chopper came closer as Evilface was quickly strapping Flystar down. Evilface finished, then quickly ran to the edge of the room. When the Wood-chopper came 6 inches, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Flystar broke out of the straps and jumped away from the Woodchopper, chopping everything in its path. It chopped the frozen lake then sank to the bottom. Flystar then escaped the lair to get back to where he belongs.

The Battle Of Flystar and Evilface Part 1[edit]

When Flystar was flying back to meet the Trio, he felt a chill in the air identical to the one when he first met Evilface.

"I know your there, Evilface!" Flystar said as he stopped.

"Grr!" Evilface mumbled. Then they looked at each other in the eyes.

"I want to destroy you so much!" Evilface shouted as they both landed.

"I already knew that!" Flystar said as Evilface's face was turning red.

"That's it! Your going down!"

Evilface shouted so loudly that the city shook. Evilface threw a fire ball at Flystar. He dodged, threw a mail box at Evilface. Evilface burnt the mailbox with a fireball, then threw the flaming mailbox at Flystar, and hit him. Flystar then flew in the air, his arm hurting. Evilface followed. Evilface then caught up to Flystar, and threw him down on the ground.

"Ouch!" Flystar said as he got slammed to the ground.

"I'm warning you, Evilface. I'm getting real mad!" Flystar shouted to Evilface.

Evilface then grabbed Flystar and said, "I don't really care, Flystar. I know I'm stronger than you!"

Flystar was madder than ever. Taking it out on Evilface, he slammed him upside the beak, sending him spiraling to the ground.

The Battle of Flystar and Evilface Part 2[edit]

"I told you I was mad!" Flystar said as Evilface charged at Flystar.

When Evilface charged, Flystar had his flipper out, and when Evilface was at the end of the charge, he ran into Flystar's flipper, and Flystar ricocheted him back down. Flystar then turned invisible so Evilface couldn't see him.

"Where'd you go?!" Evilface shouted.

"Here!" Flystar said as he grabbed Evilface and flew up in the upper atmosphere, and threw him down to the ground again.

"Grr! Your making me mad Flystar!" Evilface said as he turned invisible.

Flystar had only one power that Evilface didn't. Seeing things invisible. Flystar then grabbed Evilface and burned Evilface.

"Gosh.. What's... making you... so... powerful?" Evilface asked, very hurt.

"Making me mad, has effects on me, because i'm just about always happy. But you don't because your always mad. Now i'll destroy you!" Flystar said as his rage built up.

"No!" Evilface shouted as Flystar strapped Evilface down, flied up in the air, and made a HUGE fireball, then fired it on Evilface.

"That's it! Evilface! Gone! Woohoo!" Flystar shouted as he flew to meet the Troublesome Trio once again.

Joining the Trio[edit]

Flystar saw the Trio performing a prank, he wasn't sure what it was. He flew down to greet the Trio, but they were performing the plan so hard, that they didn't even notice he landed.

"Hey guys, what's up!" Flystar said as they were working.

Explorer looked at him and said, "Nothing much! Just playing a new prank on Mabel!"

Flystar looked at the plan carefully.

"Hey, don't you mind me putting all that stuff where it belongs, according to the plan?" Flystar asked the Trio.

"Sure! Just make sure to do it quietly!" Barkjon said, handing him the supplies.

Flystar flew to where everything was supposed to be set at, and placed every object in its rightful place. "Done!" Flystar said to the Trio as he flew down to them.

"Now lets see what this baby does!" Happyface said as he pulled the lever to activate the prank.

"It worked as planned!" the Trio said, watching the prank happening. Then it happened. The finale.

"Hey, can I join the Trio?" Flystar asked.

"Sure! You can be an honorary member!" Explorer said.

"But, I need to get a costume for being a superhero though! So I need to draw some designs, then let someone make it!" Flystar said as he flew home to draw some designs.

The Costume[edit]

When Flystar got home, he thought of some costume designs. He drew and drew until his hand coudn't take it anymore. "No. Not that one. No. No. No! Definetly no! Perfect!" Flystar said, searching for designs. "I found the perfect design!" he said, muttering laughs of joy. He then took the designs and flew to a place where he thought someone could make his costume. He then landed, and saw a bunch of penguins rushing to a place nearby. then he saw Ford Car. "Hey! Ford Car! Can you make a costume for me?" Flystar said to Ford Car. "No. I can't make costumes, but I can help you on your adventures!" Ford Car said. "I don't need any help on my adventures. Sorry!" Flystar said to Ford Car. "But..." Ford Car said before Flystar interupted, "But nothing, sorry that you can't help... wait a minute! You can be the inventor! You invent things, don't you?" Flystar asked Ford Car. "Yeah..." he said. "Perfect!" Flystar said. "Your the inventor!" He flew him to his igloo, then he built a costume making machine. "Ok, put the design under here, and your costume will be ready!" Ford Car said as Flystar put the designs where Ford Car directed. "Now close the lid!" he said. The machine made weird sounds, then on top of it was the newly made costume. "Thanks Ford Car!" Flystar said as he put on the costume.

Evilface's Return[edit]

"The costume looks amazing on me!" Flystar said proudly. "This is a symbol of my gratitude!" Flystar said as he flew through the roof of his igloo. He felt a chill stronger than when he first met Evilface. "Huh? I thought he was dead?" Flystar said as the chill became stronger. "Oh, i'm more than dead!" Evilface's voice echoed out of nowhere. Evilface appeared in front of Flystar, transparent. "I'm Evilface's ghost, and i'm here to destroy you Flystar!" the transparent Evilface said. "What do you want?" Flystar asked Evilface's ghost. "You know i'm stronger than you Evilface, even if you are a ghost!" Flystar shouted before Evilface could reply. "I always wanted to destroy you Flystar, I always wanted to! And this is my big chance!" Evilface replied. "Oh, come on, what can you do as a ghost that's more powerful?" Flystar asked. "More than you could dream!" Evilface replied, as he grabbed Flystar and flew up. Flystar then pushed Evilface with telekinesis. "Seems were evenly matched, Evilface!" Flystar said.

Evenly Matched[edit]

They both landed hard, smashing the snow beneath them. "No were not, Flystar! I'm stronger!" Evilface said as he gripped Flystar by the neck and flew in the air. Evilface then threw Flystar to the ground even harder than in the first fight. "See, i'm stronger!" Evilface shouted as Flystar got up and punched him so hard he flew all the way to THE SKIP. "What the? Your stronger? How can it be?" Evilface asked as Flystar landed near him. "I'm not stronger than you Evilface. Were evenly matched!" Flystar said to Evilface as Flystar gripped Evilface and threw him against a wall, shattering it into pieces. "Grr! I said i'm stronger, and I am!" Evilface shouted as he charged for Flystar. Flystar then pushed Evilface against a wall with telekinesis. "Grr! How... can this be? Your stronger!" Evilface said. "I might be. But i'm not sure. I will destroy you Evilface, once again!" Flystar shouted as he strapped Evilface, flew in the air, made a HUGE fireball, and fired at Evilface. Evilface then unstrapped himself before the fireball could reach him. Flystar then picked Evilface up, and flew him in the air, and made a HUGE fireball, then Flystar attached Evilface to the fireball and threw it toward the ground. "No!" Evilface shouted as he was being destroyed by the intense heat of the fireball.

Flamer's First Adventure[edit]

When Evilface was finally destroyed, Flystar flew back to his igloo, startled to hear a growling noise. His puffles were hungry. He then fed his puffles and one of them tapped Flystar. It was little Flamer. Flystar wanted to know what was wrong, so he said, "What's wrong, Flamer?" Flamer then asked Sunny II to paint him a picture, in a language Flystar wasn't able to understand. Sunny II then painted a picture of Flystar flying, with Flamer by his side. Then Sunny II crossed the picture with red paint. "So your saying you want to go on an adventure with me?" Flystar asked Flamer, worried about his puffle. Flamer nodded sadly. Flystar then said, "Of course you can!" Flamer then was smiling. Flamer hopped on Flystar's shoulder, hoping to be carried away. "I will miss you guys!" Flystar said. "Up, up and away!" Up Flystar and Flamer went, Flystar hoping to find Ford Car's igloo. Instead, he found the Trio arguing with Ford Car. Flystar flew down to see what was the fuss. "Hey! Hey! Settle down! Now what's all the fuss?" Flystar asked the Trio and Ford Car. "They pulled a prank on me, and look what they did!" Ford Car showed a shirt, all covered in waffles and syrup. "It was just a little sppok was all!" Explorer and Happyface said to Ford Car, Barkjon backing away from the argument. "Just get along! Ford Car, wash the shirt! For you guys, you say sorry to Ford Car!" Flystar discussed in the arguement.

Flystar and Flamer versus Evilface[edit]

Flystar and Flamer flew away to give the arguers peace. Then they felt a chill. "Evilface?" Flystar said. "Yes! It's me you knucklehead!" Evilface said to Flystar as he threw a fireball at him. Flamer took out his surfboard and hit the fireball away from Flystar. "Why you little!" Evilface said as he flew straight to Flamer, face to face. Flamer then jumped and flew in the sky, and he gave Evilface a whck in the head with his surfboard. Flamer flew away from Evilface and Flystar. Flystar threw a fireball at Flamer. Flamer deflected the fireball with his surfboard, hitting Evilface in the right foot. "I give up Flystar!" Evilface said. "Ok?" Flystar said as he picked up the injured Evilface and flew him to his igloo. "Yes! I give up!" Evilface said. Flamer gave Evilface another whack in the head, just in case he was kidding. "Ok. Now. Without fighting you, my career is over!" Flystar said. "But we can be friends! Let's have each other's backs, ok!" Evilface said to Flystar, Flystar agreeing. "Ok, were friends!" Flystar said, the duo shaking hands.

Book II: The Vacation Days[edit]

The Beginning of a New Career[edit]

Later, Flystar fixed up Evilface's injuries, and he flew back to his igloo. "Bye!" Flystar waved. "Ok! Now! I got to think of a new career! Ok, I haven't helped the Trio prank in a long time. Maybe I should do that!" Flystar thought. He flew to Explorer's igloo. Nobody was there. He checked the movie theater. They were there, pulling a prank on the Sapie Brothers. "Hey! Since Evilface joined my side, i'm taking a break on being a superhero! Maybe I can help you guys!" Flystar offered. "Sure! After were done with this prank you can help us do Operation: Bloody Stain!" Explorer said, pressing the play button, making them watch WHAT?!?. "Ok, maybe I can make the merchandise by selling the shirts!" Flystar said as Barkjon and Happyface handed him a box of T-Shirts. Flystar flew away with the box, searching the sky for customers. He found a coustomer, but the face looked familiar. It was Ford Car. He didn't want to sell him the Shirts. He then found a customer, him buying every shirt in the box. Flystar flew back to the Trio. Happyface did the finale. The plan was successful.

Working with the Trio[edit]

A few days later, Flystar and the Trio did a bunch of pranks. "Phew! I'm tired!" Flystar said, flying down to greet the Trio. "Oh, really? Were just getting started!" Barkjon said. "Let's perform Operation: Bloody Stain a few more times!" Flystar said to the Trio. "I can use the money to pay for the damages Evilface and I did!" Flystar thought. "Ok! We need to yank up the prices though, because the damages cost a lot of money!" Happyface said, thinking of a price. "Hmm, maybe 50 coins is a good price!" Flystar thought. "Then we need to make a lot of shirts then!" Explorer said, Flystar disagreeing. "You guys should take a break! I'll do all the work!" Flystar said, flying home with a design of the shirts. "Ok, I need to find that copy machine!" Flystar finally found the machine in his basement. He plugged the machine in the wall, and he put the designs under the lid, setting the copy rate to 60 per minute, or 1 per second. He turned the machine on and whammo! The shirts came out. "Hmm, 60 per minute seems too little. Maybe 180 per minute! No. 360 per minute!" Flystar thought of a copy rate. He turned off the machine, then he turned the copy rate to 6 per second. When al 1,000,000 shirts came out, Flystar took them all in one HUGE box, and flew off. He found 2,000,000 customers, only 999,999 of them bought shirts. Then he thought of Ford Car. "Ok! Ford Car it is!" Flystar said. He found Ford Car, him buying the last shirt. He then paid for the damages of what Evilface and he did.

Back to a Superhero[edit]

Flystar flew back to his igloo, fed his puffles, and set up the Christmas Tree. He heard something, like a call for help. "Oh no! Someone needs help!" Flystar said, putting his superhero costume on. He flew to where the source of the call was. There was a fire at the movie theater! "Help! Help Flystar!" several penguins shouted. One of those penguins was Ford Car. He went inside the building to save all the penguins from the fire. When he finally reached the balcony, Flystar lifted a penguin, one by one, with his telekinesis to the ground. "Now! I just need to find out how to put the fire out!" Flystar thought. He then concentrated on how to put the fire out. Then the fire was closing around him. "Help! Help me!" Flystar shouted as someone flew in the building. It was Evilface. "I'll save you buddy!" Evilface said, blowing water out of his mouth. The fire around Flystar disappeared. "Thanks! Now you need to put the WHOLE fire out!" Flystar said, the duo flying out. Evilface blew water out of his mouth, putting the fire out. He finished about 30 seconds later. "You did it Evilface! Ok, now, is everybody alright?" Flystar said. "Yes! Were ok!" most of the penguins said. Only one didn't say that. That penguin was Ford Car. "Are you alright Ford Car?" Flystar asked. " Fl...Flystar. I...I n...need help!" Ford Car said, showing his left foot. It had a burnt spot on it. "Ok, let me take you to my igloo, and i'll fix you up!" Flystar said, picking Ford Car up. He flew Ford Car to his igloo, and laid him on a chair. "Ok, now I will patch you up!" Flystar said, getting unusual colored bandages out of a first-aid kit. "These will cure your injuries in a jiffy!" Flystar said, wrapping the bandages around Ford Car's left foot. "I feel much better already!" Ford Car said, walking out of Flystar's igloo.

Going to School[edit]

When Ford Car was completely out of sight, Flystar thought of going to a school, The Penguin Academy. He flew all the way to the school and walked through the doors. He went to the principal's office. "Yes?" said the principal, looking up at Flystar. "May I enroll into your academy?" Flystar asked, carefully looking at the permanent records of the students. "Why sure! Just sign your name on this sheet!" the principal said, handing Flystar a pen and a piece of paper. Flystar wrote his signature on the piece of paper and gave it to the principal. "Ok! Here's your books. Oh, and you'll need this!" the principal said, handing him a map of the Penguin Academy. Flystar went to the Math class, interupting them. "Who are you?" Fred asked Flystar. "I'm new to this school, and I wanted to learn Mathematics first!" Flystar replied. "But what's your name, boy?" Fred asked Flystar once more. "I'm Flystar, Flystar55555!" Flystar replied. "You mean the one and only Flystar who battled that evil penguin?" Fred asked. "Yes!" Flystar replied. He sat down at a desk and watched the teacher carefully. "As I was saying, does anybody know what <math>66\times1574</math> equals?" Fred asked the classroom. One student raised their hand. "Yes?" Fred asked the penguin. "Is it 203,784?" the student asked. "Incorrect!" Fred said. Flystar raised his hand. "Flystar!" Fred said. "Well, if you just use the Distributive Property to solve the problem, it's as easy as pie! Ok, is the answer 103,884?" Flystar said. "Correct! And we don't learn the Distributive Property until a couple months, but good job anyway!" Fred said.

The Competition[edit]

After completing several classes and passing every one, Flystar got tired of learning. "I need a competition or something!" Flystar said in Math class. "Don't worry, Flystar! We will have a contest in a week!" Fred said to Flystar. "Ok! I'm taking a break! See you all in a week!" Flystar said to the class. "Bye!" the class shouted. One week later, Flystar flew back to the Penguin Academy to see the competition. They were just setting up. Flystar flew down there to help. After 15 minutes of working, Flystar got it all finished. "Great!" the principal said, "The competition will start in a few hours, so happy learning in your classrooms!" Flystar then flew to Mining class to get started on digging bronze. A few hours later, Flystar found a few pounds of bronze, and about 200 pounds of copper. Flystar was ready for some competition! After flying to the contest, signing the sign up sheet, and going to the Math contest, Flystar was ready. There were two other students besides him. A few minutes later, Flystar was dominating the competition, only one point left to winning. A few HOURS later, Flystar dominated ALL of the competitions. "Good Flystar! Now, you must defeat the top student!" the principal said. Then there was a BBBSSSHHH sound, followed by a bunch of black smoke, with a figure inside the smoke. Flystar coughed hard. Then, when the smoke cleared, Flystar was surprised by who was behind the black smoke.

The Top Student[edit]

It was Explorer. But then a head poked out from behind Explorer. It was Ford Car. "I guess we have two contestants competing against Flystar! Explorer and Ford Car!" the principal said. "Now sit down please!" As the trio sat down, the principal said, "Now, these are the hardest questions in the school, so be afraid of them! Now here is the first question!" After a few minutes, the penguins had pretty high scores. Flystar, 16 points; Explorer, 14 points; Ford Car, 12 points. Then 20 minutes later, they all tied. "Now, the LAST question. What does <math>49 x 4619</math> equal rounded to the nearest ten thousand?" the principal said. After he said the Math question, several answers followed. "200,000?" Ford Car asked. "Incorrect!" the principal replied. "220..." Explorer said before Flystar interrupted. "220,000?" Flystar asked. "Correct!" the principal said. "You are the new top student in the school! Congratulations!" Then Explorer and Ford Car congratulated Flystar at what he'd done. "Ok! Now, do I graduate from the school?" Flystar asked the principal. "Yes, you do! You have beat the former top student in a contest!" the principal replied, smiling. A few hours later, they set up a graduation feast, replacing the contest. "I now declare, Flystar, a student at this school, graduated from here, and can now move on to the Penguin University!" the principal said after the feast. Tons of cheers filled the sky. "Ok! I will now go home! I will see all of you someday!" Flystar siad, flying home. Then a chill filled the sky. "Evilface? Are you here?" Flystar asked. "Yes, I am here. Congratulations on graduating Penguin Academy!" Evilface said to Flystar. "Thanks!" Flystar replied. He flew down home to await for the next call that he hears.

Joining the PSA[edit]

A few weeks later, still no cry for help. "I'm bored!" Flystar said, thinking of something to do. "I know! I will be a PSA agent!" Flystar ran to the PSA Headquarters. "Yes?" G asked Flystar. "May I join the PSA?" Flystar asked G. "Of course you can! Just sign right here!" G said, handing Flystar a pen and a contract. Flystar quickly signed and gave back the contract to G. "Ok! Now, you have 10 special missions to do that no other agent has done before!" G said, handing Flystar a F.I.S.H. and a mission console. "Now, what's my first mission?" Flystar asked G, G quickly answering, "Just look at the mission console!" Flystar saw that the first mission was that two of Aunt Arctic's puffles were missing. "On my way!" Flystar said, flying to Aunt Arctic's igloo. A few hours later, Flystar finished all of his missions. "Are you done with all your missions?" G asked Flystar. "Yes, I did!" Flystar replied. "Well, now you can become an elitist!" G said. "No thanks!" Flystar said. "I already have too much work!" "Ok!" G said. I will phone you when we need you next time, so just go home and relax for now, Agent. Ok?" "Yes, sir!" Flystar replied. Flystar then flew home to wait for what comes next.

Book III: The Evil Rises[edit]

Evilface's Cry for Help[edit]

When Flystar arrived home, his puffles were hungry. He fed them and relaxed in his chair. "Man, guys! I love being a superhero!" Flystar said to his puffles. All but Beasty nodded. "Hey Beasty! Why don't you think me being a superhero is a bad thing?" Flystar asked. Beasty asked Sunny II to paint a picture. Sunny II painted Flystar, right alongside Mabel. Then he took another canvas and painted Flystar doing bad things to Mabel. "What! You have a CRUSH on Mabel?!?!?!" Flystar shouted. Beasty gulped and nodded. "I am SO..." "Help! Help! AAAH!!!" a familiar voice shouted. It was Evilface's voice. "Don't worry Evilface! I'm coming!" Flystar said as Flamer hopped on his shoulder. Flystar flew out of his igloo, using his vision to see where Evilface was. "He's at Penguin Academy!" Flystar shouted as he and Flamer flew there. When he got there, he saw Evilface fighting this one-eyed winged black penguin. Flystar knew right away who that one-eyed winged black penguin was right away. It was Darktan. He was beating the snot out of Evilface. Flystar could tell because Evilface had plenty of wounds, and Darktan didn't. "Get away from the penguin, Darktan!" Flystar shouted. "Oh, I won't have to! The only thing i'll have to do is destroy you two!" Darktan said. Flystar flew away from Darktan, carrying Evilface. Flystar set Evilface on the ground as Flystar said, "Come puffles! Come!" Quickly, Flystar's puffles flew over to him, all wearing superhero costumes. "Ok! Fluffy, you fix any wounds on Evilface! The rest of you, hold off Darktan with me, ok! And Fluffy! When you fix Evilface, tell him to come and fight with us, ok!" Flystar said.

The Fight with Darktan[edit]

Flystar flew over to Darktan. "Hey ugly! Come and get us!" Flystar said. Darktan charged at Flystar. Flystar dodged and punched Darktan in the back of the head. "Grr! Don't call me ugly!" Darktan said, charging at Flystar. "What are you going to do about it, ugly? Ram at me again..." Flystar said as Darktan heatbutted Flystar. "Ouch!" Flystar said. "Don't underistimate me!" Darktan shouted. Flystar, his puffles, and Darktan kept fighting until Flystar was just done out. "Phew! You were right!" Flystar said. "Oooh! Here comes Evilface!" Evilface was flying right beside Flystar, his wounds looking healed. "Ready to recieve my next command!" Evilface said. "Well, puffles, you guys stay here. Evilface, come with me to fight Darktan." Flystar commanded. Flystar and Evilface flew back to Darktan. "What's the matter, ugly? SCARED that your outpowered?" Evilface taunted. Darktan charged at Evilface, him dodging and kicking Darktan in the eye. "Ow! OOOWWW!!!" Darktan shouted as his eye bleeded. He then quickly healed and charged at the duo. "Hey! Need some help?" an unfamiliar voice shouted. When Flystar looked, it was Luce, the keeper of the Light Amulet. "Sure!" Flystar shouted.

Help from Luce[edit]

"Ok! Luce, you use the light amulet!" Flystar said. Luce fired a light beam at Darktan as Darktan fired a shadow beam at Luce. The beams clashed together and created a big explosion. "Ok! Keep doing that, ok Luce!" Flystar said. "Loud and clear!" Luce replied. She fired a light beam at Darktan as Flystar said, "Hey Darktan! I'm going to kick your ugly butt!" Flystar said. Darktan reddened up in rage. Just in the lick of time, the light beam hit Darktan. "Ouch! hey! Where'd that come from?!" Darktan shouted. "Again!" Flystar whispered to Luce. She fired another light beam at Darktan. "Hey Darkdoofus! Look over here! Now, I will slowly destroy you! Piece by piece!" Flystar said. Darktan flew straight into Flystar's face. "He he he he!" Flystar laughed. Flystar laid Darktan on his side and trailed an imaginary line a foot long starting at the tip of his beak. Darktan was hypnotized. "Now! Go to sleep!" Flystar commanded. Immediately, Darktan fell asleep. Flystar pushed Darktan into the aim of the beam. Then the beam hit Darktan, and he immediately woke up. "Oh no! G-get a-away from me!" Darktan said as he flew into the sky. "Nice!" Flystar said as he high-fived Luce. "Thanks!" Luce replied. "Would you like a ride home?" Flystar asked. "Yes please!" Luce answered. "Ok!" Flystar replied. "Limo!" Immediately, a gilded limo appeared. "Wow!" Luce said, amazed. "That's just the outside. Wait 'till you see the inside!" Flystar complimented. "Well, i'll just walk home, ok!" Luce said. "Can we be friends?" Flystar asked. "Yes!" Luce said. "We are friends, in the heart. Now, good bye!" "Bye!" Flystar replied. Flystar blushed because of what Luce said. Flystar flew on home to await on what happens next.

A State is a Mess[edit]

When Flystar got back to Flystarland, Flystar saw that it was a dump. "Oh come on! Who made this WHOLE island a mess?!?!" Flystar shouted. "I did!" an unfamiliar voice shouted. It was a Jerk. "Well then! Time for my little payment!" Flystar said. Flystar threw several fireballs at the Jerk. The Jerk dodged. "Time to reveal my true form!" the Jerk said as he ripped off his clothes. The Jerk's true form was as dark black as Flystar was, except it was all over his body, except his white eyes. It was Dark. "Mwuhahahahaha! You wouldn't expect a wimpy Jerk to mess up an island, would you?!?!" Dark asked. "No I wouldn't, but I wouldn't expect anyone except me or Evilface to mess it up, and it certainly wasn't me!" Flystar replied. "Are you saying i'm weak?!?! I'll show you weak!" Dark said, firing up for a shadowball. Flystar got hit and said, "Ouch! What is that stuff made of?!?!" "Oh, just a little bit of darkness and evil!" Dark replied. "GRAAAAAHH!! I'M GETTING REAL MAD!!!" Flystar shouted. "What'cha gonna do? Slap me?" Dark laughed. "OH, MORE THAN THAT!!! WAY MORE THAN THAT!!!" Flystar said as he turned to Evil Mode. "Mwuhahahahahaha!! Now I have the power... THE UNBELIEVABLE POWER!!" "What?" Dark asked. "GRAAAAAH!!!" Flystar replied, with a fire-shadow ball combination. Dark got hit. "Oh yeah! Take this!" Dark shouted as he charged toward Flystar. Flystar simply pushed him far away with his telekinesis. "I WILL GET YOU SOMEDAY!!!" Dark shouted as he flew through the air. "Now, a lot of work to do!" Flystar said, referring to the mess that he had to clean up. After 2 hours, Flystar cleaned it all and went into his palace to see what happens next.

Some More Bad Guys to Slam[edit]

As Flystar lounged on his throne, he felt something. "Something doesn't feel right. Like the aura of an evil minion!" Flystar said as he flew out of his palace to see who it was. No one was there. Then Flystar suddenly saw a small, golden thing rush by his palace. A chill started. "Evilface? Are you there?" Flystar asked. The chill got even colder. "Evilface?!?! Are you there, buddy?!?!" Flystar shouted. The chill got really cold. "EVILFACE?!?!?!?!?! COME ON!!!!! ARE YOU THERE?!?!?!?!?! COME OUT!!!!" Flystar shouted. The chill got even colder and colder and colder until Flystar couldn't take it anymore. "ALRIGHT, WHO IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Flystar shouted. "No one!" an unfamiliar voice echoed. Then all of a sudden, Darktan, Dark, Evilface, and Herbert popped out from behind Flystar's palace. "Darktan? Dark? Evilface? Herbert? What are you all doing here?" Flystar asked. "Ugh! We are here to destroy you, you doofus!" Dark said. "E-e-e-e-evilface? Y-y-y-y-you joined the b-b-b-b-b-bad guys?" Flystar asked. "Yes. Evil is better than good! MUCH BETTER!!! FALL TO THE DARK SIDE!!!!" Evilface shouted. "Yes! I FEEL THE POWER!!!! THE UNBELIEVABLE POWER!!!!" Flystar said as he turned to Evil Mode. "Yes! Now JOIN us!!!!" Darktan shouted. "Never. Never! NEVER!! NEVER!!!!!!!" Flystar said as he flew in the air. Then Flystar fired a fire-shadowball at Herbert, and it hit him. "Mwuhahahahahahaha!" Flystar laughed. Then Flystar fire fire-shadowballs at all the bad guys and flew away. "Now, what to do!" Flystar said to himself. "Aha! Let's see if I got any new powers going!" Then Flystar made a square with his flippers. It made an floating orange cube. "Hmm, lets see if I can go through it!" Flystar said as he put his flipper in the orange box. His flipper went right through. "Lets clap clap clap!" Flystar said as he clapped once in the box. The box disappeared. "Hmm, how about with an object IN the box?" Flystar asked himself as he trapped a piece of paper in another box. Then he clapped in the box and both the box and the piece of paper disappeared. "Yes! I have a disappearing power!" Flystar celebrated. Flystar flew in his palace to await another adventure.

Messing with Disappearing[edit]

"Wow! Disappearing is the coolest power ever!" Flystar said to himself. Flystar thought and thought of what to do for a few moments. "I wonder if this power makes LIVING things disappear!" Flystar wondered. "But where can I look for a living thing that I DON'T want to disappear?" Flystar thought for several minutes. "How about Mabel? Yeah, perfect!" Flystar said, flying out of his palace. Flystar found the exact person who WOULD know where Mabel is. "Hey Explorer!" Flystar shouted. "What?" Explorer replied. "Do you know where Mabel is? I want to test my new disappearing power on her!" Flystar questioned Explorer. "The last time I saw Mabel was in the nearest movie theater watching WHAT?!?" Explorer replied. As soon as Explorer said this, Flystar flew away to the nearest movie theater. "Now, where is the room where WHAT?!? is showing?" Flystar said, finding Mabel. "Hello, phreak!" Mabel greeted pompously. "Hello. Now, stay right in THAT SPOT!!!" Flystar said, preparing a disappearing power box. "Why?" Mabel asked. "For me to do THIS!!!" Flystar said, trapping Mabel in a disappearing power box. "Get me out of here!" Mabel shouted, pounding the orange box surronding her. "Now, to make you disappear!" Flystar said, clapping in the box. "Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!" Mabel said as she was being disappeared. "Mwuhahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Flystar laughed. Flystar flew back to his palace to relax on his throne. Then a rumble shook the palace. "What was THAT?!?!" Flystar said, flying out of his palace. "Roar!" something in the distance roared. "Whatever it is, I'm planning to find out!" Flystar shouted, flying toward the sound of the creature. When he got there, he laid his eyes on what he had not seen before. "Mwuhahahahahahahaha!" the creature said. The creature actually looked like a giant version of Mabel, but it was white and had a REALLy deep voice. "It's me, Mabel! I got mixed up with a piece of paper while that nasty disappearing power you got teleported me to Penguin Academy. Then while I was teleported there, a piece of paper flew into me and mixed up our molecules! Mwuhahahahahahahaha! Try to beat me NOW!" "Paper Mabel" shouted.

The Battle with "Paper Mabel"[edit]

"Paper Mabel" threw a paper ball at Flystar. Flystar dodged the paper ball. "Ha ha! You..." Flystar said as he got smacked by a paper ball. Flystar's crown went flying. "Aaaah! My crown!" Flystar shouted, catching his crown. "No one messes with my crown..." Flystar said, madly looking at "Paper Mabel". "YOU ARE GOING DOWN, YOU PIECE OF A PAPER BALL!!!!" Flystar went flying like a bullet straight towards "Paper Mabel". It hit "Paper Mabel" like the pain of Explorer's shovel times 10. "Oh, the beast went down and BOOM!!" Flystar laughed as everything he said happened. "GGGRRRAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!" "Paper Mabel" yelled so loudly that it shook the whole USA. This "yell earthquake" shook Flystar's crown off, and guess what happened. It landed on "Paper Mabel"'s glasses, and bounced into her mouth, and she ate it. "Brzzzha mrzzzha what? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! MY CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS MABEL!!!!!!!! TAKE THIS!!!!!!!" Flystar shouted, shooting hundreds of fireballs in "Paper Mabel"'s mouth. This caused "Paper Mabel"'s "paper armor" to burn off. About 30 seconds later, the regular Mabel stood there. "Now give me my crown back... OR ELSE!" Flystar said, holding fire in his hands. Mabel gulped and said, "I can make you a new crown, your majesty." "Well, if it looks like the same or IS the same crown, I will let you make it!" Flystar said. "Thank you! THANK YOU MAJESTY!" Mabel said, bowing to Flystar, then scooting away. "Back to the palace I go!" Flystar said, flying to his palace. The first person he greeted at his palace was a person he would have only expected. "Hello, ????! Nice to see you on this wonderful day, isn't it?" Flystar greeted. "Yes, very indeed!" ???? replied. "You know what I would really want to do?" "What?" Flystar asked. "Tell my real name to the public. My name is..." ???? said, interrupted by Flystar. "Shhhh! Don't! Tell them your name when I quit being king, which will probably be in a few decades..." Flystar said. The duo laughed at what Flystar said. Then Flystar relaxed in his throne to await his next adventure.

Some Pranks with the Trio[edit]

I am sorry for you readers that I couldn't write this sooner. I was busy doing stuff, and now I have the time. Thank you for your time.

As Flystar relaxed on his throne with ???? by his side, his phone rang. "Hello?" Flystar answered. "Flystar! Help! There's a..." a penguin said before the phone went out. "Someone needs my help! I will go up in the sky... as soon as I get my suit on!" Flystar confidently shouted. "????, hand me my cape!" After Flystar got ready, he flew to the source of the call. When he saw what was happening, his jaw dropped. The whole Troublesome Trio, who were hiding, were throwing pies at upcoming visitors. "Uuhh. They're at it again!" Flystar said as he flew down. When he flew down, the expected happened. The Troublesome Trio mistook Flystar for someone else, and they threw pies at him. When they came within 3 feet of Flystar, he stopped them with telekinesis. "It's me, guys," Flystar said, throwing the pies down. "Oh, sorry! We mistook you for King Triskelle!" Explorer said. "TRISKELLE?!? We look NOTHING alike! He wears the Similari, or however you say it, and he wears the Earth and Water Amulets!" Flystar explained. The rest of the trio dropped their pies and stared at something behind Flystar. "What's their NOW?!? The biggest pie ever made?" Flystar joked. "Look... behind you..." they said quietly. Whatever was behind Flystar, it roared. Flystar finally turned around and saw the behemoth he feared the 2nd most. The Magma Puffle. "Magma Puffle. Big deal. Wait, MAGMA PUFFLE?!? Guys! Plan 12583/p6!" Flystar said. "Yes sir!!!" they all said. Explorer got the catapults ready. Fred calculated the complicated math stuff. Flystar and Tails got in one of the catapults. Explorer's puffles got in the other catapults. Barkjon gave Flystar and the puffles loads of pies. Happyface gave the signal, "FIRE!!!" And they did so. Flystar and the puffles threw the pies at the giant behemoth. When they were out of pies, they got ready to ram them with their heads (do puffles even HAVE heads?). The giant puffle roared in fear as the trio rammed into it. A roar of pain sounded throughtout the sky and BOOM! The puffle was gone. "Woohoo! We rock!" all of them shouted. "Well, guys. I have to get back to the palace to take care of things! Bye guys!" Flystar said, floating up in the sky. A chill came through the air. "What now?" Flystar asked. "Mwuahahahaha!" a voice rumbled.

Bonus Book I: The Battle of the X's[edit]

Plans for Battle[edit]

"Darktan X?!?" Flystar shouted. "Oh, come ON! I run into at LEAST one bad guy a DAY!" "Not just ME!" Darktan X said. He whistled, and boy, was Darktan X right! Flying right in front of him were Darktan X, FredX, Kwiksilver X, Herbert X, TriXelle, and Xlystar. "Oh my lord! It's an X-Army!" Flystar said. As soon as he said that, someone came up to him and whispered in his ear: "Did you say X?!?" the voice hissed. "Y-yes!" Flystar answered in reply. The person turned out to be Evilface. "Evilface? What are you doing here?" Flystar said. "You won't be saying 'you' any longer!" he replied. Evilface whistled, and Flystar's Puffles, Explorer, Fred, Professor Shroomsky, Melvin Turtleheimer, Triskelle, and Explorer's Puffles (besides Mabel) came up to him. "Ok guys, I have a plan!" Evilface whispered. When he whispered the plan, they all nodded. "Oh yeah, and Flystar, we will combine again to face Darktan X and Kwiksilver X!" Evilface said. "So again, Triskelle, you handle TriXelle, all you puffles, you handle Herbert X, Professor and Turtleheimer, you handle FredX together with Explorer and Fred, Flystar, you handle Kwiksilver X, and I handle Xlystar. Oh, and when i'm finished with Xlystar, Flystar, I will come to you, and then we combine, and then we will finish off Kwiksilver X and Darktan X, ok?" Evilface repeated. "And NOW, attack!" Flystar shouted. Then they did so. Flystar went up to Kwiksilver X and said, "Yoohoo! I'm over here, Kwiksilver X!" Kwiksilver X got annoyed by this, and blasted Flystar in the arm. "Do you HAVE to blast me so HARD?!? Just kidding!" Flystar joked. While Flystar was running toward Kwiksilver X, he was firing blasts at Flystar, but Flystar still dodged them. When Flystar finally got close to Kwiksilver X, he jumped up, and then kicked Kwiksilver X in the face. This just caused him to go off-balance a tiny bit, but he never fell to the ground. "Oh, did I lower your power level?" Flystar joked. Kwiksilver fired a really big beam at Flystar, knocking Flystar out. "No, not at all!" Kwiksilver X said, smirking, then crossing his arms. Evilface, fighting Xlystar, sensed something was wrong. He punched Xlystar in the face, knocking him out. Then he looked at the fallen Flystar, and his face dropped. Then he saw Kwiksilver X right above Flystar. "YOU!" Evilface shouted.

The Battle of the X's Part 1[edit]

Sorry, fans. I was inactive for over 4 months and I have come back to make this adventure, just for you guys. Enjoy!

Kwiksilver X laughed. "Hahaha! Nothing can beat the wrath of, Kwiksilver X! Hahahahaha!" Kwiksilver X said. "This isn't funny. That is my brother, and you're going to be destroyed by me!" Evilface said. "Bring it, so-called Face of Evil!" Kwiksilver X said. Evilface growled and shot several fireballs at Kwiksilver X, making Kwiksilver X shoot several beams at Evilface, him dodging every single one. "Hmph. You're just as annoying as your puny brother!" Kwiksilver X said as Evilface ran to him and kicked, punched, and shot fireballs at him. "No one calls me or my brother annoying and puny! However, I have you outnumbered!" Evilface laughed. "By WHAT means are you outnumbering me?" Kwiksilver X replied. "Like this!" Evilface said. He whistled and Triskelle, Explorer, and Fred came up to him. "Ha! You think THAT can stop me?!? Ha!" Kwiksilver X ridiculed. "Yeah. We can stop you. United we stand, divided we fall!" the team said. Evilface shot fireballs at Kwiksilver X while Triskelle used the Water Amulet to summon a huge wave, Explorer and Fred calling Barkjon and Happyface to do all their pranks on Kwiksilver X. "Y-you t-t-think t-that can s-s-stop ME?!?" Kwiksilver X said weakly. After all this, Kwiksilver X fell to the ground, unconscious. "Now to restore Flystar!" Evilface shouted. He ran to Flystar and shook him very fast and very hardly. "Buddy, BUDDY?!? Are you there Flystar?" Evilface worridely said. After 30 seconds of shaking, Evilface gave up. "I'm afraid Flystar's not here anymore, guys. He's gone!" Evilface cried. "He's gone?!?" the good guys said, knocking out their opponents. "Yeah, I shook him for quite a while, but he never reacted to my shaking!" Evilface replied as the good guys rushed to their friend. "Wow. I have never seen a more lifeless penguin than him!" Shroomsky and Turtleheimer cried. "What's all the fuss? Gathering around this dumb penguin because his life is gone? That is not that bad of a situation to interrupt a battle of mine!" Darktan X shouted angrily. "He was our commander!" Triskelle sadly cried. "Not was. Is!" Flystar said as he got up. "WHAT?!? THIS PENGUIN IS ALIVE?!? HOW DARE KWIKSILVER X!!! FIGHT AND NOT DRAIN THE POWER OUT OF THIS PENGUIN!" Darktan X boomed. "Yes! Our commander is back!" the team except Evilface said, hugging Flystar. "Not only a commander, but a friend to most of you, an owner to his puffles, and a brother to me!" Evilface said. "This is MADNESS! Your life force is going DOWN!" Darktan X claimed. "United we stand, divided we fall!" the team said once again. "Oh yeah? We're not over yet! Guys, LET'S FIGHT THIS MESS OF WEAKLINGS!" Darktan X said as every fallen X-Antibody except Kwiksilver X and Xlystar got up to fight them. "Alright. Let's get'em!" Flystar said as both teams rushed toward each other to fight.

The Battle of the X's Part 2[edit]

Both teams collided with each other. Each used their power to stop their opponents, but neither side could take the other down. "Whew! That is SOME workout!" Triskelle said, very exhausted. "We still can't give up though. We have to push ourselves to the limit!" Flystar said as both teams started to tear at each other again. By some force, all fighters were pushed to the ground. "Mwuhahahahahaha!" an unfamiliar voice boomed. "What is it THIS time?" Explorer said. An unfamiliar silouette flew to the ground and rammed into every fighter blindedly and stood over all of them. "No one shall know what my identity is. I will get revenge!" the silouette said as he flew up at a blinding rate. All fighters sat on the ground confused, staring at each other. "Who was that?" Darktan X said. "He said 'No one shall know my identity is,' but I believe I know who it is," Flystar said. "Who?" everyone but Flystar asked. "I believe it might be one of my drawings as a kid. I drew me as a superhero, and then I thought, 'If I drew myself as a superhero, than I need some villains to challenge him!' so I drew a villain that was dark and mysterious, and would never show his identity to anyone. Even I, the creator of him, don't know the story that goes along with it. All I did was draw him and gave him a name!" Flystar said. "But how could a drawing come to life? That isn't mathematically possible!" Fred said. "Forget about that! Tell us his name!" TriXelle said. "I call him IQ. But something mysterious happened. One day, I was looking through my old drawings, and I saw one page that was blank page separating two drawings, and I never do that. So I thought what could have been missing. And I knew what it was. It was IQ." Flystar said. "Ok, let's get this show on the road!" Evilface said. "Hey, that's my quote!" Flystar said. "But i'm serious! Go along with the storyline! FIGHT!!!!!!!!" Evilface said. They all got up and started fighting each other again, but each fighter kept that frozen into their mind. They kept a quote, and that quote is, "Who exactly is that silouette?"

The Battle of the X's Part 3[edit]

The minds of the fighters kept asking themselves as they were fighting, "Who exactly was that silouette?" They kept on fighting until they couldn't fight anymore. "Phew, I can't fight anymore. It's too much WORK!" Flystar grunted. "Me too!" everybody else sighed. A chill filled the air of the fighters. They all mumbled as the chill got stronger. "Hahahahahaha!" the familiar silouette echoed. "Not YOU!" the beaten Fred said. "Oh, it'd not just me. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the silouette laughed. The silouette was correct, because at least 500 warriors came along with him. "Get 'im, boys!" the silouette commanded as the warriors charged. The fighters yelled in disarray as the warriors came closer. "We can't hold them all off while fighting each other!" Darktan X said. The fallen Kwiksilver X and Xlystar got up and became dazed. "We should fight together, even if you guys are X-Virus freaks, and were outnumbered. United we stand, divided we fall!" Flystar said. "Uh, good idea. Let's work together!" Xlystar dazily said. By the time the fighters were finished talking, the warriors were there attacking the fighters. Each fighter pushed through dozens of the warriors. "They are winning, but once I start battling, they will be a mess of weaklings! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the silouette said. The fighters knocked out the last warrior, and as they charged toward the silouette, they got pushed back by telekinesis. "You're a mess of weaklings now. United you fall, divided you're doomed! HA!" the silouette laughed as he used his powers lazily to defeat the fighters. "Ugh, this guy is impossible to defeat!" Kwiksilver X grunted. "What can stop me now, weaklings? HAHAHAHAHA!" the silouette ridiculed. "Hey, I have a great idea!" Flystar said, motioning to Evilface. "What is your idea?" Evilface asked. "You know," Flystar said mysteriously. "How can you possibly defeat me?" the silouette ridiculosly asked. "Like this! REWOP ETAMITLU!" the brothers said as they disappeared in orange energy. The ground rumbled slowly, but got faster. "What's happening?" Explorer said. A giant 100 foot tall beast appeared and stared at the silouette. "HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW? THE STAR BEAST CAN DEFEAT YOU!" the giant beast said loudly as it grew to 500 feet tall. "Is that all you got?" the silouette ridiculed. "NO! WE CAN DO BETTER!" the Star Beast said as it grew double its size. "WE STOMP ON YOU NOW!" the Star Beast yelled as it tried to stomp on the silouette. The silouette dodged every move. "HA! Gotaa do better than THAT!" the silouette said as the Star Beast fired an huge energy ball. The silouette got hit by the energy ball, but he barely flinched. The energy surged through the silouette, and where his eyes should be started to glow. Everyone was astonished by the look of him. He grew quadruple his size and grew four spikes on his back, and became lizard-like. "How do you like me now?" the new form of the silouette maniacally laughed. "What kind of monster is he?" Fred said.

The Battle of the X's Part 4[edit]

"YOUR GOING DOWN, IQ!" the Star Beast shouted. "Bring it on! Hahahahahahahaha!" IQ replied as he flew up to the Star Beast. The Star Beast tried to swat him like a fly, but this fly was too fast for the Star Beast. "WHAT?!? THE STAR BEAST DESTROY IQ! HE HAS NO POWER COMPARED TO THE STAR BEAST!" the Star Beast said. IQ quickly striked the Star Beast with powerful light-speed attacks. "How do you like me now?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!" IQ laughed. "OH, JUST PERFECT! YOU ARE NEVER TOO POWERFUL FOR US!" the Star Beast said. Down on the ground, Darktan X was making a plan with the fighters. "Ok, so we have to attack him when he least expects it, right?" Darktan X asked. "RIGHT!" the fighters replied. "Flystar and Evilface are the distraction right now, so we can strike him with all we've got!" Darktan X planned. "Then let's do it!" the fighters replied. "Not yet. We need to wait until he's completely focused on the Star Beast. Then we strike!" Darktan X suggested. It was clear that neither the Star Beast or IQ could defeat each other. "WE NEED TO SHRINK TO HIS SIZE, SO THAT WE HAVE A BETTER CHANCE!" the Star Beast thought as it shrunk to IQ's size. "Hmph. You think that will stop me?!? Nice try!" IQ laughed. The shrinking proved to be helpful, because the Star Beast was clearly beating IQ. "Ugh. I was wrong about you. You are very powerful, but not like me!" IQ cracked. "Now! NOW! He is weak! GET HIM!" Darktan X commanded. Every fighter used all the power they had to defeat him. IQ was surprised, and this made him much weaker. "Please...spare me..." IQ weakly said. "NEVER!" the Star Beast said as it flew high in the air. The Star Beast made a giant energy ball, and threw it towards IQ. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" IQ said as his body burnt to a crisp. The Star Beast spread into Flystar and Evilface. The two ran and ran towards the fighters. "WE DID IT! YES!" Flystar yelled as everyone cheered. "We all did it!" the fighters said. "Deja vu!" Evilface remembered. "What is it, Evilface?" Flystar asked. "Remember when you burnt ME to a crisp a couple years ago?" Evilface replied. "Yes! But now, you're good!" Flystar said. The fighters all walked away from the battle scene happily. But what the fighters didn't know was that when they left, IQ's body was still there, eyes closed, but then, the eyes opened. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the familiar laugh of IQ roared.

Book IV: United we Stand[edit]

No More Evil[edit]

2 months later, in a peaceful Antarctica, Flystar sits in his throne at his palace, Evilface standing next to him. "Aaah, 2 months of peaceful solidity. I can't believe that Antarctica has been stable for this long! Where is the action?" Flystar said, full of boredom. "I don't know. It's just been a silence when it comes to danger!" Evilface replied. "I'm so bored. I've never been this bored in my life!" Flystar grumbled. All of a sudden, a cry for help filled the duo's ears. "Come on, Evilface, there's evil wrecking Antarctica!" Flystar declared. The duo flew to the source of the call. What they saw almost made them faint. IQ was unleashing more of his warriors on the city. "Shocked to see me again? HAHAHAHAHA!" IQ said. "Man, you're annoying! Just get away from the city, and we promise not to hurt any of your warriors. Go away. NOW!" Flystar growled. "Ha. In your dreams!" IQ laughed as he flew towards Flystar. "Evilface, defeat the warriors, while I deal with IQ!" Flystar said as Evilface did as he was told. The two collided and violently fought each other. "Not as powerful as last time, huh?" Flystar laughed as they were fighting. "Yes, but I still have enough power to defeat you!" IQ said as he knocked Flystar out. As Evilface fought the last warrior, IQ was already shooting towards him. When Evilface defeated the last warrior, he turned around and immediately collided with IQ. "What the... IQ, you are so annoying!" Evilface mumbled. "Good job on defeating my soldiers, but you haven't seen the full force. HAHAHAHAHA!" IQ said as he called all his army. Evilface then realized that Flystar was knocked out, so he rushed to him. "Wha-what happened?" Flystar said weakly. "IQ knocked you out, and now he's summoned his full force!" Evilface answered. "That's right! Soldiers, ATTACK!" IQ cried as a plethora of warriors swarmed to the duo. Both Flystar and Evilface fought the soldiers, but no matter how many soldiers they defeated, they still had 10 times more soldiers to defeat. After 5 hours, Evilface knocked out the last warrior. "PHEW! Only one more soldier to go, the commander..." Flystar said, referring to IQ. The duo charged at IQ, but their attack was unsuccessful, as IQ pushed them to the ground, knocking them out. "Who can stop me now? HAHAHAHAHA!" IQ laughed. He was surprised that 20,000 Flystonian soldiers, led by ????, were charging towards him. "Leave them alone!" ???? said.

????'s Revenge[edit]

"HA! Like I'd ever do that!" IQ laughed. ???? growled at this, and ordered 500 soldiers to attack IQ. IQ immediately defeated them with a hard push to the ground with telekinesis. The soldiers groaned as they were taken away by ????. He flew up to the silhouette in anger. "So IQ, you ready to face my wrath? Either that, or leave them alone, and i'll leave you alone," ???? mumbled. "Hmph. I'd rather face your so-called wrath than leave them alone. Bring it, man!" IQ grunted. ???? charged at IQ, with a successful hit. IQ was knocked off his feet and sent to the earth. However, the villain got up and quickly dashed towards the large figure, who stopped him with a wall of flame. "Heh, you thought I was kidding, right? FACE MY WRATH, TINY!" ???? yelled, sending IQ flying with a shockwave from his staff. The silhouette hit the ground with a loud thud, while ???? flew like a bullet towards the stunned figure. After a while, ???? was beating IQ, but IQ somehow got the upper hand. The two fought and fought, until Flystar and Evilface got up. "Err, what happened?" Flystar asked. "I dunno. All I know is that IQ knocked us out and..." Evilface replied as the duo spotted the fighting pair. The two joined ???? in the fight, making the fight unfair with a count of 3-1. Even though numbers were unfair, IQ was winning the fight. The trio was losing the fight, until Flystar kicked IQ's head. The downed silhouette had no clear sign of moving anywhere fast, so the trio flew up in the air, and each of them created huge fireballs, eventually joining into an even bigger fireball. They launched the fireball on IQ, and watched as the figure burned to dust. "YES! We wouldn't have won without your help, ????!" Evilface stated. "Really?" ???? asked. The duo nodded at ???? as they flew home. The only thing they forgot was to burn IQ's soldiers, so the rogue warriors got up, and carried IQ's ashes to his lair. The trio got to the palace, but their faces went blank as they walked inside. All of Flystar's servants had pale white faces, and they all lay still on the marble floor. However, they heard a quiet but repetitive thumping sound. As they walked into the main hallway, the thumping got louder, but this time, they could hear faint voices. "So, what do we do next, master?" one voice asked. "Next, we will destroy Flystar and Evilface, then our perfect plan will fall into place," another voice replied. The trio quietly tiptoed to where they thought the sound was coming from. "What was our perfect plan again?" the first voice questioned. "I think I hear someone coming. I will check it out," the second voice whispered. The door that the trio were standing in front of opened a tiny crack, then swung open. A tall, slim white penguin with a black robe and long, black hair tied in a ponytail stared at them. Another penguin, a dark blue one, with a yellow propeller hat and a black guitar t-shirt, ran inside the room's closet and hid. "Who are you?" Flystar asked.

A New Enemy[edit]

To be continued...