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Land of Flystar55555
Flag of Flystaria, Flystonia
MottoWinston is banned from the land, for he I can't stand!
AnthemCard-Jitsu Theme
Location of Flystaria, Flystonia
The light blue represents the islands, and the red dot represents the capital.
CapitalFlystar City
Official languages Free Republic English
Recognised regional languages Waitahan
Species  Penguins (of all kinds)
Demonym Flystarian/Flystonian
Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  King Flystar55555
 -  Prince ????
 -  Princess Flygirl55555
Founded Permission from natives. 
 -  Founded by Senster April 4, 1938 
 -  Senster passes away, Flystar becomes king, name change April 2009 
 -  Flystaria goes into the Great Darktonian Pie War May-July 2009 
 -  Flystaria at war with Dorkugal September 2009-January 7, 2010 
 -  2016 estimate 1,683,476 
 -  2010 census 1,240,464 
Currency Bronze, Silver, Copper, in bars, cubes, and shards. (ATG)
Does observe Daylight Savings.
Drives on the Right
Calling code 555

The Land of Flystar55555, or Flystaria, is a small Free Republic located on the "Flystonian Archipelago", just outside of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Around Antarctica, Flystaria is known as a "Land of Luxury", due to the Flystarians' living luxurious lifestyles, as well as the country's high quality of life (rated about 7/10). There is no ingrained class system in Flystaria, but instead a belief in every individual’s ability to contribute to society in their own positive way. Despite this, the country is often considered a "paradise" for rich people, who often move or build vacation homes here. The country is home to almost 1.7 million penguins, including the aboriginal Waitahian community living on the "reserve islands". Flystaria cares greatly about the world and is always at the forefront of global issues of major debate, being one of the most active members in the Free Republic Union. The country is particularly passionate about its' anti-deletion stance, instead believing that criminals can be reformed while in jails like Owcatraz.

The Flystarian landscape is stunning, and includes luxurious houses, stunning lakes, trees and mountains. Being on an archipelago, Flystarian cities have a large amount of waterfront homes and beaches as well. Sport, leisure and an outdoor lifestyle are regarded highly in Flystaria. The nation also has a thriving aboriginal Waitahian community that is active in all facets of society, with three islands specifically for a "Waitahian Reserve" that nobody else can build on. The other islands host a number of cities, including the capital Flystar City, which contain a balanced mix of businesses and luxury. There are no slums in Flystaria due to the government giving subsidies to help citizens "get on their feet", as well as a ban against Str00dels from entering the nation. The Land of Flystar is an Absolute Monarchy, led by King Flystar55555, who is considered a "fair" King by most- less strict than his great-grandfather (the former King) Senster.


The country has gone by a lot of different but similar names, mostly since King Flystar became King in 2009. It originally went by the name "Senstaria", named by and after King Senster. Current names include:

  • Land of Flystar55555- The official name of the country. Mostly used in official documents.
  • Flystarland- A shortened name often used by citizens of the country.
  • Flystaria- An alternate name, usually used by foreigners such as Antarcticans and citizens of other Free Republics.
  • Flystonia- A similar name to "Flystaria". Mostly used, incorrectly, by countries in the Ninja Archipelago and Asiapelago. Flystonian Archipelago is the name of the islands the country is located on.


Flystaria was originally an area under control of the natives, about 5,000 Waitahians, though it was claimed to be part of the Snowman Empire. In 1934, a young Waitahian named Уаитахиан found the land and asked his fellow Waitahians to let him lead them to greatness. When they refused, he made up an army of penguins who didn't want to be a part of the Snowman Empire and waged war. The "Waitahian War" lasted four years, and ended with Уаитахиан's victory in March 1938.

On April 3rd, 1938, the land of Senstaria was formed, and Уаитахиан, renamed Senster, was coronated as King. Senstaria's first capital was founded by Senster somewhere near Sunshine Fjord. After the Snowman Empire, the Senstarians reorganized their forces and built up much strength. They frequently warred with a nearby colony of Dark Penguins, and pretty much always won. Once most of the Dark Penguins had migrated or been defeated, Senstaria had relative peace, and the Waitahians (who had once been his enemy) had unified under Senster after he had proven himself to them by defeating the Dark Penguins. Though Senster held all of the power in Senstaria, his citizens considered him a "firm but fair" ruler (as long as you didn't get on his bad side).

Through the long, flourishing years of Olde Antarctica, the Senstarians lived in peace as a primary group living in Antarctica. They built up what had been destroyed in the years before, and there was peace and good times. However, Senster wanted to move to another place besides Olde Antarctica's land (since King Ohzie Ablaze refused to recognize the small nation), which was claimed by the large powers and were near impossible to fight. He wanted islands. So, Senster personally sailed across Antarctica until he found the islands that would evolve into today's Flystaria. Coincidentally, these islands also had native Waitahians on them, who gave Senster permission to move the country there. The new Capital, Senster City was founded shortly after, and over a few decades most Senstarians moved to the small archipelago. To repay the natives and let them keep some "natural" lands, he made the smallest three islands into a "Waitahian Reserve", where nobody else could build or move to.

However, after Olde Antarctica fell and a new government took power in Antarctica, the Senstarians were treated like dirt. Senstaria was allowed to stay somewhat independent by Puffish King Manley II, but they had higher taxes, their resources and food were taken for Emperor and King penguins, as well as other bad treatment. They were one of the first groups to take up peaceful protest, but eventually those voices of protest were silenced by the rulers of Colonial Antarctica. So, other groups of penguins took up peaceful protest as well. The King and Emperor Penguins (who pretty much ruled Colonial Antarctica) decided that they must keep everyone divided by species. Senstarian spies and agents went to the governors of different provinces, and even the common penguins to rouse them to take arms, thus contributing to the start of the Antarctican Revolution. For most places this did not work and the agents were arrested, but for some, the penguins took an armed revolt against the Crown. In one of the final battles of the revolution, The Battle of Senster Hill, in what is now Star Mountain, ended in a decisive colonial victory and helped bring an end to the war.

Despite Senstaria's contributions to the revolution (though it was for their own independence as well), they were forced to give up their original land near Sunshine Fjord to the newly formed USA. When the Treaty of Dorkugal was written, Senster refused to sign it as he wanted to be the sole controller of Senstaria. Things were peaceful until 2004, when the Free Republic of Pengolia and the state of Eastshield waged war on Senstaria to obtain islands (the "Senstarian-Pengolian War"). The war wasn't very long, and ended after Senstaria had sunk part of Eastshield's navy (making the sailors swim home), and marched into Pengolia, destroying Penghis Khan's igloo (the Khanz refused to fight Senstaria after that, fearing their homes being destroyed more than Penghis Khan).

Despite being a totalitarian country, Senster let his people have a voice. In 2006, the citizens of Senstaria voted to have a better relationship with the USA. So, Senster (who secretly approved) began talks with the USA. The USA wanted Senstaria to become a state, but Senster refused (wanting his country to stay independent). So, the South Pole Council reluctantly admitted Senstaria to the Free Republic Union in 2006. In April of 2006, Senster named his great-grandson Flystar55555 as his heir to the throne. After becoming a Free Republic, a large number of penguins moved to the country, even more than those that moved to Senstaria during and after the revolution. A large number of the citizens came from the Antarctic Peninsula and Sub-Antarctic Islands, including the new port city of Club Penguin.

"Flystonia" when it was split.

After a few months of declining health, King Senster passed away peacefully in Senster City, and his then twelve year old heir took the throne, bringing about major changes to the country. Some of the major changes included a flag change and many name changes, essentially replacing Senster's name in everything with Flystar, including the country's name change from "Senstaria" to "Flystaria". Flystaria's economy boomed, peaking as the fifth richest country in Antarctica for a short time due to massive tourism. However, Flystar waged war on Dorkugal in September 2009, sparking the Flystarian-Dorkugese War, after Stevie Falcon I said: "Dorkugal is a great place to live, even better than Flyataria". The Dorkugese had the upper hand with all of their territories and protectorates, and had control of Flystaria from November 21, 2009 until January 7, 2010, when Flystar and Stevie signed a treaty and Stevie apologized for offending Flystar and his country.

The war, among other things contributed to a recession in the nation (declared in October 2009), which lasted until it was jointly purchased and annexed by Shops Island and Amataria in mid-2013 (and split into Northern and Southern territories). King Flystar refused to let this happen, and so he had his legal team write a hidden clause in the contract, stating it was only a two-year lease. Not much changed while under Amatarian and Shopper rule, other than more division between Northern and Southern "Flystonia", and all puffles in the North being sent to the South since Amataria disliked puffles.

In July of 2015, the contract expired, and rather than Shops and Amataria fighting back, they let Flystaria regain their independence. The two halves were reunited as one, under King Flystar who had a few years to reflect on how to make a better nation. The first thing he did was get a new board of trusted penguins to serve as his advisers, as well as change the national flag to replace the old image of Flystar with that of a crown. The country's economy is still afloat now, mostly thanks to trading in the Sub-Antarctic Islands (thanks to the SABER) and tourism. They also re-joined the Free Republic Union in 2015.

Map and Places[edit]

Flystonia's location. Not to scale.


The largest four islands in the archipelago, are the nation's four provinces, in the following order.

  • Flystaria- It receives the most tourists, and contains the most businesses in Flystaria (about 60%). It also houses the capital of the country, which is also the province's capital, Flystar City.
  • Luxuria- The most luxurious of all provinces (hence the name), Luxuria is the richest province, with Flystaria coming in second place. It is mainly a residential island, where creatures move to live in luxury. It also houses approximately 30% of all businesses in Flystaria.
  • Stardon- Most of the country's resources trace back to Stardon. Stardon has an odd mixture of available resources, being a huge farming spotlight, while also being the home of 95% of the mines and 80% of all harbors in Flystaria. Micro Star has about 10% of harbors in the nation (as naval stations), while Luxuria and Flystaria have about 5% each.
  • Micro Star- 80% of Flystonia's defending soldiers are stationed at Micro Star, while the others are on the coasts of other provinces. It is the home of all Flystarian warfare manufacturing.

Towns & Cities[edit]

  • Flystar City- Flystaria's capital, it is the second richest city in Flystarland, just behind Luxurion. This old city is superb with a strong Waitahian feel, with some buildings dating back to Olde Antarctica. Flystar City was actually found by the Senstarians, even though most believe it was founded by Waitahian natives. Located in Flystaria.
  • Starville- A southeast suburb of Flystar City.
  • Starmine Town- A mining town where a majority of Flystarian money is minted. Located in Stardon.
  • Luxurion- The richest city in all of Flystonia. Being so rich, every house has a minimum size of 10,000 sq. feet. Capital of Luxuria.
  • Starton- A town in Luxuria, south of Icewater.

  • Flyston- A city in Flystaria, northeast of Starville.
  • Icewater- Icewater is Flystonia's second largest city. It is a major business, government, high tech, and tourist place. Located in Luxuria.
  • Starport- A major trading city in Stardon.
  • Stoch Fless- A city in Stardon that has a huge lake supposedly haunted by a smaller version of the Leviathan, called the Stoch Fless Serpent.
  • Starnug- A small city of military barracks and bases in Micro Star.
  • Starcee- A small village on the coast of Flystaria.
  • Flywheel- A large, major city in Flystaria. Located in Stardon.
  • Starry Night- A large town in Micro Star that holds a large portion of the nation's soldiers.
  • Found Island- A small island in the middle of Flystar Sea. It is mysterious to the public due to it's mysterious disappearances. Popular tourist attraction.
  • Star Mountain- A small village on the base of Star Mountain. Big skiing attraction. Located in Flystaria.
  • Flyville- A large export city in Stardon. Passenger ships to Eastshield, Pengolia and Freezeland are present.
  • Big Star- A native Waitahian city in Flystaria.

Waitahian Reserve Islands[edit]

These islands are places of which the ancient Waitahians settled. They were dedicated as Waitahian Reserve islands after Senster located the islands in the mid-1900s, and have since been national parks that only Waitahian penguins can move to. They contain authentic artifacts that were found during archaeological digs on the islands. They make up the smallest three of Flystaria's seven main islands.

  • Flystoneria- The biggest of the Waitahian reserve islands. It is a big tourist attraction for those who love ancient Waitahian culture, because it was the metropolitan island of the Waitahian reserves.
  • Starwent- Many say this island was a burial ground for the dead Waitahian soldiers, because people given a tour here often see transparent images of tall penguins wearing metal plating with ancient markings.
  • Floconta- The smallest of the reserve islands, Floconta is believed to be the first settlement of the ancient Waitahians, because many explorers found artifacts here dating back to 1250 BC.


Flystaria's population is about 1,683,476 penguins on the seven main islands, as of 2016. The population by province is:

Flystaria: 635,742

Luxuria: 98,467

Stardon: 295,398

Micro Star (mostly soldiers): 225,504

Waitahian Reserve Islands: 428,365


The Charter establishes a government under an absolute monarchy system. It provides for a crowned King (Flystar) as head of government, and a national parliament called the StarFly Court. The StarFly Court has a dominant directly elected lower house known as The Flystonian Congress and an upper house Senate Flystonia, which is appointed and partly indirectly elected. There is also an independent judiciary headed by the Supreme Court.


The military is divided into two organizations, Star Force, and the Flystonian Army. Chain of command is not very well defined. There is an overall military commander of Flystonia, command being the King himself.

As a result of the strong customary theme expressed by the one major ethnic group, the Flystonian military is considerably less sophisticated than that of the industrialized USA. It is also much, MUCH smaller. Nevertheless, Flystonians exhibit much pride and power.

Flystonian Army[edit]

The more organized Flystonian Army has a more sophisticated branch of the militia. Most adult male Flystonian are fully-trained gunmen. However, most Penguins say they are just elitely trained Flystonian Penguins.


The soldiers of Flystonia always wear camoflauge to the ecosystem that their fighting in. They are very highly trained and use many varieties of weapons, such as modified Banana Blasters, replicas of ????'s staff (without sonic wave powers), and their own body parts.

The High Penguins makes use of armories located on the soldier training grounds which serve as weapons storage and war planning rooms where orders are distributed. Their ranged soldiers carry a countless amount of Banana Blasters. The ammo is capable of ripping through solid metal and sinking even the largest ships. The currents in the iceberg fields are known to be extremely dangerous, but are traversed by Flystonian Navy vessels. The ammo itself is also used as cover for soldiers to hide behind, enabling to easily ambush any unwanted visitors.


The Flystonian Army have a small number of ships. The most common ship is a triple-hulled vessel powered by electric motor. Though its small, compact size enables it to be used for a variety of applications, including transporting civilians across the canals, its main purpose is to be used for short, open ocean trips. Even though its not necessarily designed for long voyages, it is capable of being used to travel over a thousand miles and withstanding the harshest ocean conditions. Flystonians use this ship to patrol and protect the waters just outside Flystonia.

Star Force[edit]

The Star Force army is small and joining is optional.


The Star Force Infantry is very good at full frontal assault, as their numbers are thin. But, they are highly useful in ambushes and guerilla warfare. They carry flame swords and snowball guns. The Starsector ride their bikes to increase speed.

Many native Waitahians find themselves part of the army though. Since they are proud of their warrior heritage they still have some tricks up their sleaves. Usually Waitahians would wear iron armor and traditional Waitahian clothing. Copper means just a normal warrior, silver a commanding officer and gold means a chief or a general. Waitahians would also carry eithe swords, spears or two handed axes. Those who carry either a sword or spear may carry a shield.


The Star Force navy has a VERY small amount of ships. The ships of the Star Force seem to be solid iron navy ships, containing diamond hulls and using a LARGE propellor for propulsion. The ships are shown to be operated by at least ten people, one to steer the ship, two to look out for enemy ships, three to do maintenance and four to control the movement. The ships appear to be designed more for use as a combat vessel than transport, but are used effectively in transport nonetheless. It is the strongest navy in Flystonia, "Probably due to strength in structure and all that" Flystar said.

The nation of Dorkugal recently offered to provide laser cannons for all of the Star Force's ships (though they didn't offer motors because the Flystonians are proud of their automatic ships), and Flystar accepted.

Once again Waitahians find some themselves part of the navy. The ships they use a tradtional Waitahian kayaks but with a upgraded hull so they can survive modern hits. There are the traditional versions of Waitahian kayaks (eg Sivrak, Eejkkens etc) but they generally just use kuis (called Kayaks), Yaktons (called Yachts) and Fevran (called Waitahian mugships). Sivrak are used as landing craft mostly and are also avalible for public use. Eejkkens are used a larger landing craft or as pocket cruisers since they can easily navigate through deep fjords and harsh terrain.


Flystonian culture is very different than the USA. It mainly involves Waitahian customs and such.


Cuisine in Flystonia is based on two foods, Fish, and Fruit. Ingredients for cultural foods include Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Nectarines, Pomegranates, Squash, and Watermelons. Flystonian penguins love to eat socially with friends or family. Flystonian customs state that if someone gives you something to eat or drink, you must give food or drink to them. Since Flystonia is a maritime, a normal Flystonian diet includes Fish, Seaweed, Oysters, Squid, Sea Grapes, and Sea Lettuce. O'Berrys are an expensive delicacy, and common Christmas gifts. Flystonia does not house many fast food restaurants, it has more fine dining and rotisserie fish restaurants. Vegetarianism is a very common thing in Flystonia.

Flags and Anthem[edit]

Flags of Flystaria
"North Flystonia" 2013-2015
"North Flystonia" 2013-2015
"South Flystonia" 2013-2015
"South Flystonia" 2013-2015

Flystaria has had five flags fly over it since it was founded. The first, and longest used flag is that of Senstaria, made in late 1938 by Senster himself. It depicts a normal Waitahian penguin and the words "Freedom for all" in the Waitahian language on a blue background. It was used until 2009, when Senster passed away. The second flag was designed by twelve year old Flystar when he became King. It contains a black bar with the country's official name, "Land of Flystar", as well as a red section, and a blue section with an image of Flystar and the USA's motto, "Booyah Forever" to signify that it's a free republic. The third and fourth flags were used in North and South "Flystonia", respectively, while they were territories under the control of Amataria and Shops Island. After regaining independence in 2015, the second flag returned, except it exchanged the image of Flystar with a crown.


  • January 1 - New Years Day
  • March 17 - St Senster's Day
  • April 1 - April Fool's Day
  • April 23 - Constitution Day
  • May 1 - May Day
  • October 31 - Halloween
  • December 25 - Christmas Holidays


There are a large number of sports in Flystonia. These range from the physically demanding sports like Rugby and Soccer, to the excitement and dangers of Ice Dodging, or games like Chess, which challenges the mind.

Flystonians love sports, and most watch or play them frequently. It would not be surprising to find someone playing an Ice Hockey game one day, and the next watching a game the next!

Spectator sports are most popular, and leagues are held for them. Ice Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer each have their own Provincial leagues, and they have national leagues. Flystonia also has a continental team, which competes in matches with other States and Free Republics.


Often, in smaller towns and villages, and especially on a country road, if you walk past somebody it is customary to say hello. They may also ask you "how are you?", or another similar variation. It is polite to respond to this greeting, but it is not expected that you would give any detail on how you really are, if the penguin is a stranger - a simple hello or "how are you?" or a simple comment on the weather will suffice! In this regard, try something like "Good day!" - if it isn't raining, of course. To which the response will generally be "It is indeed, thank goodness".

When driving on rural roads, particularly where a driver has to pull in to allow you to pass, it is customary to wave a thanks to the other driver, by raising your flipper from the steering wheel or reigns or whatever you are riding on. This is particularly prevalant in rural areas of the West of Flystonia where many drivers will automatically wave at everyone who drives past them. A polite wave (or even with just the flipper raised from the steering wheel) is customary and will be appreciated.

When accepting gifts, a polite refusal (such as, "no really you shouldn't") is common after the first offer of the item. Usually, this is followed with an insistence that the gift or offer is accepted, at which point your answer is likely to become more recognized. However, some people can be very persuasive - this isn't meant to be annoying, just courteous.

One thing which some visitors may find disconcerting is the response an Flystonian Penguin may give to a "thank you". Most Flystonian Penguins will respond with something along the lines of "It was nothing" or "not at all". This does not mean that they didn't try hard to please, but rather it is meant to suggest "I was happy to do it for you, so it was not any great difficulty" (even though it may have been!).

Flystonia and the USA undoubtedly have notable similarities, but Flystonian penguins generally take pride in the cultural differences that exist between Flystonia and the USA, and can be quite offended by tourists who do not acknowledge or show respect to these differences. Indeed it is not uncommon for foreigners (both before and after arrival into the country) to foolishly assume that Flystonia is a state of the USA. This incorrect assumption will generally cause strong offense to locals in Flystonia, because they take pride in being independent from the USA.

The Flystonians are renowned for their upbeat sense of humour, which can often be difficult to understand to the more unfamiliar tourists. Joking on almost any topic will be welcomed, although even mild racism is not appreciated by the majority.

Most Flystonian penguins are quite happy for friendly jibes regarding the Flystonian love of Cream Soda and speaking gibberish. However, any jokes regarding Khanzem, in which most of the Senstarians were enslaved to make apple juice, could in some instances cause a similar amount of offense as joking about the Great Darktonian Pie War.

Oh, and one more thing: apple juice is forbidden by law anywhere in Flystonia. Getting caught with apple juice usually results in a 500ATG fine, seizure of the carton, and a long scolding in Waitahian.


Flystonia has at least two schools in each village. Education is very important in Flystonia, for all penguin parents want to have successful children. For a long time, many penguins had to go to South Pole City or the expensive university in Flystar City.

Public school starts in grade one, and ends in grade eight. High school begins in grade nine, and ends in grade twelve (or optionaly grade thirteen).


Flystonia has no official language, but the two de facto languages are USA English and the ancient lower penguin language Waitahian.


  • Hello-???
  • Good Bye-???
  • Yes-???
  • No-???
  • How are you?-???
  • I am fine-???
  • Thank You-???
  • Your Welcome-???
  • Fishing-???
  • Water-???
  • Ice-???
  • Freezeland-???
  • Antarctica-???



StarFly International Airways is the national carrier of Flystonia. It is 75% nationalized and holds up to 30% of Flystonia's transportation buisness. Two more airlines will come, one would be a subsidary of StarFly International Airways.

StarFly International Airways plans to expend operations from Flystonia and the USA to possibly Freezeland. More services will be added to the route from Flystonia to Pengolia due to it's codeshare agreement with West Pengolia's state carrier, Air Pengolia.

StarFly International Airways will later charter most of the government's flights. The status is till unknown as of now.

Public Transport[edit]

Public Transport is common, with buses, trains, airplanes, and trams being the most common methods of transportation across the country or to a different city. In the cities, however, almost everyone has a car. Cars are used somewhat, but are as advanced as the USA's cars, and travel far.


Bus is a common method of transportation in the city, but you'd be hard pressed to find one in the countryside. Buses are relatively cheap, though cross-province buses cost quite a lot.


Train is the most common transport method in the country, other than waddling and biking. Trains can get you anywhere in the province. Every city has a railway station. Whistlestops are very common.


The car is very common throughout provinces. In Flystaria, three out of four penguins owns a car. Flystonia drives on the right. The car is also used for country ouings or cross province distances.


Airplane is the least common transport. There are a select few airports scattered around the free republic, but most are either located in big cities or rural areas, on privately owned land.


Modern technology is ignored in all states, because they are looking forward to more advanced than modern tech. New technology is constantly being invented here. Such inventors of objects include Harry.


Computers are popular in Flystonia. Doors and Penguin OS are used equally there.


The internet is a tad faster than other places, but internet there is not metered, so you can have unlimited bandwidth there.

Cellular and phone[edit]

Cell phones are very common. Cell phones are slightly more advanced than USA ones, but they often are more expensive in price and minutes if you are a pay-as-you-go customer.

Landline phones however, are included standard with every home. If you do not pay for a phone provider, you can still dial 555.

Providers for phones include:

  • P-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Starizon
  • Run


  • Penguins
  • Waitahian Natives
  • Puffles
  • Crabs
  • Fish(ocean)
  • Terns


  • Mabel. Not only is she a villain, she has an eviction order and is forbidden to cross the borders into the nation.
  • Orca Whales
  • Leopard Seals


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