Flywish Island

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L'isola di Flywish
Parts Unknown
MottoHave Fun and visit anytime were open forever
AnthemBeat It
Royal anthemDream On
Location of Flywish Island
CapitalGold City
Official languages Italian
Recognised regional languages Spanish, English
Species  Crabs,Leopard Seals
Demonym Flywishlitan
Government Brutal
 -  President Flywish Flywish
Legislature The Wish Foundation
The Flywish Mansion Clan
 -  Flywish's supreme rule of Liguria 2011 
 -  Flywish founds the country late 1980s 
 -  The Country's Biggest celebration Late 2004 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 440

Flywish Island is an island founded by Flywish that has been an Overseas Territory of Liguria since 2011.


After Flywish became rich, He called up an island company to ask for the giant island that was six-hundred miles away from Club Penguin City. Flywish was the president, and Flywish II would have taken over after Flywish died.


The first settlers of Flywish Island were mostly from the United States of Antarctica, and a small minority that came from Castilla. Thus, most penguins who lived there either spoke English or Spanish. In 2011, Flywish became the leader of Liguria, which immediately annexted Flywish Island into it. It was decreed that the official language of the island would be Italian like the mainland, and so it is to this day. Everyone on the island knows how to speak fluent Italian by now, but they also still speak English for tourists purposes as well.


There are lots of places like Beaches and Coves and Bays and Cities. Gold City is the capital of the island, and has a beach called Golden Beach. Flywish used to live here, in a mansion made of gold, before he moved to Liguria.


Flywish built a torture station for those bad little penguins that break the law but if it was something like a Ditto driving thing he just will but you into a dark and scary cellar for 3 days with nothing to eat or drink. Crimes would be:

  • Bringing a Mwa Mwa Penguin into this place
  • Ditto driving
  • Eating Puffles(Puffles are sacred everywhere)
  • Eating Crabs(Like Puffles they are sacred)
  • Theft


  • Flywish(obviously you knew that)
  • Pengy Osbourne (He lives in The Gold City)
  • Radclaw1 (I think you know he's waiting for Flywish to finally take him)


  • Criminals


Everyone who lives there always hails to their master whoever it is. They also do different stuff.



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