Flywish Saves UnitedTerra

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Flywish Saves UnitedTerra is a short story on how Flywish defeated Atrocious (surprisingly, that guy is equal to Darktan II!).

The Story[edit]

"Ladies and gentleman, thank you for us having you on board AirTerra Flight 7345. We hope you have a fantastic holiday in Neo Domino City and remember to stay safe. Thank you!" an Air Steward said on the microphone.

Running an army, a sports association, PWNING villains, acting in a show and being the President of an island is all hard work. This hero needs a break.

The plane touched down and wobbled side to side.

"What a rough landing! Man, I should tell the FAAA" Flywish said out loud.

The penguin next to stared at him.

"What are you talking about?" he bellowed.

"Meh" Flywish replied, imtimidating Explorer 767.

The plane eventuallly came to a halt. A steward waddled by, telling everyone to remain seated. Flywish couldn't take it.

"Sir, we don't want to wait" Flywish told the steward. The steward was a muscular male. He would be perfect for his army.

"Mr Flywish, we do not have a policy of priority boarding and disembarking" the steward replied. There was a tone in his voice that he was obnoxious. Flywish wouldn't expect this sort of behavior, especially from such a reputable airline. Then he noticed a few penguins in suits exiting the plane.

"How comes they can leave?" Flywish asked.

"They travelled on RegalClass. You're on FoundationPremium, you can wait" the steward replied.

"And when will I leave?"

"Well, we have ExecutiveContinental next - your class will be second-to-last to leave".

"Second-to-last? I'm not having it". With that, Flywish unbuckled his seatbelt, grabbed his hand lugguage, opened the lugguage compartment, took all his other stuff and ran off the plane. Suddenly all the other passengers followed in his lead.

"OW!" screamed a business penguin, crushed by flippers of rushing penguins.

"Have a nice day!" the air steward by the door said nervously. I mean, come on, when was the last time you had hundreds of passengers stampede on a plane?

Flywish rushed into the cargo hold and grabbed his suitcases. He couldn't be bothered to wait. He sneaked in, now he had to sneak out.

Flywish saw a puffle cage. A purple puffle with it's backed turned slept in it. Next to it was a blanket which obviously belonged to that puffle. Perfect. Flywish locked himself in the cage and put the blanket over it. He then rested his elbow over the purple puffle and...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$(")(£)(""()@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@$$$$$$$$$$$$!^&^!*"(*"(*&*(£(*"&*("&*(!)(""Y^(&")))!)_O(U"HGBEHD"G(*&£"(*&£(8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a scream echoed the cage. Flywish looked behind him. There she was; Mabel.

"Mabel? What are you doing here?" Flywish yelped in shock.

"I can ask you the same!" Mabel replied.

"Long story short; need to get out the cargo hold of this plane. And you?"

"I'm visiting Kalin. I think he's my cousin. I asked to go RegalClass but they said I was 'inferior' for two reasons; first of all, I'm Mabel and secondly, I'm a puffle. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$✍Ᏻ☈⊛﷼∏ΔΔ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि"$ -"

"Ok ok. Well listen; you make no noise and I'll get you a RegalClass seat ok?"

Mabel nodded reluctently. Then she took out a piece of paper and asked Flywish to sign. Flywish abided.

"What am I signing" Flywish said while signing.

"That I have the legal right to sue you and hold you for charges if you don't get me a seat on RegalClass".


Flywish got out of the cage. His suitcases were next to it. Mabel got out too.

"Ok Mabel. Since I travelled FoundationPremium I get to go to a FortressTerra. Wanna come and grab a coffee?" Flywish asked.

Wait what did Flywish just do? Did he just ask Mabel to go on a date? That's so OOC! Who could be responsible for this.

No seriously, who bally is responsible for flippin OOC, wot? wot?

Mwa hwa hwa hwa hwa!

Benny you flippin edit the bally plot. Hear me yellow von Injoface I will paint you blue and ask Billybob to rollback what you just did.

Actually McFlapp, I like what Benny did. Keep it.

Well that may be, wot wot, but may I paint that flippin Benny blue?

Oh reader, this may take some time, wot? wot?



Back to the story, wot? wot?

"A COFFEE... WITH YOU..." Mabel said.

"This is gonna be like in those films. You they will say no but they say yes" Flywish thought, directly talking to Mayor McFlapp and breaking the fourth wall.


"Oh man. Look Mabel, cya around" Flywish said. "Guess I'm going to dine alone tonight".

The taxi pulled up the hotel and Flywish exited it. He looked at the hotel.

"Woah!" Flywish said to himself.

Five stars were in front of the door. Lights were every. There was activity at reception and in clear glass windows, a pub could be seen along with a restraunt with five stars for it too and even a stage. On a sign it said TONIGHT: CROW. Above that writing was WELCOME TO OLD DOMINO HOTEL!

I can see why this place has five stars. Flywish entered and went up to the receptionist.

"Hi there. My name is Flywish -"

"Ah yes Flywish. Yes, you're on the list, you got room 1 -".

"Really? Cool!"

"Which is currently being cleaned and should be ready in three hours".


"In the mean time, enjoy the entertainment or go to the stage. Tonight, until 3 AM, we have Crow Percy Titan-Smith".


Flywish waddled to the stage and grabbed a front seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Make some noise. For MC Snowball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A MC waddled onto the stage with a microphone, wearing casual clothing. He looked more of a comedian then a MC.

"Hey guys! Great to be here again, really is. Before we get started, just want to read a few texts some fans sent to me before the show" he said. "'Hey MC Snowball, just wanna ask, do you - ah screw it, I just wanna get hyper with Cream Soda. Please welcome Crow!"

Crow waddled onto the stage. Everyone cheered for him.

"Alright guys. Great to be here in Neo Domino City. Let's get started with Confessions!"

I'll finish tommorow!