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A normal focci
A normal focci
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Infraclass: Eutheria
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Emballonuridae
Genus: Aeriageometriae
Species: bonajuris
Binomial Nomenclature
Aeriageometriae bonajuris
Exclusive to the Dorkugese Jungle
Exclusive to the Dorkugese Jungle

Flying Ellpises

Focci (Aeriageometriae bonajuris, Latin for "flying geometry, good gravy) are a race of evil, puffle-sized, bat-like ellipses. They live in caves on the southeastern side of Pi Island in the Dorkugese Jungle and attack all intruders.


Focci were discovered by Fred 676 and Explorer 767 on one of their vacations to Dorkugal. They attacked the brothers in a cave and chased them to the edge of a cliff. Fred quickly thought up a plan and shouted an equation at the focci, which re-defined the area the focci's bodies took up, causing them to shrink. Explorer then proceeded to paralyze the mini-focci with Ditto A and crushed them with an anvil.

Distribution and habitat[edit]

The known range of the Focci is in purple.

Foccis are only known to inhabit the Dorkugese Jungle on Phi Island. It is believed that originally all Foccis lived in one giant group, known as a "Clan". However, since being banished from the "Bola Clan", Perra Bola has founded his own clan a distance away, which has been growing in numbers. In recent years, scientists have questioned the idea that there are only two Focci Clans.

Most Foccis are known to live in the Silicon caverns of the jungle, although they can also live in the dense jungle full of metals, downed power lines, etc.


There are two known "clans" of Focci in the Dorkuguese Jungle. The first is known as the Bola Clan, and is under the leadership of Hypir Bola.

The other is known as the Green Clan, due to their odd green coloration. They are the only Foccis with a generally positive attitude. They are led by the good Focci, Perra Bola.

Ecology and behavior[edit]


Group organization[edit]

Foccis are known to live in groups called "clans". Clans are usually led by a monarchy system under one Focci who is treated as a King (called the Alpha Focci). Their family is treated as a sort of "royal family", with their children being second-in-line, so on and so forth. A family leadership is only overthrown when either all family members die, or the leader is beaten by a challenger.

The "Green Clan" is an exception. They run on a democratic system. A few times each year, the members of the clan state who they want to lead them, and the Focci with the most supporters leads the clan.

Interactions with other species[edit]

In general, most Foccis have a negative attitude towards every other species, including Penguins, Puffles, and Crabs, and they have a tendency to attack those species on sight. They also antagonize Chomp Flowers. The one creature they are known to stay away from is the StormWorm, which they fear.


A typical focci is colored red, with an ellipse-like body and cruel wings. The focci leaders (i.e. alpha focci) have black bodies and orange wings. All focci have sharp fangs. Focci are the loyal pets of the Jerks, who send them out to do their bidding. Focci are immune to Ditto A, but re-defining them with an equation will shrink them, leaving them vulnerable to ditto poisoning. Not all focci are evil, some, like Perra Bola, are good-natured and kind. These "good" focci are colored green.


  • They are a parody of two things:
  1. The fossa from Madagascar (movie).
  2. Foci-- The two points from which an ellipse is drawn.
  • There are also an endangered species of Puffle known as "Focci Puffles". Unlike normal Foccis, all of these creatures resemble Black Puffles with Focci wings. They have only been seen on Club Penguin Island.

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