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Title Head Freezelandian Inventor
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Inventor
Health Paranoid
Level 100
Status Inventing
Location Freezeland

Foldy is G's father.

Foldy is a penguin who is Freezeland's head technological advisor. He is well known for his strong friendship with Luce and his run-ins with Triskelle, and fathering G. Foldy is extremely proud of his inventions (having registered more patents than any living penguin, even more than G).

Raising G[edit]

Foldy is quite humble about his offspring. He is the father of and Gary and Mary Gadget (to name just two), alongside most (but not all) of G's Family younger than him.


Foldy has a bad case of paranoia, wearing a tin-foil hat to prevent brain-probing rays wherever he goes, and even has a hat decorator. He feels more at ease now, thanks to Caballine, his wife; he's still not taking off the hat, however.

He is often offended when other people take his inventions for granted, or refer to them in layman's terms. At these moments, he generally tries to explain the genius of these inventions, to no avail.

When under extreme stress, he has a habit of singing Riverbend (the Freezelandian equivilant of Antarctica Country).


  • The ruby scepter, so he claims, prevents "mind beams" from intercepting him, in case his trusty tin-foil hat fails as a first defense.
  • He adds "+1" to all of the names of his inventions (3001 instead of 3000), because he thinks that three zeroes "are watching him when he is not looking", while "I can monitor two zeroes much easier".
  • He is a parody of a centaur from the Artemis Fowl book series by Eoin Colfer.
  • Mech Rider loves Foldy's inventions.They make great weapons for his mech.

List of Inventions[edit]

  • Biological Bomb 3001
  • Buzz Baton 3001
  • Cam Foil 3001
  • Cham Pod 3001
  • Concussor Egg 3001
  • Dart Flipper 3001
  • Hovertrolley 3001
  • Hydrosion Shell 3001
  • Incinerator Pack 3001
  • Iris-camera 3001
  • Mind-wipe 3001
  • Mood Blanket 3001
  • Moonbelt 3001
  • Neutrino 2001
  • Neutrino 3001
  • Recon suit 3001
  • Retimager 3001
  • Safetynet 3001
  • Scopes 3001
  • Sealed Acorn Unit 3001
  • Sentinel 3001
  • Shimmer Suit 3001
  • Subcutaneous Sleeper 3001
  • Supersonic Attack Shuttle 3001
  • Thermoscan Bar 3001
  • Throat Microphones 3001
  • Time-Field Portal 3001
  • Time-Stop Towers 3002
  • Titanium Pod 3001
  • Translator 3001

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