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What was her name again?
It was "Folly" or something, right?
Title Genius among idiots
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction The Propellor Cap Trio
Health 100 of over 900
Level 7.8/10 (Too much water)
Status Getting unwillingly dragged into a crazy adventure
Location Unknown
Fourth Wall Yes
Birth date Not yet
Occupation Part-time adventurer, .
Salary Whatever treasure she finds.
Nationality Beru
Interests Pointing out the obvious, reading, studying, scheming.
Friends Fuzzle, Fooly
Enemies BOSS XeXeXe, Foolx8
Archetype Good / Neutral
I had something prepared for a case just like this!
— Folly

Folly8, also known as "Folly", "what's-your-name", "ERROR 404", "that one penguin" or "I'm pretty sure she's related to Fooly", is one of Fooly's twin sisters. She joined him and Fuzzle on their adventures during the events of Fooly's Adventure, and has become a regular member since, while still participating actively in family activities with the rest of her siblings. She is often considered the "brains" of the team, due to superior knowledge in comparison to the other 2, but that isn't really saying much.


Being the common sense of the Propellor Cap Trio, Folly is often ignored and she just goes with the flow. It's not like she's not used to it.

Due to being from the future, she is aware of future events that can take place. She likes to not talk about this, though. In her spare time, she is seen collecting various stuff she finds "Retro" and "Classic", which are just modern things to us.


Folly, being Fooly's sibling, looks almost identical to Fooly, with a few differences. Apart from having eyelashes, Folly also is a little bit shorter than Fooly and sports a green propellor cap instead of a red one. Apart from that, they're almost identical. A few times, Folly was able to pass as Fooly, but got caught because of the eyeleashes.


  • Folly is skilled with the use of bombs and has a large variety of them, but she can also use a parasol to attack.
  • Folly is a speedster, almost being able to keep up with Fooly's Turbo-Boost Jetpack.
  • Folly is a class V fourth wall breaker, but with Fooly and Fuzzle's help she can sometimes go beyond that, though she usually needs a little help from his brother.


  • She has high IQ, which is amazing considering how her brothers and sisters turned out.
    • It is, however hindered by stubbornness and slight lack of common sense.
  • Folly is just oh-so-very slightly smaller than her siblings. You can not even notice it.
  • She's actually nearsighted.
  • For some reason, nobody ever remembers her, save for his siblings and Fuzzle.

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