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Better than you, or so he thinks.
Title "Better than you"
Gender Male
Race "Better than you"
Faction "Better than you"
Health "Better than you"
Level "Better than you"
Status Attempting to be better than you.
Location Somewhere better than you.
Birth date "Better than you"
Occupation Trying to be better than someone.
Interests Being better than you.
Friends None
Enemies Fooly, Fuzzle, Folly
Archetype "Better than you"

Foolx8 is the smart, evil and maniac X-Antibody counterpart of Fooly8. He is quite a showoff and most of his schemes involve proving he is better than anybody else, though they are clumsily stopped by the Propellor Cap Trio, even if they are much, much less intelligent.


On the day of his greatest adventure, Fooly accidentally crashed into a gigantic snow pile, tainted with the X-Virus. Unlike many other penguins, Fooly sneezed a dark green blob almost immediately. It formed into Foolx. Foolx was evil in nature, so he escaped as quickly as possible to begin doing evil, skipping most conversations usual had in the births of other X-Antibodies.

Determined to prove he is better than anyone else, he became allies with Explorer 767 while he was under the influence of his BOSS XeXeXe form. Wearing a cheap mask, Foolx challenged Fooly to a duel. Foolx was defeated quickly, but swore revenge against Fooly, Fuzzle and the Flipplings.


Foolx is an almost exact replica of Fooly, except for his darker feather color and purple propellor cap. And the fact that he always looks angry, in contrast to Fooly's cheerful nature.


Foolx always claims he is the best creature in the whole universe and is completely perfect. He always tries to impose this idea on anyone through diabolical means, which are almost always ruined by Fooly, Fuzzle and Folly in extremely random ways. Due to this, Foolx completely hates this gang and tries to kill them. But unfortunately for him, he did NOT inherit the Fourth Wall powers of Fooly, leaving him to a serious disadvantage, no matter how smart he is.

Sometimes wearing a mask for no reason other than to look edgier, Foolx ditched his melee strategy from his first battle, after learning that Fooly preferred attacking from far but using his Whackhammer when things got desperate. Since the , Foolx uses different machines, called "X-Bots", to fulfill his jobs. His most successful models, known as QWERTY type and UIOP type, often fail. Yes, those are his most successful ones.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

Foolx was one of many X-Antibodies taken by Xplorer and controlled by Nightmare. In the final battle, he fought the Propellor Cap Trio before snapping out of it. He then proceeded to cowardly retreat, telling everyone in the vicinity, no exceptions, that they are "not worth fighting" and that they should "get to his level". Even to the X-Antibodies.


  • Even though he is an evil X-Antibody, he is not affiliated with any army. As a matter of fact, he also tries to ruin various evil armies to prove he is the best. He fails very quickly.
  • No matter how much he claims he is, he is not the best on absolutely anything. At all.
  • Even though he IS evil, he has found himself as an ally of Fooly various times to defeat "greater evils". He hates this.
  • Cooly is often seen as a more neutral version of Foolx.
  • Foolx is the main antagonist of the Fooly's Adventure series, but barely appears in the Flipplings series, with Foddy taking his role instead.

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