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Funniest Character Award/Fooly8 Award: 2014 CPFW Awards
What could possibly go wrong?

Fooly Flippy VIII
Paper Fooly 2.png
The Breaker of Walls
Title The Fool
Gender Male
Race Half beruvian little penguin, half anime
Faction Flipplings / Propellor Cap Trio
Health 100 of over 9000
Level 7.8/10 (Too much water)
Status Being oblivious of danger he is causing.
Location Unknown
Fourth Wall Definitely
Birth date April 1, 5013 (5013-04-01) (age -2994)
Occupation Adventurer, Comic Relief.
Salary Whatever treasure he finds.
Nationality Foolscap
Interests Puffle Fighting, fruit cake, pointless quests, sea cheese, tacos, kaboom, big red buttons, flying, slingshoting, breaking fourth walls.
X-Antibody Foolx
Friends Fuzzle, Folly8, Fanon Character Gang members, Rookie, the Flipplings, Rosie, Blumerdoofy, WaddyRed, Cooly, Justa, Hefeuiberf (?).
Enemies BOSS XeXeXe, Foolx8, Wezzeti, Foggy.
Archetype Good / Neutral / Annoying

Fooly Flippy the 8th, commonly referred just as Fooly, is an absent-minded young adventurer who loves doing random stuff at random times. He may as well be the dullest knife in the drawer, but he knows how to cheer up anybody. Anybody except Mabel, that is. He is known due to his nonsensical, fouth wall-breaking quests for food or absolutely worthless items, which usually lead to either amazing discoveries or catastrophic chaos, usually the latter.

History and Involvement[edit]

Most of his past is unknown to anyone, including the Masters themselves. Though the truth is that Fooly is the final Master of the Universe, born on April 1st 5013. He was sent to the past to help avoid a catastrophy centuries ago, in a time machine called the Emergency Guarding Ga-thingy (EGG), but due to a small technical error involving a burrito and a particle collider the EGG landed far before the target time, landing in a snow pile near Star Kirby12's igloo in Christmas 2012. His emerging is a mystery, as penguins and puffles remembered him, though they had never seen him. This was much earlier than intended, and ended causing more problems than were actually fixed. Come think of it, if it wasn't for his appearance in Christmas, An Explosive New Year would have never happened. Even though he is a nice penguin, he is the one who causes most of the trouble, whether he does it himself or a villain tricked him into doing it. He has a tendency to appear in random places, throw puffles all of the time and push any red buttons. He is also known to make Wezzeti go constantly crazy.

After his first 2 adventures with the now inexistant Fanon Character Gang, he got a sidekick in the form of Fuzzle, his silly green puffle. They are never seen apart since the adoption. Recently, Fooly and Fuzzle began having began a... ehm... "career" as "adventurers" traveling all around Antartica in search for treasures, many of which are food. In his main adventure, Folly8, Fooly's twin sister from the future, joined the gang as the "brains" of the group, but not by much. In these new adventures, his fourth wall-breaking levels rised exponentially, usually complaining stuff to me, directly talking to you, hanging lampshades and editing the universe when he has specific materials. And the internet. He also became a nemesis of BOSS XeXeXe, but is in good terms with Explorer 767. He probably doesn't realize it, does he? Apart from BOSS XeXeXe, Fooly is also the enemy of Foolx8, a selfish and vain X-Antibody and he sometimes rivals Fudd, the crazy prankster puffle who occationally tries to be the narrator.

He and the rest of the members of the Propellor Cap Trio occationally works as an adventurer-for-hire, finding treasures for penguins who pay in coins or tacos, though usually the latter works the best. They'll take about any type of job, wether it is world domination or something about bananas.

Other times, he likes spending family time with his many siblings, all septuplets. Fuzzle is not usually present during these times, for some reason.


  • Pie
  • Sea Cheese
  • Tacos
  • Fruitcake
  • Going Random
  • Quests
  • Videogames
  • Parties
  • Wall Breaking
  • Fun
  • Adventures


  • BOSS XeXeXe
  • Jellyfish
  • Jelly
  • Ice Cream
  • WHAT!?

Notable Feats.[edit]

  1. Hosting an island-wide New Year's eve party.
  2. Causing a nuclear apocalypse.
  3. Completely obliterating the fabric of the universe.
  4. Not finding his Box-'o-Pranks.
  5. Finding the legendary Sea Cheese
  6. Creating, whacking and destorying the Great Taco Machine v.1.
  7. Accidentally defeating Herbert.
  8. Being the winner of the Pie Eating Contest at the Pie Festival 3 times in a row.


  • His aim is excellent. He's able to use ranged weapons, whether it be sligshot or gun, at ease.
  • He is a wielder of a mach-speed "Turbo-Boost Jetpack". Trust me when I say it flies fast. In the case it isn't available, he can always use his propellor cap to fly.
  • He is really lucky and optimistic, smiling through almost every occasion.
  • He can defy the laws of physics randomly while doing random stuff due to his mystical origins. He's a type 6 1/2 fourth wall breaker!
  • Though he is young and NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is tremendously brave. He will fly (or crash) into any cjallenge ahead with little to no hesitation.


  • He may as well be the dullest knife in the drawer. He has really bad memory, is really absent minded, innocenct, ignorant, gullible and has little to none common sense. Diagnosis: Stupidity.
  • His melee combat is much lacking, unless he's wielding the legendary Wackhammer
  • He is clumsy, though a lot less than Rookie. He can cause more problems than the ones he can fix.
  • He can easily be bribed to do evil with food. Sea Cheese, tacos and pies are his favorite snacks and he'll pretty much do anything for them as long as he's not too full.
  • With an age of -2998 (though he is usually considered 12 years old), he is seen as too young to do the things he does, like adventuring, living on his own, etc.. His intelligence doesn't help either.

Smash Mates trophy description[edit]

Path to Master Foot[edit]


All-Star Arena[edit]


Ultimate Battle[edit]


Theme Song[edit]

Fooly has an assortment of quirky themes.


Fooly's Main Theme

Fooly's Flight Theme

Fooly's Battle Theme

Sugar Fooly's Theme

Fooly's Adventure Theme

Fooly's Victory Theme

Fooly Series Medley
(Super Smash Mates)

Fooly's Main Theme
(Super Smash Mates)

Fooly's Battle Theme
(Super Smash Mates)


  • Fooly: Hey, guess what?
  • Penguin 1: What?
  • Fooly: I don't know. Why do you ask me?
  • "Puffle Fight!!!"
  • "Wanna some fruity cake?"
  • "I forgot. I think. Maybe."
  • "Ooo! What does this button do?"
  • "That was unexpected."
  • "Yay!"
  • "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I don't get it."
  • "My story hasn't even been written yet."
  • "Stray Taco!"
  • "Walls are meant to be broken."
  • "Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!"


Add more if you want!

  • "Hello, mysterious stalker which we're not supposed to know about! Whoops, spoilers!"
  • "Hello, obviously evil bad guy which we're supposed to defeat instead of greet peacefully!"
  • "Hello, other version of myself which is not supposed to actually exist but due to Time Travel loopholes and all that crap does!"
  • "Hello, expy of a character from popular media who is now a penguin for no reason!
  • "Hello, mysterious person who we don't know but will play an important part in this story's plot!"
  • "Hello, overused joke written on an obscure fanfiction community based off a now-crappy game!"
  • "Hello, random nonsensical character that serves no purpose but to be a placeholder!"
  • "Hello, penguin secretly controlled by a human!"





  • It's become common knowledge that Fooly is just one of seven siblings, with their only other known relative being Rookie, his 100+ Great Grandfather.
  • He has always been referencing adventures of events no one recalls, like exploring a haunted mansion, somethiung to do with a "Xerneas" and a "Google Translate", owning a really angry Cheesecracker Puffle and what he calls "The Horror of the Funny Sunny Summer Solicite Special". Penguins have researched if this is real or just his stupidity, but no one truly has found a legitimate answer.
  • He thinks Mabel is only grumpy because she needs more friends. Mabel denies this.
  • Fooly has an X-Antibody called Foolx8. Unlike Fooly, Foolx is very egocentrical and vain (he thinks he is the best thing to ever exist in every single universe), even though he truly is a great coward.
  • Although Fooly has been confirmed to be a Beruvian, he currently resides in an igloo on an iceberg which floats around Antartica, concidentially being near to where he needs to be when he needs to be there. He also has an igloo on Club Penguin and a small apartment in Tutupie City. He, in a way, has the papers that confirm that these other houses belong to him, but what is strange is that these paper show dates in the future.
  • He always has leftover fruitcake. ALWAYS.
  • He is somehow very skilled with aircrafts (after his first few attempts, that is).
  • Along with Human Denton and Fuzzle, he is a rare example of the "VI 1/2 Class" fourth wall breakers. This means that they have the potential to become a VII-class, but not enough power and intelligence.
  • He discovered the country he was born in. Weird, huh?