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The Flipplings
What could possibly go wrong?!
Name The Flipplings
Type Sibling team
Head Fooly8
Job Doing random things and running errands.
Members see below
Headquarters Tutupie City

They put the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional'!

The Flippy Siblings, more commonly referred to as the Flipplings, are the septuplets from the Flippy family that roam around the island, running foolish errands and causing chaos. Regarded as both heroes AND nuisances, they all come from the future and came to the past for unknown reasons. With their numbers and very distinct personalities, nothing could go wrong, right? Well, not so much. But it's all part of the fun!


This generation of the Flippy family contains the septuplets known as the Flippling. Each one sports a cap of their favourite color and has a unique personality, though they are all quirky in overall.

Flipplings' Theme[edit]

Lyrics to Flippling's Theme[edit]

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

All fourth walls please beware!

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

As anything could happen.

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

Post-Modernistic fun!

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

Much toilet humor and puns!

I hope you right now are confortable

but please hang on to your seat.

Because you are about to get a confusing treat!

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

All fourth walls please beware!

Let's get ready for the Flipplings,

As anything could happen.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime. Do not worry everything is fine!

Green, Cyan, Violet. Puns and crude humor about toilets!

(Lots of lampshading too!)

Get ready for adventure!

Mostly just to get a tasty snack.

Sure, there are some easier ways...

We don't care!

Fooly is bravely idiotic!

(Even though both words are sorta the same)

Folly's smarter than the others!

(Even with average intelligence)

Fooey is lazy to the end!

Foddy should just control herself!

Foopy and Foomy both are cowards!

And Fobby... let's leave it as just "sass".

With so many personalities, things cannot go wrong.

Actually, just kidding as they go wrong all the time.

(For you see, they're just chicks. Which means they're young birds. But User:Fooly's human, for 'tis just some fan fiction!

Every day's a new day, it's obvious, anyway. But weird things happen at Tutupie City!)

Which, by the way is the home of the Flipplings!


Gender Male
Interests Adventure, pranking, breaking the fourth wall.


He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well, he's finally back to kick some tail! Fooly is the most naive and the first one of the Flipplings to arrive at our time, having countless adventures and taking prominent roles as a comic relief in various Specials alone, even before he was accompanied by his siblings. His bravery is almost unmatched, beaten only by his own stupidity. With a lack of memory, common sense and even general knowledge, Fooly would seem like a lost cause. However, he does know of most things meta, being the best fourth wall breaker in the bunch, using weird weapons, such as a slingshot, throwing random things at enemies and the Whackhammer by pulling them out of nowhere. Sometimes he teams up with Fuzzle the Puffle to go on random adventures of his own and for some reasons he has some skill on being a pilot, but he never quite nails the landing. Friendly but foolish, as his name might suggest, you can always count on him, at your own risk!


  • Destined to be Master.
  • Has a very good aim.
  • He looooooves food.
  • Best friends with Fuzzle the Puffle.

Fooly's Theme[edit]


Gender Male
Interests Sleeping, eating, more sleeping.


Fooey is a penguin of instinct. He plays when he is bored, eats when he is hungry and naps when he is tired. However, he is almost always tired. You can almost always bet that he is counting sheep, bringing his favorite pillow with him almost everywhere. He uses this same pillow when going on the offensive. He is hard to anger and has bad reaction time, but his sleep talking may give serious advice! The scent of cheese almost always wakes him up. Almost. He enjoys the company of Ashley, Robin and Lightly, due to their machines being made for the aid of penguin life and Fooey is more than glad to test something that could provide him with a more relaxing nap or a tastier meal.


  • Can actually be very hard-working and productive. Too bad he's too busy sleeping.
  • Sometimes ends up accidentally drinking coffee, maintaining him awake in the most unfortunate of times.
  • Sleeping record: 3 1/2 weeks.
  • Often calm.

Fooey's Theme[edit]


Gender Female
Interests Sports, poetry.


Gah! Watch out! This tough girl is easy to anger and boy are you in for a world of hurt if you manage to enrage her. She quickly resorts to violence, but deep inside there is a caring penguin. Really deep inside. She excels at sports and at fighting, preferring to use her bare flippers to attack. You'll be fine, as long and she woke up on the right side of the bed, avoid her at all costs or do what she says. She is in a constant rivalry with Cooly, proving him that she is cooler than him. And she is. Oh, and just a bit of advice: NEVER BRAG WHEN YOU BEAT HER AT ANYTHING. Just don't say I warned you.


  • Often seen as a bully.
  • Her hobby is poetry. Please don't tell her I said that.
  • Overly protective of her siblings.
  • Mainly uses melee attacks.

Foddy's Theme[edit]


Gender Male
Interests Peace, quiet, chili.


Foopy is the shyest member of the Flipplings and the most sentimental. The slightest bruise or the corniest sad story can get him into tears. He, however, is a nice guy. He loves nature and all of that stuff, but won't stop him from being a crybaby. To calm him down, make him eat something spicy or sing a lullaby. He also has a hidden talent for video games, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Water is his favorite element. I wonder why? He somehow became close friends to Justa Normalpenguin, despite Just a being basically a background character that was just ascended to an allegedly important role.


  • Drinks a lot of water.
  • He doesn't like school.
  • Easily calmed down by a special lullaby that is made of 8 melodies.
  • Likes to eat spicy food.
  • Number of secrets: infinity

Foopy's Theme[edit]


Gender Female
Interests Books, standardized tests, technology.

"I told 'cha so!"

Oh look, the single Flipping capable of academic achievement! Folly's no genius, but her combination of academic knowledge and street smarts makes this bookworm surprisingly smart, specially once you consider who are her siblings. She thinks slightly more rationally than her siblings and is often able to explain the logic of their weird physics-defying plans. She is, however, quite boastful and likes to taunt others when they fail. She is, however, open on religious beliefs, having knowledge of most things sciencey, magical AND spiritual, which made her an unfortunately close friend to Sci, Mag and Spi.


  • Is a bookworm.
  • Has more than once proven her siblings' stupid nonsensical plans into action with success.
  • Slightly pyromanical.
  • Especially excels at academics.

Folly's Theme[edit]


Gender Male
Interests Order, schedules.

"I don't think this is a good idea."

The Flipping with the most common sense. Foomy is a magnet of bad luck and he has almost no initiative to do anything. At all. He is able to learn and memorize routine, which his siblings most never follow. He is a bit too nervous about life, thinking about "consequences to actions" and that "this could probably kill them" or "don't do that to that bush", but who cares? He often enjoys the same things as his family, but the end result possibilities always unsettle him. He admires Blumerdoofy's and WaddyRed's coordination, a balance of which he strives for. As a side note, has a trademark "Mundane Attack" which can remove randomness, but it almost always fails, unless it is really really crucial or is just a video game ability.


  • Often blamed for his sibling's misadventures.
  • Very punctual.
  • Often panics and faints.
  • Only goes into adventures with his siblings by being... persuaded by Foddy.

Foomy's Theme[edit]


Gender Female
Interests Herself, fashion, mirrors, herself, herself, herself. Did I mention herself?

"Does this dress make me look fat?"

Take a fashionable woman's stereotypes and try to put the all in a single character. That'd probably be much like Fobby. Arrogant and vain, Fobby loves being praised and enjoys compliments in any form. Her sassy atittude makes her very bad at tolerating criticisms, though. That's just how she is. She dreams of being a fashion designer later in life (though her timeline is already pretty convoluted), much to the annoyance of Rosie, whom Fobby often dresses up in outrageous new outfits, mostly due to her oddly natural hai hair. Hunter always laughs at this. She has tried many, many different styles on herself over the years, but always seems to return to her basic purple and white propellor cap. She owns an oversized scissor (not pair of scissors, though).


  • NEVER mess up her feathers.
  • Always has a mirror handy.
  • Is ignorant of other penguin's hatred for her.
  • Has noticed once or twice that she and her family do not wear any clothes besides hats.

Fobby's Theme[edit]

General Information[edit]


The Flipplings are usually spotted going on random adventures which may or may not endanger their lives or lives of nearby creatures, though they always mean well. As very comical and cartoony characters they are often doing things that defy the laws of physics and probability. They can quickly get bored of one plan and move to the next. They often lend a helping flipper to their friends, though they tend to quite easily mess up whatever they try to do. Worst of all, they somehow always have the materials they need to put their comically stupid plans into action, wether it be dynamite, driving licenses or mysterious prototype gadgets, while hilarity ensues. The only Flippling that has any common sense is Foomy, but he always has failed to stop his brothers and sisters.

The Flipplings are often found fooling around Tutupie City, being on an iceberg in a convenient location or attending Tutupie Elementary, though they have been spotted all throught Antarctica, plus a few other dimensions and a Multiverse universe or two.


Much like Fooly himself, the Flipplings were born on April 1st 5013, with mere seconds of difference. They lived peacefully until they were 12 years old, when Fooly was sent on a trip to the past fix the Fourth Wall on April 1st 2013 when it was most needed, as predicted by some guys for some reason. However, they had not predicted that Fooly himself would be the cause of the Fourth Wall's destruction. This prompted the smartest of the Flipplings, Folly, to be sent a few seconds later, arriving during the events of Fooly's Adventure. She also helped on the discovery of the Sea Cheese Sea. Soon after, the rest of the Flipplings also arrived at the scene.

Tutupie City[edit]

Due to the high amount of time travel shenanigans, the fabric of time and space began to tear apart. However, this was all fixed by... well... I don't know. Magic?

However, the aftermath of the broken fabric of time and space created what is now known as Tutupie City. This mysterious place is anywhere, anytime, everywhere and everytime. The city is highly unstable and is often used as a hub of sorts to access various areas in Specials. However, it is only the Flipplings who can "control" this place, though they never do so quite well and may end up scarring visitor's minds in accident.


"I'll bring you back to the side of justice!"

Foggy, the eighth Flippling, is not actually one of the septuplets, thus she is not considered one of the true Flipplings. She is very determined, attempting to achieve acceptance and friendship from everyone. Foggy was born 5 years after the Flipplings' departure. Always being told about her siblings' achievements, she began to admire the Flipplings, considering them who she wants to be. Training for years, she decided to go find her siblings in the past to be included in. Her inexperience with machines made the E.G.G. land later than expected. Feeling desperate for acceptance, instead of going directly to the Flipplings, she had to find someone who knew them well to mentor her on how to act and how to be accepted by the Flipplings, not realizing that they would really just dangerously accept anyone easily.

And wouldn't you know it, she chose Foolx as her mentor.

Not fully realizing the concept of X-Antibodies, Foggy never actually realized how evil Foolx really was. Foolx, however, happy to get another admirer who would actually say that he was the best, was happy to help Foggy. Foolx, however, was badmouthing his eternal rival Fooly. His ideas on how to approach him were for attacking strategies. His personality lessons only covered their bad sides. To be honest, Foolx never actually realized this. That's right, he wasn't creating a villain on purpose.

Foggy soon decided that the stories of the Flipplings that they talked about in the future were all but myths. Her brothers and sisters were really bad penguins? Sure enough, seeing them closer herself, she saw a lot of negative aspects in them. She always wanted to believe they were good penguin, yet their calamity-inducing antics pointed otherwise.

Thus is when Foggy decided to bring her siblings to "good". Violently.

She deeply still admires her siblings, believing that they put everything aside for evil. So she'll battle them 'till their "old selves" return. But, they always have been their "old selves", what is she expecting for them to become?


As septuplets, the Flipplings are very similar in terms of appearance. They are all small, green and wear a propellor cap of white and their favourite color. Of course, as explained above, their personalities are everything but similar. There's a cheerful one, a sleepy one, an angry one, a crybaby one, a brainy one, a responsible one and a sassy one. They often use their uncannily similar looks to trick and confuse penguins. However, there are a few ways to distinguish each Flipplings.

  • Each female Flipplings has a single eyelash, while male Flipplings don't.
  • Fooly will often break or stare at the fourth wall. He sometimes wears a battle belt, with his Whackhammer strapped on his back. His goofy smile is hard to miss.
  • Fooey will either be asleep or have semi-closed eyelids. He will occasionally produce sleep bubbles, even while awake. During breakfast, lunch or dinner times, he'll be probably munching on something.
  • Foddy has prominent eyebrows which her siblings do not have. When provoked, a anime-esque nerve will turn bright red or her eyes will begin to burn in rage.
  • Foopy almost always has a tear in his eye or looks very depressed. Frowns constantly or blushes.
  • Folly is slightly smaller than the rest of the Flipplings. She often looks lost in thought. A book will identify her easily.
  • Foomy has a nervous look on his face. Prone to sweating and fainting. Is a green penguin keeps looking at a clock, you can tell its him. He always takes notes!
  • Fobby will sometimes wear something other than her cap, usually other forms of headgear. Lipstick, blush and sparkles can be often recognized. If you compliment her, you will get an overly positive reaction.

The Propellor Cap Trio[edit]

The Propellor Cap Trio

Fooly, Folly and Fuzzle make up a smaller group, known as the Propellor Cap Trio. They perform similar antics, but don't have their five siblings with them for the ride.

Often starring the "Fooly's Adventure" series, the Trio have a more solid timeline to their events, as opposed to the weird stories such as 12 takes or Simple.



  • The government has tried various times to settle them in a school for the safety of Club Penguin, though this always fails due to loopholes that Folly finds.
    • The latest and most successful attempt has been enrolling them in Tutupie Elementary. They currently attend this school, but still cause the same amount, if not more, chaos.
  • For some reason they are drawn in a different art style than other penguins.
    • The art style they use has also been found in the PAPER FANON series.
  • They have messed with time and space more than a few times.
  • No matter how many years pass, they stay as 12 year olds (in penguin years). They claim that this is due to time travel side effects.
  • They are an enigma to many.
  • They seamlessly appear to move through time and space when in Tutupie City.
  • When the Flipplings appear in videogames, they always have prominent role, but are almost never playable themselves.
  • There are rumors of a Flippling with a black cap and another one with a white cap, but who can ever tell of it's true?