For Great Justice

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For Great Justice
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Background information
Participants Wikia Universe Network
Date March 30th 2009--August 8, 2020
Location Antarctica, Wikia

The For Great Justice Saga lasted more than 10 years and is remembered as the greatest struggle of evil in Antarctican history. Basically it consisted of four stories in which Antarctica's Protectors, along with others, fought to protect their universe, and in the end the Holy Wikia. It also centers on the life, death and legacy of one individual.

The Events[edit]

The Saga consists of four events:

This started when Darktan confronted the Good Guys at PBJT Valley. Little did he know that Nightmare was watching....
Nightmare and her X-Antibodies set the stage for the rebirth of Antarctica. Having recruited the chimera Lizlord, Darktan's former second in command Metal Explorer, the master thief IcE, and the mysterious Zone as her top minions, it's up to the side of good to put a stop to the genocide.
A website,, began selling superpowers to penguins online. Mayor McFlapp and the rest of the Masters went to put a stop to it, and sent a team of penguins to confront the ones with superpowers. However, even after becoming stronger than they ever have before, can the penguins put a stop to whoever is behind
Many years have passed, and an absolutely enormous army have scattered themselves across the Wikia Multiverse, under the command of Kwiksilver's Anti-Club Penguin Wiki counter part Virus. Their goal is simple; get the key to the Holy Wikia and destroy the multiverse! The Master's of the universe won't have it though, and have sent Kwiksilver, Willy the Penguin, Explorer 767, Tails6000, Ninjinian, Speeddasher and Star Kirby12 to the various universes within the Wikia Multiverse to put an end to the insanity.


This will be filled in later.

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