Force Star

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Force Star
Prototype design of the star
Type Medal
Effects Making you feel proud and awesome! (If you're an agent, that is.)
Source Classified
Location EPF High-Ranking agents
Cost to buy Given by EPF Generals or Director
Cost to sell Unsellable

The Elite Penguin Force Star, more commonly known as the Force Star or The Big Star is one of the highest awards an agent of the EPF can receive.


When the PSA was still a young agency, the Director decided to make an award for an agent for "acts of heroism and protecting the homeland in the process of being killed in the line of duty" after witnessing an agent die saving a little girl in the 2007 Club Penguin Avalanche. So she made the Agency Star, later renamed the "Force Star". Later, the reason of receiving the award was changed for "acts of heroism and selflessness".

Known Receivers of The Force Star[edit]



  • Before, this was golden and had the signature fish on the center.
  • This is the parody of the CIA Intelligence Star.

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