Ford1 Pie

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Ford1 Pie
Title Ford1: Elite Agent
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction ?
Health Good
Status Agent in the EPF.
Location Hontana
Birth date January 7, 1980 (1980-01-07) (age 39)
Occupation Agent
Interests Code, Spies
Friends The Pie Family, Gary, Billybob
Enemies Bugzy, UPM,
Archetype Good Guy

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Not to be confused with Ford Car.

Ford1 Pie is the cousin of Feey1, and was born in 1980. He was born two minutes after his cousin, surprisingly.


Chick Years[edit]

Ford1 Pie hatched in 1980, two minutes after his cousin: Feey1. He was very interested in secret agencies, and spies. He would sometimes practice his sneaking skills, and would attack others. He became very quiet, and was hard to hear. Sometimes he could be waddling down a hallway, and if you were standing in front of him you wouldn't hear him. His parents saw that he had a real skill, and had him sign up for 'Agent Clubs'. Strangely enough Ford was too advanced for those clubs, and almost seemed to be teaching them. He learned codes, secret inks, and more. He became very shy however, and avoided a lot of people. He was very popular in school, but didn't hang out with anyone. He would stand on the side lines, and just watch everyone do their thing.

Teenage Years[edit]

Ford1 became even darker, and lonelier in the world. Many considered him anti-social, because he didn't hang out with anyone. His parents took him to a psychiatrist, to get him more social. He remained dark, and sky though. The psychiatrist he was a hopeless cause, and would always be anti-social. Ford's shyness ruined many things about his life, too. He couldn't get a job, because he wouldn't talk to customers. He couldn't do much, and didn't do much. Soon he didn't talk to anyone, not even his parents! His parents wanted to find out what was wrong with him, so they had a talk with him. He finally spoke up, and said that he was sad and scared. All this time he was scared of the world, and everyone in it. His parent's cured him by just showing him that the world was nice. He was no longer anti-social, and got his life back on track.

Adult Years[edit]

Ford1 join a top secret agency in 2002, after taking a test. He never told anyone about the agency, or his job. He had a great job in the un-named agency, and made a great living. He received many medals, and shot through the ranks quick. In 2004 he had to help the fourth generation of The Three Pieteers, even after being treated crudely by them. During the mission he revealed that he had been working with a top secret agency, and that is how he was rich. His cousins, and him started to get along better. Ford1 quit the agency, for love. He went out and found love. He married a girl named: Marry Tops. The two married, and had two chicks. Ford1is now living a happy life in Hontana, working for the Hontanan Elite Penguin Force.


Ford1 is shy, but a very curios penguin. He's really sneaky, and waddled up behind someone without them hearing. His special sneaking skill is what got him in the un-named agency he worked for. He's very quiet, and doesn't like to socialize. He's almost like a lonely wolf, that runs around the outside of the pack.



  • He has been assigned on missions to stop Bugzy, but has never seen Bugzy in person.
  • He is not afraid of heights, but is afraid of tight spaces.
  • He's allergic to onions. When near them, his face turns red, and his skin puffs up.

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