Ford Car and Link: Chronicles

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Ford Car and Link: Chronicles
Inspiration(s) Ford Car and Link
Ford Car and Link
Developer Everlaunchers Penguinsoft Entertainment
Publisher Everlaunchers
Release dates
Release in the USA
Late 2011
Release in the UTR
Late 2011
Release in Dorkugal
Late 2011
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Late 2011
Additional info
Genre Action adventure game
Role Playing Game
Stealth game
Units sold 62 million (by May 2012)
Platform Everlaunchers IceyGamer
Rating 10 +
Ford Car and Link 2 Ford Car and Link Iceboy

Ford Car and Link: Chronicles, is an announced video game, currently being developed by Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment. It's genre is a combination of action-adventure Rather then focusing on an individual plot, this is more based on the plot line of the Ford Car and Link on television. It is scheduled to be released in late 2011. Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment has announced this will be the last game for the seventh generation model of games consoles. However it will be constantly be updated through online downloads and expansion packs.

A major controversy is that future games for other generations of games consoles will follow the Ford Car and Link: Chronicles model of an action-adventure, role-playing and stealth game. Another is that it will be Everlauncher IceyGamer exclusive, despite many fans of the Ford Car and Link video game series favoring the Snowtendo Vii. Everlauncher hasn't commented on the latter, however announced that the Ford Car and Link: Chronicles 'will change the future of this popular series'.


The plot will largely be based on the Penguin TV program Ford Car and Link although there are minor changes. These minor changes will be mostly character based with some characters being removed and some characters being added. The ones to be scrapped have not been announced but it's confirmed that Newman, Linky and Frank Chevrolet will be added.

DLCs will have major role for the game. The game is to be divided into 'chapters' which will be released on the Everlaunch Fresh Downloader. Each chapter will be based on each series of the Ford Car and Link series, plus some unique, exclusive chapters.

Chapter One: Project Link[edit]

This will be based on Ford Car and Link's series one, Project Link itself and some unique content made by Everlaunchers Penguinsoft Entertainment.

The game starts with a tutorial as Link in about January 2008; before the time of Project Link. Link, a member of the Fiendish Five, is asked by the Underground PWN Mafia to rescue fellow Fiendish Five member King Snowkinian, who was arrested by the police. He is sent to an unnamed city (referred to as Urbanscape in the multiplayer map version) to rescue him. The game teaches the basic controls through several objectives and on how to control Link. Afterwards, Link is told to hijack a car to intercept a police convoy which the UPM believes King Snowkinian to be in. Link finds King Snowkinian, who is unharmed by the event, despite Link ramming the police car he was in. Link is then pursued by police officers who ram the car into a ditch. Link and Snowkinian waddle into a near by forest and are pursued by police officers. Link and King Snowkinian hide from the police and meet up with other members of the Fiendish Five and several UPM gangsters. Bugzy, the leader of the Fiendish Five, tells Link that the police had found them. Bugzy orders Link, King Snowkinian and GANGSTA G to draw attention away from the main gang. Link and GANGSTA G do this by moving out into the open. The police find them. GANGSTA G and Link defend their position from the police and are able to evade capture. They leave the city in a taxi and meet up with Bugzy. After that, Link annouces that he would be quitting the UPM and wished to make his own life. Bugzy, depite his sadness, let's him go. A car arrives, with Newman driving and Linky in the boot. Link enters it and drives off.

The game move onto Ford Car's perspective. This revolves on a mission in Club Penguin, a few days after Link rescued King Snowkinian involving Metal Explorer, Str00del Force and MicroChip123, who have teamed up together to flood the island with syrup. Ford Car is briefed by Gary. While on the mission, Gary orders him test a prototype version of the Spy Gadget, which would be used by future EPF agents (something Ford Car isn't aware of). After being taught it's features, Ford Car sets out to capture MicroChip123. As he leaves the Sports Shop, MicroChip123 walks in. Ford Car grabs his Snowball Gun given to him by G and shoots MicroChip, however it's revealed to be a poorly made robotic copy of MicroChip123, called MicroChip0. Ford Car is attacked by several more MicroChip0s, revealing MicroChip123 created more. Ford Car hacks into one of the fallen MicroChip0 and is able to track MicroChip123 to the Ski Mountain. MicroChip123, using his Penguin Storm, teleports him and Ford Car to the Box Dimension. Ford Car must use the Spy Gadget's feature to defeat MicroChip123 and he does so. MicroChip123 is taken to HQ and G throws him into an holding cell. Just then, a call from Frank Chevrolet comes in about Metal Explorer attempting to flee on an Hydro Hopper speedboat. Against orders, Ford Car goes into pursuit with Frank on jetskis however Metal Explorer is able to defeat them. Ford Car wakes up in hospital and is debriefed by Gary there. Ford Car is told about the Link incident in the unnamed city but he dismisses it. Ford Car is also suspended for not following order, until further notice.

Nine months later, G goes to Ford Car's house announcing that Ford Car shall return to the PSA for Project Link, a project to capture Link. Ford Car is teleported to headquarters and the Director of the PSA briefs him. The perspective goes to Linky, a ninja puffle. Linky is being trained by Link (this acts as a tutorial's for Linky's unique attacks) in an isolated igloo in the Antarctica Peninsula countryside when suddenly, Ford Car and his fellow agents storm Link's igloo and arrests him. Link is taken to Ban Island for questioning. Linky teams up with Newman to rescue him. The two go to Ban Island. After talking to several exiled penguins there, they find out that the PSA have created a secret base on the island. Linky infiltrates the base and finds Link locked up. Linky and Link escape on a powerboat hijacked by Newman without the PSA aware.

Ford Car discovers that Link escaped. He decides to go rogue for a while to try and catch Link. To strengthen his chances, he meets up with Speeddasher, Tails6000 and Blizzard on Angel Island, in order to gain their support. There, Doctor Aye-Que is building up a robotic army to terrorise the island and turn the Red Puffles into zombie puffles to take over Antarctica. The four infiltrate Aye-Ques airship and rescue all the Red Puffles trapped there. Aye-Que, in his rage, attacks the whole island. Ford Car is able to fight back the robots and defeat Aye-Que in a mecha. Aye-Que flees, telling Ford Car that he'll be back. While Tails6000, along with Willy the Penguin and Fake Tails6000 chases Aye-Que, Speeddasher and Blizzard agree to aid Ford Car.

The perspective changes to Newman driving the powerboat inside Geek waters. Newman, Link and Linky hopes to hide in there by evading patrols from the Geece Navy. However Newman is caught, leaving Link and Linky alone. The perspective either changes to Link or Linky's, based on the player's decision. This gains attention from Geek Squad who send agents there to arrest him. Link and Linky realise this is no place to be. They escape to Sparka by sneaking on a flight. Link realises that he's made a mistake as the Sparkans are loyal to the Dorkugese. The Sparkans hand over the two to Geek Squad but Link and Linky fight their way out. They jailbreak Newman out of prison and decide to hide in the Pengolian Mountains.

Ford Car, Speeddasher and Blizzard meanwhile discover that PogoPunk knows a bit about Link's current location. However PogoPunk refuses to give in and Speeddasher must fight PogoPunk for the information. PogoPunk admits Link fled to Pengolia. The three travel to Pengolia but are instantly stopped by Pengolian guards. They battle Ford Car, Speeddasher and Blizzard through the border. They head to Penghis Khan's palace. Ford Car tries to reason with Penghis Khan but Penghis Khan captures Ford Car and Speeddasher. Blizzard evades capture and fights Penghis Khan and frees Ford Car and Speeddasher. Penghis Khan realises the 'PWNSOMENESS OF BLIZZARD' and Penghis gives full support to the trio. Penghis Khan, his servents and the trio set off to capture Link, who is hiding with Linky and Newman in the mountains. When they arrive, they discover that both Str00del Force and the Underground PWN Mafia are aiding Link. Link is then seen on a skimobile with Linky while Newman is flying away on a jetpack. The gangsters and Str00dels are being lead by Ernie, a Dark Penguin with his own goal. Ford Car is ordered to arrest Ernie and the gangsters. He does this after a boss fight with him.

Link, Linky and Newman flee to Freezeland without a trace. Bored, they decide to cause mayhem. In Frostborough, they vandalise Triskelle's palace with the words LINK and 1994 all over, then actually do proper vandalism (breaking chairs etc). To do this they fight through guards. Triskelle then arrives and Link fights him. Trisk is defeated and Link, Linky and Newman leave. Just as they were about to exit, Pen Pen Guin, Triskelle's ambassador to the USA arrives. Link picks him up and throw him in a sack of orange goo and kidnaps him. He threatens to DELETE Pen Pen Guin if he wasn't allowed a safe passage outside Frostborough and/or were turned over to Geek Squad, Pengolia or the PSA. They then go to West Yeti Harbour and sink all the boats there for a laugh. Afterwards, they sneaked into a High Penguin Remnant Army camp and stole several important relics. The PSA began to notice and send Ford Car, Speeddasher and Blizzard to Freezeland.

Ford Car goes to Frostborough to question Triskelle and other witnesses. As he drives through town, he is attacked by UPM gangsters. Eventually he is forced to leave and must fight his way through to Triskelle with the help of the Frostborough Police Department. Meanwhile, Blizzard heads to West Yeti where he meets the same problem. The two are able to reach the witnesses and gain enough infomation. After a wild goose chase through the countryside, fighting hordes of enemies from Link's allies to non-affiliated. They finally track Link down to Ard Mhacha. There, he has Pen Pen Guin and Ford Car's brother, Dancing Penguin under lock and key. Ford Car plays Card-Jitsu with Link to decide Link's fate but Link cheats and knocks out both Link and Blizzard. This leaves Speeddasher to fight Link, Linky and Newman. Speeddasher wins and arrests the three. The police and ambulance then arrives to arrest the criminals, take Blizzard, Dancing Penguin, Pen Pen Guin and Ford Car to hospital for treatment.

Link is sentenced to community service, Newman is handed over to Dorkugal and sentenced to life imprisonment and finally, Linky is sent to live with The Kernel. Meanwhile, Speeddasher and Blizzard announce that they'll be leaving to help Tails6000 in his quest to defeat Doctor Aye-Que. Ford Car is awarded 5,000,000 F by G and runs for presidency of Club Penguin City. However secretly Darktan has been preparing an army to invade the whole of Antarctica. Link community service is cancelled and legal ownership of Linky returned to Link again. Ford Car, Link and Linky prepared to visit the Darktonian Realm...

The trio fight through Darktonian minions to stop Darktan from invading. Link, Linky and Ford Car are met by Robo-Gary, WitchyPenguin and Herbert Horror, respectively, in boss fights, before reaching Darktan. They meet Darktan, who has captured Speeddasher and Blizzard and fed them some Doom Weed. They are also possessed by Headcrab. Suddenly, a Headcrab jumps onto Ford Car and he's possessed too. Link, knowing Ford Car, tries to challenge Ford Car to a game of Card-Jitsu, one of Ford Car's favourite games. Ford Car refuses and knocks out Link. Linky is left alone to fight the evil versions of his captors. He defeats them and awakes Link. He tells Link that Darktan must be fought. Link tells Linky to look after Speed, Ford and Blizzard. Link storms the throne room, defeats the guards and then defeats Darktan after a long and hard battle. He holds the Shadow Amulet in the air to celebrates.

The game ends with several cutscenes; Link has his name removed of the criminal record, handing the Shadow Amulet to G and is declared a 'citizen equal to anyone else'; Ford Car is making a speech in Club Penguin City to the citizens about improving the environment. Dancing Penguin is watching; Speeddasher is seen fighting Aye-Que's robots; Blizzard and Linky are playing Card-Jitsu together; Newman and Ernie are escaping from prison; Darktan is seen waking up and realises that half of his army was defeated by Ford Car and Link. The final has Ford Car and Link walking into the Night Club, high fiving and dancing together. They declare themselves best friends. The credits then run.

Chapter 2: Great Darktonian Pie War[edit]


These are the confirmed characters for Ford Car and Link: Chronicles. It has been confirmed that Ford Car and Link will be both playable. The other characters haven't been announced.



Chapter One features four different multiplayer modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Ford Car and Link. Deathmatch is a free-for-all match based on the most penguins shot. In Team Deatchmatch, players are divided into teams of a maximum of 32 each. In Capture the Flag, a flag is placed in the middle of the map and must be retrieved by a team and taken to their base for the team to win. Ford Car and Link is a game mode which is the same as Team Deatchmatch, however the team supporting Project Fordy on the map has Ford Car and the team supporting Link has Link on it. The objective is for Ford Car to capture and arrest Link; Link on the other hand must reach an area and wait there for a minute. Link and Ford Car each have their own advantages; Ford Car has more gadgets while Link is physically tougher (his attacks are stronger, he can take a lot of damage etc). If the Ford Car or Link runs out of health, then that team looses the game so Ford Car and Link must be protected.


These are the maps for the game:

  • Urbanscape - a map based on Link's tutorial level. It is an urban environment and features more close combat. Teams: Underground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Police (Ford Car)
  • New Forest - a map based on Link's tutorial level. There is a small strip of road but it's mostly a forest. It relies more on stealth as it's a dark map. Teams: Undeground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Urbanscape Police (Ford Car)
  • Ski Village - the Ski Village of Traditional Club Penguin servers. Includes PSA headquarters. Teams: Str00del Force (Link) vs. Penguin Secret Agency (Ford Car).
  • Boxy Battlefront - the Box Dimension. Teams: Str00del Force (Link) vs. Penguin Secret Agency (Ford Car)
  • White Point- the Dock of Traditional Club Penguin servers. Beach and Lighthouse is included too, as is the Migrator. Teams: Str00del Force vs. Penguin Secret Agency (Ford Car)
  • Ban Island - a map of Ban Island with the PSA headquarters. Teams: Link Division (Link) vs. Project Fordy (Ford Car)
  • Airport - a map of Afens International Airport. Teams: Link Division (Link) vs. Geek Squad (Ford Car)
  • THIS IS SPARKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - a map of Sparka. Teams: Link Division (Link) vs. Geek Squad (Ford Car)
  • Aye-Que's Invasion - a map of Angel Island and Aye-Que's airship. Teams: Aye-Que's Robotic Army (Link) vs. Angel Island (Ford Car)
  • Pengolian Mountains - a map of Pengolia's mountains. Teams: Underground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Pengolia (Ford Car)
  • Triskelle's Home - a map of Frostborough. Teams: Underground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Police (Ford Car)
  • Port Freezeland - a map of West Yeti. Teams: Underground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Police (Ford Car)
  • Mammoth - a map of the Mammoth Mountains. Teams: Underground PWN Mafia (Link) vs. Bounders (Ford Car)
  • Waffle Road - a map of a road coincidently called Waffle Road (this attracted the str00dels). Teams: Str00del Force (Link) vs. Bounders (Ford Car)
  • Bandit Highway - an abandoned motorway, full of cars. Teams: Bandits (Link) vs. Bounders (Ford Car)
  • Camp High Penguin - the High Penguin Remnant Army camp. Teams: Link Division (Link) vs. High Penguis (Ford Car)
  • Ard Mhacha - the city of Ard Mhacha. Teams: Link Division (Link) vs. High Penguins (Ford Car)


Reception was mostly positive. Booyah Reviews Magazine gave it a 9/10, saying that the storyline was awesome and challenging, the changing of character perspective really was interesting and it was long and hard to complete and took severals goes to complete. The cutscenes were also a winner. They also enjoyed the mutltiplayer, though criticised it for it's poor game modes. Penguin Standard TIME gave it a 10/10 for similar reasons; the sound track was the main appealer to them though. Everlauncher Fresh Reviews gave it it's lowest review of 8.6/10; they claimed that it didn't use the Everlauncher IceyGamer's excellent multiplayer fully, however loved the soundtrack and what Booyah Reviews Magazine said.

Market implications[edit]

The game sold it on its first day, with fans itching to buy it. It sold more copies then the Super Antics series in it's first six months in the same timespace. Almost anyone who had an Everlauncher IceyGamer had this game.


  • 17th December 2010: Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment anounces an iceOS version of Ford Car and Link: Chronicles.