Ford the Walrus

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"I has many cellular"
Title Good Ol' Ford
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Status Healthy, somewhere in the Walrus Crime Ring...
Location Who the heck should I know, Ford knows!
Birth date October 13th, 1987, Age 31
Occupation Officer of WCR
Employer WCR Officer, again
Eye color Bulging red
Catchphrase I has a cellular
Interests Cellulars
Fears Getting cut in half
Jail time accumulated Spent four months in Owcatraz
Times arrested In 2016
Member of Of the Walrus Crime Ring

Ford the Walrus

Ford's car, also known as the Ice-Split.
Born Ford Gaben Tuskens
October 13th, 1987, South Pole City, Eastshield
PASCAR Peach Cup Series career
Car no., team AirTerra
Best finish 24th (2016)
First race 2015 GoodyMart 500 (Pengstol Motor Speedway)
First win 2016 Snowcono 400, (Shops Island Speedway)
Wins Top tens Poles
5 3 1

Ford the Walrus is a dumb yet smart walrus who is one of technicians in the Walrus Crime Ring, and likes cellular, dubbing him, Cellular Walrus. He is dumb, due to the fact he was dropped as a baby.


Ford was born on October 13th, 1987, to Gina and Gaben Tuskens, And his real name Is Ford Gaben Tuskens. he was dropped on his head when he was 2 years old. He has acted dumb through his school years, labeled as a special-needs student and the other kids were scared of him, since he was a walrus. Many big students named him "One eyed Mike". As he grew into high school years, he had a passion of rock and roll music and often get students in trouble and blaming other students as a way for revenge when he was more smaller, back then in elementary and middle school years.

As he grew older, he discovered cellulars. he was so interested in them that he threaten penguins with them so he can have them.

He is good friends with Walrus7, and also inspired him to be a PASCAR driver.


He is an officer in the Walrus Crime Ring

He is also secretly part of the MMK.



  • He needs more cellulars.