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A cartoon about Yow being split up by its enemies. Presented is former Shopper president Bro along with former USA president Billybob, Sancho Monte Captio of Polaris, Kaiser Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland, King Carlos Goberna of Castilla, and Feey1 Pie of the Yow Kingdom, 2012.

Shops Island holds formal and/or informal diplomatic relations with almost every country in Antarctica.


  • Red - Terrible
  • Orange - Bad
  • Gold - Fair
  • Yellow Green - Good
  • Green - Excellent
  • Gray - No relations/interactions

Antarctic Mainland[edit]

East Pengolia[edit]

Shops and East Pengolia have absolutely horrible relations with each other. They've been involved in multiple wars with each other, and this has caused their relationship to completely melt down. Shops has nuclear missiles in Frosian so it can launch a strike at Pengolia whenever convenient.


Shops Island and Freezeland have informal diplomatic relations, but do not have embassies to each other. Shops is represented by a consulate in Polaris SAD, and Freezeland is represented by a consulate in the USA. They do not actively engage in trade. The two nations neither call each other allies nor enemies.

Polaris SAD[edit]

Shops holds a productive relation with Polaris. The two powerful nations engage in extremely heavy trade, with over 3 billion WB$ worth of products traded every day. They have two embassies to each other. They have also signed mutual defense treaties with each other. Their relations were a bit soured, however, during the GSWVI when the Polarians were forced into siding with the Snoss. Also, Lavender opposes their corruption, saying it could lead to possible communism.

United States of Antarctica[edit]

Shops and the USA have a productive alliance, and actively engage in trade and political talks. Shops is the closest nation, economically and diplomatically, to the USA.



Lavender negotiates Amataria's withdrawal from the Western Union alongside Amigopen and his chief staff personnel, February 2019.

Shops Island and Amataria are on good terms, largely due to the close proximity of the two countries to each other. In 2013, Shops Island and Amataria teamed up to conquer Flystonia, although both countries relinquished these territorial claims in 2015. Relations soured slightly in 2014 after Amataria joined the the Western Union. When they withdrew their membership in 2019, President Lavender was one of the key backers of Amataria. At the same time, Amataria joined the Axle Minor collective, further strengthening relations. In spite of close political ties, however, trade is minimal between the two countries due to the lack of compatible markets.


Shops Island and the Finipines maintain stable relations. They commonly trade, and Shops exports many industrial goods such as steel to them. There has been some mistrust, however, since the Finipines hate Castilla. On the contrary, Castilla is one of Shops' greatest allies.

Gensou Island[edit]

The two nations never talk, and have no formal diplomatic relations. Shops doesn't recognize Gensou's sovereignty, and states that it's still, in its entirety, part of Japaland.


Shops and Hindonesie generally don't communicate. Shopper-Hindonesiean relations are carried out through Shops' embassy in Batavia.


Japaland and Shops Island used to not talk often. But, as Shops grew more hostile to Zhou, they have began communicating more and becoming warmer with each other. Since then, the two countries have experienced a trade boom and now export many commodities to each other.

North Joseon[edit]

North Joseon is extremely bitter to Shops, just like the other communist nations of Antarctica. Shops supports international sanctions against the DPRJ, just like most other democratic countries. Shops, however, tends to take North Joseonean rhetoric too seriously.

South Joseon[edit]

Unlike the North, relations between South Joseon and Shops Island are warm. South Joseon exports electronics to Shops, and Shops exports industrial materials back. Shops Island was one of the first countries to recognize South Joseon.


Shopper-Zhouese relations were well-known to be bitter, but are improving rapidly after the Frosian War. Shops is one of the only powerful nations that hasn't moved its manufacturing business to Zhou, and the two giant nations used compete for supremacy over the Asiapelago. Their government styles also constantly conflict with each other, although they have learned to set those differences aside. Moon Island often had to act as the mediator to keep tensions down when they were enemies. However, right before and during the GSWVI, their relations completely melted down. When Zhou disowned Puffalia for using nuclear weapons during the Frosian War, Shops was quick to jump on the opportunity and made peace with Zhou. Their relations are currently improving, and there is increased trade and diplomatic talks between the two nations. Shops Island now lets Zhouese vessels go through the Frosian Islands without tariffs.

Ninja Archipelago[edit]


Shops' relations was Batavia have been a bit strained ever since the latter attacked the Seal Islands during the GSWVI. Though they fought against each other in the war, relations have been steadily improving as trade is at an all-time high.


Lavender and King Carlos together, 2013.

Both nations have a short history of strong relations, helping each other out in numerous conflicts and situations ever since a strong alliance was first formed. Shops Island and Castilla have heavy trade between each other, and both share many characteristics: They are both Imperialist nations with a long line of colonies, both have great influence on the Antarctic stage, and both have extremely strong militaries. This history of cooperation has left many evident marks on both nations.


Though they used to not interact, Shops and Frankterre started harboring warm relations in the aftermath of the Great Yowien War; both nations benefited greatly from the war. Shops Island came to Frankterre's aid during the GSWVI. Over time, Frankterran culture has been assimilated into normal Shopper lifestyle.

German States[edit]

The German States and Shops Island have had a difficult relationship ever since formal relations were first made. Though generally ignored by the Snoss, Shops Island had a fair amount of trade with the German States before the latter invaded Buhu Isle in early 2013. Their relations soon warmed up with the dawn of the Great Yowien War, from which they experienced a period of mutual cooperation and friendship. But, with The Great Space Race of 2013 and the buildup to the GSWVI, their relations began breaking down. During the GSWVI, their relations completely broke down and both sides have had trouble reconciling ever since.

Johnfrum Island[edit]

Shops tends to ignore the hermit nation of Johnfrum Island. They do not have any formal relations, nor do they have any communication with one-another.


Shopper-Ligurian relations are stable. Liguria exports luxury drinks and food products to Shops Island, and receives raw industrial materials in return. Both nations have strong ties with Castilla.


Shops has a good relationship with Lisboagal. In early 2013, Shops Island was the unintentional trigger to a small diplomatic crisis between Castilla and Lisboagal.


Magyaria and Shops Island do not communicate very often. They share similar political views, and Shops credits Magyaria for being a shining example for other former communist nations.


Many Shopper bankers have funds in Mylou. Diplomatic relations between the two are handled by Shops' consulate in Marceil, and Mylese interests are handled via Frankterre's embassy in Shops City.


The Shoppers and Puffish have a mixed relationship, mainly dominated by their relations with other countries. Shops Island is weary of the fact that Swiss Ninja is the king of Puffle'and, but Shops also tries to have good diplomatic ties and trade with the Puffish. Shops has special relationships with Puffish colonies such as Calada and Austiceia.


Rusca and Shops Island do not trade very often, nor do they have the best diplomatic relations. Shops Island refuses the recognize the existence of Rusca's Krym region. Rusca's alliances with many communist nations has also lead to a souring of relations between the two countries.


Snowprus is a popular tourist destination for Shoppers. The two nations hardly have communication with each other mainly due to Snowprus' unsung neutrality on the Antarctic stage.



President Lavender and Acadian President Brant in a heated discussion in Lavender's office, March 2019.

Relations between Acadia and Shops Island have soured recently. They used to have an agreeable yet tense and sometimes antagonistic relationship, although this has changed. In the light of multiple penguin rights abuses committed by Brant's administration, on top of a growing political divide between him and Lavender, the Shopper President has made his intentions very clear to isolate Acadia as punishment for its insubordination. Lavender has even gone as far to decry Acadia as a 'fascist state' and a 'Snoss puppet'. Even though tensions are currently high, the president has stated that he would be willing to restore relations pending a "significant improvement" in penguin rights.


President Lavender is a big fan of the micro-nation of Achadia, led by his friend Hockey Manlet. Lavender is recognized as a "Cool Guy" by Achadia, and the Shopper government has even used the country's motto "Like Acadia, but BETTER!" in press releases regarding relations with Achadia.


Shops Island and Azukri don't interact very often, and there are no embassies or consulates between the two nations, owing largely due to Azukri being an isolationist nation for a long time. Trade is limited, but relations are still described as cordial between the two countries. Most diplomatic talks between Shops Island and Azukri are handled through Shops Island's embassy in Magonia.

Bar Crab City[edit]

Shopper-Bar Crabian relations were established after the Great Yowien War, when the Allies realized that they had forgotten about Bar Crab and had left it standing. Shops made them a valuable ally in the region. They helped the Bar Crabians join the UAN and the Shoppers have a colony in Bar Crabian waters.


Over the past few years, there has been mutual contempt between the citizens of Candvia and Shops Island. Before the Great Yowien War, the two countries were on good terms, but this goodwill ended with strong Candvian opposition to the war. Candvia accepted many refugees and Yowien loyalists after the war, much to Shopper discontent. Relations deteriorated further after Shops Island began posturing and threatening an invasion of Candvia due to its abundance of natural resources, and the Shoppers have recently taken many provocative actions against Candvia to create fear in the population.


Shops Island tends to laugh at the little nation of Caseusopolis, but they still get along well. Shops Island has pledged to provide military and economic assistance to Caseusopolis in the case that something goes wrong. Caseusopolis modeled their government off of Shops' Common Legislature. Cheeseland is a popular destination for those who live in Caseusopolis

Culldrome Isles[edit]

Shops Island and the Culldrome Isles are extremely close partners in diplomatic, military, and economic cooperation. Both are members of the Axle Powers. Shopper-Culldrome relations have always been warm - they first kicked off in May 2013 during the Great Yowien War, when Shops and Culldrome both fought alongside the great Antarctic powers. Their relations continued to improve over time, and reached a peak, which it is still at, in late 2013 with the formation of the Axle Powers. President Lavender considers the Culldrome Isles to be Shops Island's closest military ally, and one of Shops' top trading partners.


Shopper-Dorkuguese relations are poor mainly due to Shops' ties with Castilla and Lisboagal. Shops doesn't have many diplomatic talks with the Dorkuguese - Shops holds much looser and better relations with Dorkugal's colonies and protectorates than with Dorkugal itself.

Duck Island[edit]

Shops Island does not consider Duck Island to be a legitimate country, and as such does not have an embassy within Duck Island nor does it allow entrance to their diplomats. Shops Island refuses to trade with Duck Island "out of principle".

Ed Island[edit]

Shopper-Ed relations were rather quiet until 2013, after Snowiny had occupied Ed Island. Shops began to trade with the Eds much more under Snowinian rule, and both countries participated in the Fall of Nexon. Shops Island supported Ed Island's independence when they broke off from Snowiny, and Ed Island was then incorporated into the Axle Powers, which strengthened Shopper-Ed relations further. Both countries participated in the Frosian War, although Ed Island withdrew prematurely. Shops Island and Ed Island are currently strong allies, and their leaders are good friends.

Geek Empire[edit]

The Geek Empire is a Shopper tax haven, and many Shopper banks and businesses store their money in the Geek Empire. Both Shops Island and the Geek Empire are against Dorkugal, and they both cooperate in military exercises and foreign policy operations. The Geeks and Shoppers are on excellent terms.


Shops and Macrodonia have fair relations. Since they don't generally communicate often, and since Macradonia is a Dorkuguese protectorate, all Shopper-Macradonian relations are handled through Dorkugal.


Magonia and Shops Island are on very good terms, owing largely to emperor Slender's involvement in the Frosian War, where he served alongside ex-president Bro. Trade is plentiful between the two nations and relations are quite cordial. In the past, Lavender had tried to bring Magonia into the Axle Powers so that it couldn't get absorbed by the Western Union. However, this proposal was vetoed by Ed Island. Later on in 2019, Magonia became an Axle Minor member state under the sponsorship of Shops , Culldrome Isles and Munijoch, the most number of sponsors an Axle Minor member state has.


Shopper-Margatian relations are considered relatively good, with active trade between the two nations. However, Shops holds a grudge against the nation for the protection and harboring of the mafia state Nexon, and for being in the rival Western Union. Shops often likes to one-up and jockey around with Margate, just so the Margatians know who is in charge.


Shops Island and Maverick only have loose relations; Shops Island only acknowledges their existence because of Feey1 being held there. Shops Island publicly denounces Maverick's military government. Shopper bankers have many branches and vaults in Maverick as it's a banker's paradise and a tax haven.


Shopper-Munian relations are very strong. Although Shops Island used to speak against and ignore Munijoch under WhiteBlood, Shops Island and Munijoch have since become close allies. Both countries are in the Axle Powers, and both fought in the Frosian War. Shoppers still tend to look down on their Munian allies however, calling them weak and idealistic.

New Maverick[edit]

Although they rarely communicate, Shops Island and New Maverick are on good terms. Many Shopper bankers have assets in New Maverick, and Shops Island imports fruits from New Maverick, while they import industrial material from Shops Island.


The Shoppers find the Poshians annoying and obstructive. They only associate with Poshia because both countries have a distaste for Dorkugal.

Seal Islands[edit]

Lavender of Shops Island, Christina van Guilera of the Seal Islands, and Spike Hike of the USA at the first De Groot Conference, 2014.

Shops Island and the Seal Islands are close allies. They trade heavily, and their leaders are personal friends. Shops Island pledges to come to aid the Sealiens whenever needed. Their close proximity to each other make them strategic allies, and the Seal Islands' recent entry into the Axle Powers has served only to improve relations still.


Shops and Sparka have never established formal relations. However, since Sparka is a protectorate of Dorkugal, any Shopper-Sparkan relations are handled through the Dorkuguese.


Tropicalis is a hot-spot for Shopper tourists year-round due to its warm climate. Although little has been officially formed in the way of relations, those which do exist are friendly and productive.

Turtly (In exile)[edit]

Although they are both a member of SATO, Shops has never initiated communications with Turtly's government-in-exile, nor have they acknowledged Turtly's pleas for help in liberating their homeland.

United Penguin Islands[edit]

The UPI is friends with everyone, and Shops Island is no exception. The two nations don't trade nor communicate much, but they are on excellent terms. Many immigrants from the UPI live in Shops Island.

United Provinces[edit]

Simon McClark and Lavender meeting, 2015.

The United Provinces and Shops participate in many international events together, and have often fought alongside each other. They are major trading partners, and the UP is a main recipient of Shopper oil on the Trans-Antarctic Pipeline. The United Provinces and Shops get along despite being members of the rival Circular Powers and Axle Powers, respectively. Although they are close allies, the Shoppers often find the United Provinces and Snowinians to be primitive, foolish, and annoying, and a similar feeling is shared the other way round as the Snowinns often find the Shoppers to be pushy, aggressive and highly hypocritical.

The leaders of Shops Island and the United Provinces often conference, more frequently than any other countries do.

Many nations who are wary of Shops Island and/or the UP think they hold these conferences to secretly plan out how to further tear up Antarctica through wars. Swiss Ninja went as far to accuse them publicly of secretly planning on conquering the world, which both Lavender and McClark denied and thought the theory to be ridiculous.


Shops Island and the UTR used to be on shaky terms way back when Shops Island was a young and weak nation. Since then, Shops has gained the respect of the UTR.


Shops Island and Warmslates very rarely interact, but when they do their interactions have been largely positive. Unlike many other smaller Antarctic nations, Warmslates has very little trade with Shops Island, as they rely mostly upon the USA and other Free Republics.


The two nations have never established relations or trade. Shops generally ignores the corrupt imperial government, while Zenthexia generally ignores most countries, although Shops has denounced Zenthexia before.

Western Union[edit]

Relations between Shops Island and the Western Union as an entity are fair. The Western Union is considered to be the main rival of the Axle Powers, the alliance Shops Island belongs to, and rather unpleasant relations with certain member states, such as Candvia for instance, haven't served to make relations great. Shops Island and the Western Union trade very often, however, and have several trade agreements between each other. Shops Island is very cautious regarding the Western Union's increasing expansion, and was a key player in negotiating Amataria's withdrawal from the union.

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