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The United Provinces
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Osloven Tribes
Osloven Empire (976 - 1921)
First Kingdom of Snowiny (1921 - 1947)
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Second Republic of Snowiny (2003 - 2013)
Second Kingdom of Snowiny (2013 - 2015)
Third Republic (United Provinces) (2015 -)
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Foreign Relations of Snowiny
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The United Provinces or Snowiny have established relations with almost all Antarctic nations, with most having a Snowinn embassy.


  • Red - Terrible
  • Orange - Bad
  • Gold - Fair
  • Yellow Green - Good
  • Green - Excellent
  • Gray - No relations/interactions

Antarctic Mainland[edit]

East Pengolia[edit]

Snowiny previously had strained relations with East Pengolia under Robert Smith's presidency and Snowiny constantly supported sanctions against East Pengolia every step of the way. This support of sanctions continues to this day, but the country under Simon McClark has restored relations with East Pengolia, in spite of their allies in Acadia protesting, and Snowiny sends humanitarian aid to the penguins of East Pengolia.


Snowiny made threats against Freezeland following the signing of the Manifest Destiny Treaty. Relations were greatly improved after the fall of Robert Smith, and the two countries trade often nowadays.

Polaris SAD[edit]

Snowiny and Polaris have great relations and they are major trading partners. Snowiny refused to recognize Meilor Polaris and instead recognized the Polarian government in exile during the Frosian War. President McClark recently met Polarian president Catherine Howebrucke and the two had great talks that resulted in the improvement of relations between the two countries.

United States of Antarctica[edit]

The two aren't exactly on their very best relations but they do trade a lot and have embassies in each other's capitals. Relations were slightly damaged by the UP's support of Acadia and the Emperor Crisis in 2018.



After joining the Circular Powers in mid-2014, relations between Snowiny and Amataria got better than ever before. They actively trade and protect each other from conflicts. The relations between the two countries were slightly damaged by Amataria's exit from the alliance in 2019 (by then known as the Western Union).


The two countries previously had little to few interactions, but the Finipino entry into the Western Union opened the door to an excellent friendship and a long-lasting relationship between the two nations. Many tourists visiting the United Provinces are Finipino, and Snowinns often go to the Finipines for medical research purposes. The United Provinces also heavily invests into the Finipino economy and many Snowinn companies operate there.

Gensou Island[edit]

Snowiny and Gensou never interacted with each other.


Snowiny and Hindonesie often trade, and Hindonesie brings them goods from their lands.


Snowiny and Japaland trade often and have fair relations. Relations were slightly damaged by the UP government expressing its concerns about Japaland's discrimination towards high penguins in 2019.

North Joseon[edit]

North Joseon's government is constantly condemned by the United Provinces. The relations have been slightly improved by North Joseon's attempts at peace talks with South Joseon in 2018 and 2019.

South Joseon[edit]

Snowiny has nice relations with South Joseon and it is recognized by Snowiny. Snowiny has also constantly provided support to South Joseon against North Joseon, and the South Joseonan penguins greatly appreciate this.


The two nations have fair relations, despite previous wars between the two. The relations have recently been improved thanks to heavy Zhouese investment into Western Union countries.

Shops Island[edit]

Snowiny and Shops haven't made diplomatic contacts until early 2013, when Snowiny and Shops Island opened embassies in each other's capitals. Snowinian and Shopper relations weren't very well in 2013, but they got better into the later part of the year. Shops and Snowiny eventually became close friends but also rivals, due to their alliances, the Snowinian Western Union and Shopper Axle Powers. Snowinians and Shoppers, nevertheless of the alliances that divide them, stand together and are, in most times, supportive of each other, despite the fact both tend to snub each other at times.

Ninja Archipelago[edit]


Batavia and Snowiny are trading partners.


Snowiny and Castilla have excellent relations and have never been to war against each other. They trade with each other often.


Snowiny and Frankterre have absolutely amazing relations and Frankterre often gives military aid to Snowinians in wars, but they don't participate in combat. They are both trading partners.

German States[edit]

Snowiny and the German States never had nice relations, especially with Snowzerland, who Snowiny and all it's citizens despise, and many anti-Snowzerland protests have taken place in cities around Snowiny. Swiss Ninja has insulted Snowiny after the floods in May 2014, provoking the Snowinians.

Johnfrum Island[edit]

The two nations never estabilished diplomatic contacts.


Relations between Liguria and Snowiny are good and Snowiny refused to recognize the puppet state of Liguria during the GSWVI and recognized the Ligurian resistance as the true and legimate government of Liguria. Both countries are trading partners.


Snowiny has okay relations with Lisboagal and they are trading partners.


Snowiny and Magyaria have okay relations and are trading partners.


Snowiny and Mylou have nice relations and trade often.


Snowiny and Puffle'and have very good relations and trade very often.


Snowiny has probably the best relations with Rusca out of all Antarctic nations and the two nations trade a lot. Both nations support each other in wars and Rusca often participates in wars against other countries together with Snowiny. Rusca claims to be the protector of Snowiny.


Snowiny and Snowprus have good relations and trade often.



Acadia and the United Provinces have excellent relations and both countries consider each other their most valuable ally on the international stage. The leaders of the two countries often confide to each other, and the two nations have become the best of friends. Acadia formed relations with the democratic government of Snowiny as early as the actual Snowinn Civil War itself, when Acadian volunteers fought on the democratic side of the war. Every Snowinn president since the civil war has visited Acadia several times. Snowiny has received criticism for its close relationship with Acadia, and the country often criticizes Acadia for its current penguin rights issues, although relations have not been seriously disturbed because of that.

Bar Crab City[edit]

Bar Crab City and Snowiny have good relations.

Culldrome Isles[edit]

Snowiny and Culldrome have excellent relations and are big trading partners. Despite being in the Axle Powers, Snowiny supports Culldrome Isles and engaged in combat with them in their civil war, against the Confederate Culldrome forces. Snowiny also refused to recognize the Confederate Culldrome government.


Dorkugal and Snowiny haven't got very good relations but aren't that poor either. They don't trade often.

Ed Island[edit]

Snowiny was part of the Bridgestadt Pact alliance led by Ed Island until 2003, when a democratic government was established in the country. The democratic government completely cut off relations with Ed Island, and in 2012, under Robert Smith, Snowiny declared war on and invaded Ed Island for the purposes of gaining new territory at a time when Ed Island was seemingly weakened. Ed Island, however, after a few months of war, successfully repelled the Snowinn invasion and the war ended near the end of the year. Despite the fall of Robert Smith and reform into the United Provinces in 2015, the relations between the two have never gotten back on track.

Geek Empire[edit]

The two nations have good relations and they are trade partners.


The two nations didn't use to interact often until the Bow Tie War, when Snowiny and Acadia invaded Macradonia and their allies, Bow Tieland. Relations were heavily disrupted by this, but the reform into the United Provinces resulted in an improvement in relations.


Snowiny and Margate are very close countries, partly thanks to their membership in the Western Union, and have very cordial relations. Snowiny and Margate are close allies militarily and economically, and have assisted each other in numerous wars before. Relations have been slightly damaged by the UP defense of Acadia during various situations they got themselves involved in, as Margate has rather bad relations with that country, in spite of being members of the same alliance.


Maverick and Snowiny don't interact often.


Munijoch and Snowiny have good relations and have embassies in each other's capitals. Munijoch is in the rival Axle Powers.

Seal Islands[edit]

Seal Islands and Snowiny had amazing relations and Seal Islands aided Snowiny during the Puffalian-Western War. Snowiny participated in the Christmas Conference with Seal Islands, Shops Island and USA on December 24, 2014. Relations were slightly damaged by Sealien accession to the Axle Powers, but regardless the countries still get along very well.

New Maverick[edit]

The two nations haven't estabilished diplomatic contact together, but Snowiny knows about them.


Snowiny acknowledges their existence but they haven't estabilished diplomatic contact together.


Sparka and Snowiny are trading partners.

Turtly (In exile)[edit]

Turtly and Snowiny haven't estabilished diplomatic contacts, but Snowiny recognizes their government in exile.


Snowiny does not recognize Zenthexia and denounced them.


Relations between the two nations are amazing and they trade often.

Terra Federation[edit]

Terra Federation is a nation in the Circular Powers and they trade often with each other. They engage in combat against others together often.

United Penguin Islands[edit]

The two have outstanding relations and trade often.