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The Great Forest
The Forest.png
What the Forest is normally like
Key details
Type Forest
Level Penguins under the age of 3 are advised not to go there as it is to dangerous.
Location East Club Penguin
Inhabitants Dark Penguins

The Great Forest of Club Penguin, or simply known as the Forest for simplicity purposes, covers most of eastern Club Penguin and is the gateway to the Cove from the Plaza.


The forest has existed ever since trees began to evolve. When penguins first came to Club Penguin, they found the Forest and made use of its wood to make furniture and firewood. This made the Forest a valuable area of Club Penguin. When Club Penguin was founded, the forest was made a protected area on the TCP servers but that was not always the case on the other servers where land is more valuable. Today it can still be seen and visited but it is advised not to enter at night. In 2014, after a time travel accident, a cave appeared in the forest. This cave serves as a reminder to always take caution when traveling through time as you can easily mess up and change the present.



On the traditional servers, the forest is how it was when it Club Penguin was founded. It is a dense clump of trees in an area about the size of Ski Village and attracts a lot of visitors.


On the residential servers, the forest is still there, but surrounded by a large neighborhood of housing. On these servers it is typically safer to enter and many do. It is normally a place for hiking and other outdoor activities.


On the business servers, the forest is gone, instead, in its place is a park that is next to some office buildings. Many office workers like to relax in the park on their breaks as it is peaceful and less busy than in the office.


On the industrial servers, the forest is replaced with a sawmill the processes wood from the trees. It is very productive, and is able to produce about five hundred wooden planks an hour.


The Forest is full of trees. Any hiker who would go there to camp under the snow, though it is partially inconvenient as the fire will probably melt the snow on the ground. There is a gateway in the middle of the forest which connects the Plaza to the Cove. It has been decorated for numerous parties. There is also a boulder which, when moved, reveals an entrance to the Hidden Lake.


No one inhabits the area, except hikers and Dark Penguins.


  • Timber is a common resource as there are many trees there.

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