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The Great Forest
Key details
Type Forest
Level Penguins under the age of 3 are advised not to go there as it is to dangerous.
Location East Club Penguin
Inhabitants Dark Penguins

The Great Forest of Club Penguin, or simply known as the Forest due to the law passed around covers most of eastern Club Penguin and is the gateway to the Cove from the Plaza.


It was already there since the early ages, and despite the L-Ninny of 1912, it was not affected.

The gateway was only created in 2004, and trees had to be cut down in order to do so.


The Forest is full of trees. Any hiker who would go there to camp under the snow, though it is partially inconvienient as the fire will probably melt the snow on the ground. There is a gateway in the middle of the forest which connects the Plaza to the Cove. It has been decorated for numerous parties.

Inside the forest is the New Forest, the home of Dark Penguins and the Newtown Lynn Fringshom Center de Helomicity. That's quite about it.


No one inhabitats the area, except hikers and Dark Penguins.


  • Timber is a common resource as there are many trees there.

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