Fort Joseon

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Snowinian Overseas Territory of Fort Joseon
Fort Joseon's flag
National name Fort Joseon
Country United Provinces
Capital city Fort Joseon
Largest city Fort Joseon
Formation 2014
Inhabitants Soldiers
Other info
Population 4,000
Leader UP Armed Forces
Location Southwest of South Joseon
Alliances Allies Snowiny has
Neighbours South Joseon

Fort Joseon is a Snowinian overseas territory that is currently used as a strategic military base by the Snowinian army. It was purchased in April 2014 from South Joseon due to the need for a nice, strategic way to attack Zhou from the southeast.


Fort Joseon used to be a small, uninhabited island part of South Joseon. On April 9th, 2014 it was purchased from South Joseon and became the very first Snowinian base in Asiapelago.


  • The reason the fort was made is because Snowinians needed a strategic position to launch an offensive against Zhou in case Snowiny was to be attacked one day. As of 2015, however, the threat is no longer existant as the United Provinces and Zhou restored normal relations.

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