Fort Oranje

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Fort Oranje, Oranjestadt
Country (Illegal) Batavian Territory, in Eastshield, USA
Monuments Telenacle of Oranjestadt, Fort Oranje walls
Headquarters Town Hall
Neighbourhoods Town Square, Outskirts, City Walls
Population 1200 (700 are Soldiers)
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Fort Oranje
Foreign name Fort Oranje
Demonym Oranjestadter
Founded 1653
– Founder General Pieter Groenings
Time zone ETZ

Fort Oranje (Pronounced Oh-rawn-ye) is a large stone trading Fortress owned by Batavia. Like neighboring Ciudad Vieja and Presidio Invierno, USA goods are illegally smuggled into the illegal fortress so the Batavians could save more money on shipping and so the products can be cheaper. The Fortress, located in a remote area on the Eastshieldian Coastline, is very active and bustling with activity.


The region of where the fortress was built was first inhabited by Snowpriot traders in 246 BC as a small village. The village was later taken over by the Penguin Empire, and it didn't grow. An invasion by Vikings completely ransacked the village, although most of the buildings were made of stone and survived. The Batavians discovered the area in 1653, and they carelessly destroyed the ruins of the village to be used for the Fortress wall. The Fortress was built under the command of General Pieter Groenings, and it was completed in two years. The Fortress was built as an attempt for Batavia to colonize Antarctica, but they could not expand because of the growing number of High Penguin Confederacy settlements, thus the fortress was abandoned and untouched for almost 300 years. The Fortress was re-inhabited again by the Batavians in 1910 as a Trading Post. In 1913, the Khanzem War broke out, and Batavia was invaded. Several penguin and puffle refugees flocked to the Fortress, where they built a small town inside of it's walls. The Fort became the Headquarters for the Batavian Resistance since the Khanzem controlled Batavia could not host it. In 1918, a Resistance Force member was captured in Batavia, and he discloses the location of the Fortress before he was executed. Thus, The Khanz attacked Fort Oranje in the Battle of Fort Oranje, in which the Batavians won. After the war, everyone who had settled at the fort decided to stay, and everyone who was not from Batavia forgot about the fort since the Khanzem attack was a secret operation. The village grew and several penguins went out to make farms nearby. The fort brings in about 94% of all Batavian imports from the USA, with the other 6% in legal trading areas. Nevertheless, only 30% of Batavia's imports come from the USA.


The Fortress walls are built in the shape of a large square, with turrets at each corner. All parts of the wall are built of stone, including the turrets. The walls are slanted down slightly to increase the difficulty for enemies to climb down and so the soldiers can spot them easier. Inside the walls is a small town that consists roughly of 400-500 Batavian Citizens. The town consists of mostly two story buildings. The town has it's own telenacle, shops, and restaurants, all located on the town square. The streets of the town take up the whole inside of the fort, so streets are narrowly built and Cars and motor scooters are prohibited. Traders from the USA and Batavian Farmers from the nearby fields set up their kiosks in the town Square on Sunday to sell their products. The illegal trading occurs at the Front Entrance of the fort, where the trucker unloads his cargo. The side of the Fortress that faces the Sea is a Port where Batavian ships come daily to pick up the goods.

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