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The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall, shown to the right of the Cat Arch.
Type Giant Radioactive Wall
Effects Separates Reality and Fiction
Source Metaspace
Location In another spatial dimension.
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Fourth Wall is a giant neon-blue wall that floats in the realm of metaspace, existing in one of the eleven dimensions of Hyperspace. It separates Reality from Fiction, as well as making sure stories progress logically. The Wall acts somewhat like a giant supercomputer, transmitting data in the form of Wutt Energy and "programming" the universes.

Should the Wall ever break, colossal catastrophes would occur. Not only would Reality and Fiction blur together, stories would no longer make any sense and random, chaotic events would occur. Thankfully, the Wall itself has a self-preservation code that regenerates bricks to replace damaged ones.


The Fourth Wall is nothing but a giant brick wall floating in the middle of nowhere, along with the 9th Cloud and the 7th Sea. On one side is Fiction, on the other side is Reality. It's hard to tell the difference between the two at some locations along the wall, but at others it's really obvious what's real and what's not. The wall encircles a bunch of universes, which contain different worlds and different types of fiction.

The Wall glows neon-blue. This is because it emits Wutt Energy in rapid pulses. Wutt Energy has the ability to alter reality, and the Fourth Wall uses the energy to control the universes, keeping stories progressing logically and soundly. The Fourth Wall, in essence, is a gigantic supercomputer.

The organization known as the BoF helps the Fourth Wall with its eternal task of keeping stories in check. However, the Fourth Wall only lets stories progress in their simplest form, without adding any twists, changes, or new characters. It is the BoF's job to add those features to stories, in order to make them much more interesting and exciting to read. It is also the BoF's job to start of stories by setting a premise -- a initial set of characters, a setting, and a problem. Finally, the BoF is tasked with making sure that the Fourth Wall or anything related to it is never damaged or in poor condition -- if such a thing happens, the universe would be in danger.

Breaking the fourth wall[edit]

"Breaking the fourth wall" is a rather rare ability. Creatures with it are naturally aware of the Fourth Wall, Bureau of Fiction, and other Fourth-wall-related entities, as well as the fact that all of reality is just another storybook being controlled by higher powers. Fourth-Wall-breakers are also eligible to become magicians or BoF employees.

The Bureau of Fiction has published a class system of Fourth Wall Breaking, based upon the level of awareness and skill one has in breaking the Fourth Wall.

Class Number Description Example
I (one) The creature has no knowledge of the Fourth Wall whatsoever. Most people belong in Class One. Almost anyone!
II (two) The creature has a very limited knowledge of the Fourth Wall, if any. He/she is slightly aware of someone controlling everything, though they don't suspect much. Class IIs can't actually break the fourth wall; they just have a bit of awareness about it. TurtleShroom, Mabel, Railfan1, Austin8310
III (three) The creature has some knowledge and/or awareness of the Fourth Wall. He/she can break it with enough concentration. They may hear voices in their head (a classic symptom of the ability) occasionally, though they often have the wrong ideas about the wall. Fudd Lapooh, Alex12345a, Wave Jones, Pop Cat, Abdul54, Mcdonalds394, Zeno124, Dev66, Falco, the Willson Family
IV (four) The creature is an average fourth-wall-breaker, with all the normal symptoms (hearing voices, sometimes making remarks about higher powers, etc.) and ability to break the fourth wall at ease. They're not too concerned about it, though. Fred 676, Nicktang10, Agent Rogue Tvarkov, Chub777, Chill57181, Rapto, Lollipop386, Wikipenguino45, Snow, Popcorn 3000, Doctor Logic
V (five) The creature is a rather "obsessive" fourth-wall-breaker, sneaking Fourth Wall topics just about everywhere in their daily life. They not only hear the voices, they talk to them a lot, as well as making references to "scripts" and "plot devices". Class Vs tend to use a lot of Fourth-Wall-related humor and try to spice up stories. Josea, McLacker, Folly8, Pigma55, Emperor Octavian, Xeno124, Wiki the Cat, Radioactivechicken
VI (six) The creature has all the symptoms of Class V, though their skill is to the extent where they can manipulate reality with the help of Wutt Energy. All current Masters of the Universe also stand here. Explorer 767, Fooly8, Fuzzle, Ish2, Masters of the Universe, McLacker (when he gets extremely angry)
VII (seven) Class VIIs are, allegedly, able to pass on the symptoms of any lower class to others at will, though it is assumed this requires some mastery. Their incomprehensible command of all things Fourth Wall allows them to make and do most anything, from materializing things they desire at whim to telepathy to direct influence on reality (such as the weather). Technically speaking, Class Sevens are actually more powerful than the Masters of the Universe, but such mighty abilities are too dangerous to be allowed to govern alone. All known Class Seven creatures can not actually use the power their class was most known for, giving others Fourth Wall powers. Instead, that is vested in over four hundred pages of paperwork that must be filed by a member that is not on the Board of Fiction. Board of Fiction


  • The BoF's facilities are located in an otherworldly vortex located next to the Fourth Wall.
  • It is estimated that Wutt Energy is pulsed from the Wall at a rate of over nine quintillion (9,000,000,000,000,000,000) times per second.
  • The Fourth Wall, despite appearing new and flashy, is thousands of years old, dating back to before the BoF's assigned universe ever existed. No one really knows where it came from, similar to the CyberVoid.
  • Sir Kitteh has managed to dent this Wall. Unfortunately, he was killed in the process.
  • Once, the Fourth Wall got completely destroyed, bringing random chaos to the land. This included Orange Puffles becoming extremely hostile, WHATS and the BoF going crazy.
  • Chill57181 claims the Fourth Wall is sentient and complains when it gets broken.
  • Penstubal hypothesizes that Chill57181 uses the Fourth Wall to turn fiction into reality and control the minds of penguins in an effort to take over the world. This has been debunked, however, and Penstubal widely mocked.

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