Fragile Things Inc

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Fragile Things Inc.
Type Fragile Items
Industry Private
Genre Fragile Items
Predecessor Position created
Successor Unknown
Founded 2013
Founder(s) Dirk Tycross


Club Penguin
Number of locations Many
Area served Antarctica, Club Penguin
Key people Penguins
Products Fragile Items
Employees 100, more or less

Fragile Things Inc., originally known as Fragile Items Inc., is a company, seen in some places in Club Penguin. As its name suggests, they sell fragile things, such as china sets, crystals and gems, sculptures and other products. It first came to Club Penguin at the Snow Forts during the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013, and made a comeback in the Puffle Berry Mall, during the School & Skate Party. Ever since Christmas of that year, the store has been quite successful and well-known.


A rich, naïve penguin named Dirk Tycross, often referred to as the Great Dirk Tycross by the employees, first established this company as a pop-up store during the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013. He had been confident that "all the good citizens in Club Penguin" would be interested in having affordable, semi-jewelry in their houses. As a result, his pop-up store was fairly big, and he felt he didn't need any promotion campaigns.

Unfortunately for his business, the superheroes were either not interested in fragile things or somebody would keep on bumping into - and breaking - his fragile items. Because he always believed it when they said that it was an accident, he never sued them, so, once the Takeover ended, he had to quickly close down before he became bankrupt. This was an idea for the better, however, as, surprise surprise, penguins preferred superheroes, the Stage, and new clothes than very fragile items. When the next party began, he tried it again, but, alas, the same things happened, and he closed down again.

Two years later, the Stage was knocked down, and the Puffle Berry Mall began construction. One of Dirk's former employees said to Dirk that perhaps selling fragile items in the second floor of the Mall would be a good idea, as nobody, or at least not many, could knock into and break his beautiful fragile objects. He thought this was a great idea, and he went to ask the owner of the Mall whether he could re-open his store there. The owner, thinking in terms of business, accepted, and construction began for his shop. Once it opened, penguins noticed it and took interest in the store for the first time, and money began to pour in.

However, whilst hiring employees, the fact that Dirk didn't sue anybody when they broke his items soon leaked to the public, and this caused the Copier Gang, on suggestion by Old Long Sign, to ruin his business by breaking his items as soon as they were shipped in. Despite the fact that it was completely pointless and everybody depended on the Puffle Berry Mall for their provisions, everybody applauded the idea, and the gang got to work deliberately bumping into his objects.

Other criminal gangs did the same for fun and to show their power, and the store quickly became an object of ridicule, such as having a scene in a film where a random car on the second floor of the Mall crashes into Fragile Things Inc., whilst an equally random penguin screams about it before it crashes into the store (fortunately for the current owner, later on, this running gag became publicity for the store).

The owner of the Puffle Berry Mall, being Supreme Dictator Director, began to lose serious money because of this, and he fired Dirk himself for his naïve-ness and became manager himself, but he let Dirk re-join as an employee, with a pitiful salary. Unfortunately for him, the new manager was simply a businessman - no matter how hard he tried to fix its reputation, the ridicule only increased, and it became a staple of comic relief.

Frustrated, the owner got his more ever-so-slightly more artistic friend to be manager, and this penguin fixed most of Dirk's and the owner's wrong moves. The penguin then rebuilt its reputation, to a point where mini-stores popped up all over Antarctica. The store still exists today, providing excellent comic relief and happiness to penguins who buy their products.


Fragile Items Inc.'s involvement in real-life society is not very large or important. They just sell very fragile items such as violins and crystal teacups, as the name suggests, and nothing else than that. However, in popular culture, they're a kind of quiet celebrity. In films and cartoons, you're sure to find scenes of cars, motorbikes, very crazy penguins or robots losing control and smashing into the store, breaking everything, causing comic relief. In songs, you're always going to find that the singer is singing a random penguin's catchphrase when it comes to this store - "OH NO! THE CAR IS GOING TO CRASH RIGHT INTO...FRAGILE THINGS INC!". Luckily for the current owner, all this has transformed into excellent publicity, which means more money. It's great for everybody!


Ever since the Copier Gang decided to break their items on purpose and every other criminal gang followed suit, the store's reputation decreased slightly, due to Dirk infamously being naïve enough not to sue anybody who broke his items. Ever since, the store has been used for scenes of comic relief in popular culture. These scenes usually involve cars and random brown penguins. However, thanks to the third owner of the store, Fragile Things Inc have largely regained their good reputation as a business selling good-quality items in glass, china, crystal, or other precious/semi-precious stones.


As mentioned above, the discovery to penguins that Dirk's items were unbelievably fragile and that he didn't sue anybody for breaking them became a huge controversy for the company, but good for its customers. Luckily for the business, this problem has largely been fixed, by the use of light varnishing, and then introduction and public announcement that the business will definitely sue anybody for breaking their items. The latter was done by the third and current owner - another reason why he is widely considered to be the best owner so far.


On their website, penguins can give reviews, good or bad, of their products. These reviews are usually one-sentence statements, or random buyers amused by the random brown penguin's quote in popular culture.

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  • During Christmas time, when you look at the display cabinet of the Fragile Things Inc. store inside Puffle Berry Mall, there would be a crystal shaped like a crystal puffle.
  • Fragile Things Inc. stores are usually seen as comic relief, being destroyed, along with its fragile things, in various occasions.
  • Penguins thought that, when the store first opened in the Puffle Berry Mall, the founder was his incredibly infamous brother "Richard Tycross" and not "Dirk Tycross", which annoyed him greatly.