Francisco M. Shockings

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Francisco M. Shockings
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Gender Male
Race Puffish/Castillian High Penguin
Faction Snowzerland, International Syndicate
Health As healthy as a 130 years old penguin (see below)
Status Selecting business to be bought, yelling at his employees
Salary Kept secret to avoid the IIRS. Director Benny made his salary untraceable so he would be exempted from taxes. For the rest of his life. (By that I meant FOR ETERNITY)
Friends International Syndicate, Swiss Ninja, Director Benny, Darktan II
Enemies Vince, Hochstadt Gang, Whoot Smackler Whoot

Francisco M. Shockings, called by most as Mr. Shockings, is a USA businessman and billionaire. He owns 3 nuclear plants. On one side, penguins believed him to be a USA billionaire with high connection who served in the side of the good guys in the Khanzem war. Almost everyone believed that "light" side.

However, people with REAL powers and connection had another side of the story. Francisco is a backstabbing traitor selling nuclear technologies to Swiss Ninja and other despotic leaders. And he has connections higher than most people had ever thought.


Francisco is not interested in taking part in the International Syndicate's criminal empire (in fact he only took part to be a director). He only joined the Syndicate for its shadow government and to use its private army for his own gains. Primarily, he earned his money by generating electricity for USA. Francisco secretly sold chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to the highest bidder. Francisco is more interested in doing legitimate business than the other Syndicate directors.


Francisco's main goal is to become the P.O.P.E. of the Governance, claiming to provide electricity by more environment-friendly means. While he didn't lie about this, his other reason is to gain access to the wealth stored by the Governance, making him some of the most powerful penguin in Antarctica. His other goals are defeating Vince and having a secret government (he only controls about 3 to 4 penguins in the South Pole Council).


Mr. Shockings' health had continuously degraded over the years. While he looked in he is in his 60s, Mr. Shockings is actually about 300-345 years old (he lost track of his age in his 289th birthday, after consuming a poisoned Cream Soda). His heart is now very weak. Francisco is alive due to his family's trait of living to extremely old age (one of his ancestor is a vampenguin).


Swiss Ninja-He sold nuclear weapons worth hundreds of millions of Fishes to Swiss Ninja. That, and Francisco's good ties with the ToS made him a honorary member of the SSS.

Director Benny-Benny helped Francisco to evade taxes, in exchange for Governance wealth and gold. Lots of it.


Hochstadt Gang-Being an ally of Swiss Ninja, he is naturally an enemy of the Hochstadt Gang

Vince-Their relationship are parodied on the real life conflict between the Pope (Francisco) and Holy Roman Emperor (Vince). That's what would happen if Francisco become P.O.P.E and Vince took over Double Sicilia (in the form of a purchase). With Vince supporting the Hochstadt Gang and Francisco supporting Swiss Ninja and other villains, their rivalry had led to a "War on Gangs" declared by the EPF on the International Syndicate. Vince, being the boss of it, got targeted as Public Enemy No. 1. This is done by Francisco's connections.


  • One of Francisco's ancestor is a Castillian colonist who became a governor of one of its gold-rich colonies, building the wealth that Francisco inherited by means of corruption. He got famous by marrying a Puffish noblewoman who is a descendant of some of the earliest Puffish kings.