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Freddell Explorer Antics VII
Fred 676 RFTG.png
Fred explaining how the hypotenuse works in the Penguin Academy.
Title Freddell Explorer "Fred 676" Antics
Gender Male
Race Pygoscelis adeliae (Adelie Penguin), though it is suspected he has Dorkugese blood in him.
Faction Explorer 767's twin brother.
Health Excellent, both physically and mentally.
Level 30
Status Geek
Location Club Penguin Island, Dorkugal.

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Fred 676's theme!

Fred 676 is Explorer 767's fraternal twin brother. He is the companion of Explorer and often accompanies him on many of his wacky adventures. Fred is the commonsensical brother of the two, doing all the math, looking before he leaps, and being better safe than sorry. However, Explorer's adventurous and outgoing personality usually gets the better of him.


Freddell Explorer Antics was born in the Sub-Antarctic along with Explorer. Like his brother, he too dwelled in Antic Manor before it was sold. He was very organized unlike his brother.

He, like Explorer, went to college at Club Penguin, and made sure Mabel (whom they were forced to bring) was unable to annoy them by teleporting her away with Cartesian coordinates. He frequently helped Explorer pull his grades up whenever they were slipping.

Fred graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.00 and began tutoring chicks in primary and secondary school, while Explorer waited tables at the Coffee Shop. When the famous band Furry Flats was formed, bringing the two brothers loads of cash, Fred often participated in the band's gigs, playing the background instruments.

Eventually he got several teaching jobs at his alma maters, Penguin Academy and Penguin University, and became an honorary member of the Troublesome Trio. Fred also built a storage igloo across the street from the igloo that he and Explorer share.

Later, the personification of the imaginary number came out of his book and began taunting him. He got tired of this and infected him with the X-Virus. The result was -i, who while comforting and optimistic would often get in fights with i, irking Fred. To this day they continue to irritate him.


Fred is colored red, but supports the Blue Team. He also wears a purple graduation cap, of which he is quite fond of.

Fred grading a paper at PSU.


Fred is Dorkugal's delegate on the South Pole Council. He also plays in the popular band, Furry Flats. Fred is also a registered geek and enjoys quoting math equations (especially ones from trigonometry and calculus). His weapon of choice is a special right triangle model, built from stainless steel and etched with perfect laser precision.


  • Oh, for the sake of integrals!
  • Oh, radians!
  • Sweet second degree polynomials above!
  • (to Mabel) [x = (-b ± (b2 - 4ac)1/2)](2a)-1. Therefore, we cannot have a disco ball in the courthouse.
  • (as a chick, to math teacher) I just know I put my homework in a Klein Bottle, but I couldn't find it this morning!
  • For the zeroth time-- oh, wait. Nevermind.
  • Explorer: What's for dessert? Pie?
Fred: How many times have I told you that you can't eat a mathematical figure?
Explorer: (under his breath) Yeah right, and i am the square root of negative one.
  • Fred: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
Explorer: I thought that had something to do with action potentials.
  • (Fred is in the South Pole Council debating with Mabel. It has been a long and hard debate, and Fred is creaming the proposition (Mabel). Out of pure frustration, Mabel hits Fred with a commemorative plate.)
Fred: (sarcastically) That would be ad hominem.
  • Fred (to Explorer): Look, are you going to come to my lecture on 13-dimensional geometry or not?
Explorer (looking at his shcedule): My schedule is really tight; I doubt I will even have time to answer your question.... maybe if I postpone the 3 PM prank spree to 5 PM....
Fred: So, are you coming?
Explorer: No, I only moved that business with the Trio back just to answer your question! I can't adjust anything else right now, but I guess I'll at least have time to attend for the intro... hey, does the auditorium have an emergency exit door I could sneak out through?
Fred: .......
  • Explorer: Oh, great, I spilled all my cheese puffs on this trap I laid for Perry the Puffle and now there's a huge mess of crumbs on the floor!
Fred: I'll take care of that.
(Fred writes on a piece of notebook paper: dx = x + C [crumbs] d(cheesepuff) = The mess of crumbs turns into a neatly organized stack of cheese puffs, which Fred puts in the trash.)
Explorer: .....are you sure you did that right?
Fred (tossing away the C): Absolutely.
  • (Fred is reading Calculus III For Dummies. Explorer, who is grumpy, attempts to annoy him by making loud noises with various household items.)
Fred: Please refrain from beleaguering me, or I will differentiate you until you're just a zero.
Explorer: Try it. I'm ex
Fred: Too bad, I'm d/dy
Explorer (dropping a frying pan and a metal spoon): Okay, you win.
  • (Fred is at the Snow Forts with Explorer. Explorer is participating in a snowball fight, while Fred is reading a book. Some n00b throws a snowball at Fred.)
Fred: lim(ball --> ∞) [snow -(ball)]!
(The snowball vanishes as it's about to hit Fred.)
N00b: Hey, how'd you do that?
Fred: I've got friends on the other side.
Explorer: Of the equals sign, that is!


  • Fred's theme music is a variation of Explorer's own theme music, except slower and more relaxing. This indicates that he is the more mature of the two brothers.
  • He owns all 7 Rare Puffles.
  • He wears red with a graduation hat, and occasionally wears a plaid sweater.
  • He graduated both high school and college summa cum laude with a perfect GPA of 4.00, the Valedictorian of his class. (Explorer, not far behind, graduated magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.52.)
  • He is the delegate for Dorkugal and is quite beloved by the Dorkugese race.
  • When frustrated or aggravated with his younger brother, Fred calls Explorer "the personification of entropy." Explorer usually replies with a "thank you".
  • When he was a chick in Primary School, his homework was always disappearing, and poor Fred had to come up with an explanation (most were purely mathematical).
  • His family traces all the way back to the Lichenblossom Isles, leading to some Antics Brothers fans thinking Fred is a Lichenblossomese Nerd. In fact, the Lichenblossomese Nerd bloodline was neutralized when one Antics Family member fell in love with an Adelie, mixing up the bloodline. (Is that even biologically possible?)
  • His name, "Freddell", was used six times in the Antics family, not counting himself.
  • He is older than Explorer by one minute.
  • He is afraid of heights and does not like to play Jet Pack Adventure.
  • He is also afraid of water and, most ironically, cannot swim. Seriously -- what kind of penguin can't swim?
  • However, he is a champion at table tennis, mainly due to his knowledge of the laws of aerodynamics, quick calculations, and exceptional reflexes. Virtually no one in Antarctica can beat him (without cheating, of course).
  • Fred is extremely resourceful. Fred's inventory is possibly the largest inventory in all of Club Penguin, containing just the right tools at just the right times. Fred's favorite items in his inventory are his precious isosceles right triangle, a canister of ideal gas, a frictionless ramp, and a point mass.
  • Fred enjoys lecturing on the thought experiment of Schrodinger's Puffle, which involves a puffle being half ditto-poisoned and half awake. No one except Huma Sapie understands it. In fact, no one knows who Schrodinger is.
  • Fred has the uncanny ability to state a mathematical equation and have it come true (as shown in some of his quotes). While this is not a true superpower, it can come in handy sometimes. (No one knows why this happens.)

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