Frederick Mueller

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Frederick Mueller

The Margatian President walking with two of his Praetorian Guards
Born Frederick Mueller
August 13, 2013 (2013-08-13) (age 5)
Margate City, Margate
Died 13th August 2070 (67 years old)
Frederick's mansion, Nexon City
Cause of death Natural causes
Body discovered Same as death place
Resting place Nexon City Cemetery
Residence Margate City, Margate (official)
Nexon City, Nexon
Nationality Margatian
Ethnicity Nexonan Penguin (original clone)
Citizenship Margate
Education Self-educated
Alma mater N/A
Years active 2013-2035
Notable works Making Margate a de jure semi-presidential republic (de facto presidential republic), creating the New Margate Order
Home town Nexon City
Title General (during stint in the Imperial Nexonan Armies), President of Margate (during Presidency), President Emeritus (after retirement)
Spouse(s) Jacqueline Hearse (m.2015-2032)
Partner Jacqueline Hearse (2015-2032)
Children Frederick Mueller II (eldest child and son)
Jacob Mueller
Charlotte Mueller (eldest daughter)
Peter Mueller
4 other sons and 3 daughters
Parents Adolf Heissler (International Syndicate assassin, clone template)
Military service
Allegiance Imperial Nexonan Armies
Service/branch Army
Years of service 13th August 2013-late November 2013
Rank General (High Empire of Nexon)
Commands The Army branch
Battles/wars Conquest of Heylon, Fall of Nexon, 2nd Nexonan Annexation War
Awards Imperial Order of Valour
The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
Summits and Conferences
Member States
Important Cities
Key People
Notable Companies

Frederick Mueller (phonetically Müller) (2013-2066) is a Margatian statesman who served as the President of Margate from 2015-2035, serving for 20 years. A cloned Nexonan Penguin he is one of the most popular and controversial Margatian President for his role as the key architect of the New Margate Order era that defined Margate as a strong Antarctic great power for almost three centuries, which also indirectly led to the formation of a brutal dictatorship centuries later which heavily discriminated against his own people. A firm believer in the presidential system and a fiscally conservative politician, Mueller ended the parliamentary system and Penguins' Power Party that dominated the Margatian government for decades.

While he was often described as a neoconservative and identified by political analyst as a centre-rightist, if not a rightist, Mueller often stated that his political stance was pragmatic and that he would be willing to adopt measures often considered as 'left-wing' if an economic crisis ever occurs.



Relationship with others[edit]


As a soldier, Mueller was skilled in unarmed combat and marksmanship. He was also ambidextrous, but he prefers using his right flipper. This allowed him to fight his enemies with two swords or firearms at a time. He was trained in the martial art of Krav Maga.

Mueller was fluent in several languages, those being English, German, French, Mandarin Chinese and Malay. He was also an avid chess player. Besides that, Mueller was also alleged to have 'psychic powers' (when in reality he just had keen observational skills). Several opposition politicians reportedly claimed that Mueller hypnotized them, which he denied.

Personal life[edit]

Mueller was married to Jacqueline Hearse from 2015 until 2032. During his marriage, however, he was often involved in romantic relationships with other girls. He had 11 children - 7 sons and 4 daughters.

Financially, Mueller owned an oil-transportation company headquartered in Nexon City. His private residence in Nexon was quite frugal compared to his official residence. It was a two storey colonial bungalow in the prestigious Mount Claymore neighbourhood, which had a swimming pool and located near the Kepulauan Country Club. He travelled around in a black-colored Alemanian-made sedan when he's not on official business.


Domestically (Margate)[edit]

While there was almost no criticism regarding Mueller when he was still alive, he became a controversial figure centuries later when the New Order governmental system, the brainchild of his which he implemented in order to create the ideal Margatian nation and society, was abused by the elite for personal gains. By 3000, the New Order became a brutal and despotic dictatorship which was ironically oppressive towards the Nexonan Penguins (Mueller himself was a Nexonan and he designed the system to promote racial harmony. Ultimately, he was still revered since most ideologies don't even last a decade without failing.

From the United Provinces[edit]

In a phone call with his secretary of state, McClark said Frederick Mueller shouldn't have became president "because he is Nexonan scum" and jokingly saying the UP should take action against him. The comment provoked widespread outrage among the Margatians, who said that it's none of the Snowinians' business to care about whoever they elect as President, as well as calling the comment 'racially provocative'. McClark later apologized for his remarks: "I am very, very, very, very sorry for my remarks. I should not have said them, and I take full responsibility for the trouble I have caused". Simon McClark would 2 weeks later go to Margate City himself to meet the foreign leader alone, who he reported having "successful talks" with: the reality, however, is that Frederick Mueller called him very clumsy and telling him how it's none of the UP's business who Margate would elect. Nevertheless, the countries keep relations at a high level, and Mueller proved to be one of Margate's most successful leader (excluding the New Order legacy he left which would deeply threaten Margate's existence in the future).


  • "For every innocent civilian they even dared to touch, we shall kill ten terrorists!"

At a press conference

Mueller: "As a competitive and continuously evolving society, we must make progress in science and be open-minded regarding new thoughts. Even if we hold conservative beliefs, we must tolerate others' beliefs, for everyone has the freedom of thought."

Journalist: "What about socialism?"

Mueller: "Except them. They belong in the gaols."

Journalist: "How about communism?"

Mueller: "They belong in the fiery infernos of the Underworld! I hope that they suffer in painful anguish during their every moment down there!"

Journalist: "What about Fascism? Isn't the fascist Ed Island an ally of Margate?"

Mueller: "It's not ideal but I can certainly put up with an ally like that."

Journalist: "You've got a dark of humor, Mr. President."

Mueller: "Yeah you get it."

  • "Extremists do not deserve dignity, not even in the afterlife."