Fredric von Hun

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Fredric von Hun
Emperor of the HunEmpire
Fredric Von Hun.png
His Majesty
Reign August 14, 2011-present
(8 years, 238 days)
Full name His Majesty Fredric von Hun the First, Emperor of the HunEmpire
Born 1991
Birthplace Awesome Island, HunEmpire
Predecessor Emperor Ben Hun I
Heir Ben Hun
Dynasty Hun Dynasty
Father Emperor Robert Hun

Emperor Fredric von Hun is the current ruler of the Hun Empire. He was the heir to his father, Robert Hun, but after Robert's death in 2007 he was forced into hiding by a pretender before he could be crowned as Emperor. He later became the Emperor after his younger brother, Ben, abdicated the throne in 2011.


Fredric Hun hatched in 1991 on Awesome Island, the first chick of Emperor Robert Hun. He was raised on the island privately, with his younger siblings Ben and Jen Hun, who hatched one and two years after him. Due to his (unknowingly) being the heir of the empire, he was continuously taught about governments, nobility, and how to rule, subjects he became passionate about. His siblings were more interested in adventuring and exploring. Fredric's mother passed away in 2001 of an unknown disease on Awesome Island, leaving him and his siblings to be raised by the other residents of Castle Hun. Though he didn't see his father too often, he cared about him immensely and wished he wasn't away "working" so much. Robert revealed to his chicks that he was the Emperor when Fredric was 16, and that Fredric was his heir, revelations that shocked both Fredric and his brother Ben. Unfortunately, their father passed away soon after that.

When he and his brother had first been taken to Hunston before their father's death, Ben immediately left, to become a "better warrior". Fredric, who had been isolated on Awesome Island his whole life and was still quite naive, was forced into hiding by a pretender to the throne before he could be crowned as Emperor. He tried to rally his citizens for a short time, to no avail. Realizing he wasn't a good enough leader, he secretly left Hunston and went back to Awesome Island to live in exile. The pretender ruled the empire with an iron flipper, until Ben returned two years later and reclaimed the throne for Fredric by sending the pretender into an unknown time using the Time Travel Staff. Though he was honored by his brother's actions, he insisted that Ben became the Emperor instead. So, Ben was crowned as Ben Hun the First in 2009, and Fredric accepted Ben's offer to return to Hunston and become his Prime Minister.

He served as Emperor Ben's Prime minister for two years, and gained real leadership experience as he became more outspoken and socially involved. Over the years, Ben, who had initially been looked upon as a hero, became more of a disappointment and an annoyance to his citizens and the international community, especially after a series of incidents. The Hun-AU War was declared in August 2011, to destroy the empire, but after negotiations between the two groups and the USA, Ben agreed to abdicate the throne in favor of Fredric to end the war and please his people. Fredric adopted the "von" in his name, and was crowned as Emperor Fredric von Hun I on August 14, 2011.

Since becoming Emperor, Fredric has gained a lot of leadership experience, and has served his country diligently.


Although Hunguins are generally known to be aggressive, like the Khanz or Sparkans, Fredric has attempted to be a peaceful Emperor. He has maintained the strong military that Ben set up in 2009, but advocates peaceful resolution to issues whenever possible. He is considered a selfless leader, being involved in his country as much as possible, much more than events requiring his attendance.

A few months after the Hun-AU War ended and Fredric became Emperor, the Polarian Revolution began. Fredric chose to join the USA after they requested help, to keep good relations with their ally and appease the citizens, who mostly wanted revenge on the Archipelago Union. Though a large coalition of AU forces tried to invade the archipelago, Fredric successfully led the defense of the empire. Though eventually the Polarians gained independence, the Hunguins' thirst for battle was quenched. Fredric has since continued to make an effort to improve relations with the AU nations. He sent a group of athletes to compete in the 2012 Olympics in Snowdon, and they fared well in Fishball. Later in 2012, King Alexander of Yow was assassinated. Despite their tense relations, Fredric sent his condolences to the new King Feey1.

In 2013, Fredric denounced the actions of "The Allies" in The Great Yowien War. Though the archipelago didn't face any threats during the Frosian War, Fredric sent a brigade of Hun Commandos to the USA to help them fight the Puffalians.


  • He is a black Hunguin that is four foot, six inches tall. Like the rest of his family, he has orange hair.
  • His clothing, a blue hoodie and Royal blue robe, are inspired by his father, who used to wear a blue hoodie and an ordinary blue cape.

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