Fredrick von Injoface

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Fredrick von Injoface
Title Mandy's son, WishFlyX's puffle
Gender Male
Race Puffles
Faction Von Injoface Family and WishFlyX's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Doing evil
Location WishFlyX's "mansion"
Occupation Puffle of WishFlyX
Interests evil, Jenni, explosions, sadness
Friends WishFlyX, Jenni, Mectrixctic, Darktan, Foamy,
Enemies Flywish, Mandy, Chuck, Mabel, Gruff
Archetype Evil

Fredrick von Injoface is an evil puffle. He is the son of Mandy von Injoface and Gruff, the nephew of Rick von Injoface and Label von Injoface, and the grandson of Chuck von Injoface and Jenni von Injoface. He, like his second cousin Foamy works for a Darktan minion. He also is the only Von Injoface puffle of WishFlyX. The only Von Injoface he doesn't hate is Foamy, despite the fact that they're very different.


Mandy once pitied how her father Chuck and no grandchildren and that his brother had many, some of which were pretty grown, so she decided to give him one. She married Gruff because she knew that he loved her, and felt sorry that he was mistreated by Chuck and thought it might make their relationship better (it didn't). Fredrick von Injoface was born several months later. Fredrick was born evil, like most other members. He then learned to fight from his mother, "father", and grandfather. Chuck gave Fredrick his first baseball bat when he was four. Fredrick didn't enjoy fighting, but his parents made him train and train which exhausted him. Fredrick got angry and started to call his parents mean names behind their backs. By the time he was eight, he left home to do all the evil he wanted. Mandy and Gruff then left each other because their work was done. Fredrick then met WishFlyX. WishFlyX quickly adopted him, at first to Jenni's dismay, then Jenni only praised Fredrick's fine workd with evil. Fredrick developed a crush on Jenni which cheeped Jenni out as she crushed on Familiar. Fredrick was saddened that Jenni didn't want to be his girlfriend. So he decided to become as evil as Familiar but it still didn't get Jenni. Jenni said she didn't feel like being his girlfriend so Fredrick kept thinking. He currently is thinking right now about how he can get Jenni to like him.



  • WishFlyX
  • Jenni
  • Familiar (sometimes)
  • Foamy


  • Familiar (sometimes)
  • Gruff
  • Mandy von Injoface
  • Flywish
  • Chuck
  • Mabel


  • Jenni

Crushes on him[edit]

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His scar[edit]

He got his scar when Jenni once beat him up for flirting with her.


He is a dark black puffle. He usually is seen with WishFlyX or trying to kiss Jenni. He is also seen trying to get Jenni and Familiar to stop liking each other so he can get with Jenni. He also has ditto so he can be a lava puffle like his nephew.


  • He despises Flywish in many ways.
  • Robert O'vian wants to be his adoptive father and make him nice. It's not working.
  • He despises anyone Jenni despises except for Penelope O'vian.
  • WishFlyX treats him just like how he treats Jenni.
  • He and Jenni are very good friends despite the fighting.
  • He tries to tell the world that Bellina is evil. This fails every time.


  • "Victory shall be mine!"
  • "Bellina is evil... EVIL I TELL YOU!"

Fredrick: I shall defeat you puny purple puffle!

Mabel: What did you say about me?!?

Fredrick: Ummmm... You're pretty, you're always pretty.

Mabel: Nice try, prepare for the torture of your life!


Mabel: #%$$#@&^%($*%#[email protected]!$#!$>#@!$#&^#$^<%[email protected]%$#@#@!~#@!3.2~#@!~#$!%[email protected]^%&%^$&^$#%[email protected]%$^$%@%$&@%$#&&^%$^[email protected]%$#%@[email protected]^&*)^&^&*^%#%#!$#@!$#@#$#$#$#$$$$$$$%$^&^(^(*_(&*&^$%^$#@%$#@%[email protected]#!#[email protected]!$%!#@$$

Fredrick: The punctuation! They buuuuuuuuuuurn!

Fredrick: Jenni!!! *kisses*


Fredrick: But I love you

Jenni: That's it! *bites Fredrick*

Fredrick: GAH!! *coughs out antibody*

Fredrick X: Greetings earthling, I'm just gonna go join Flywish.

Fredrick: You little! You just made another Antibody not work for WishFlyX.

Jenni: So what? WishFlyX has other minions.

Fredrick: Oh, ok.

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