Freeze Missile

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FRZ Cryogenic Missile
A Freeze Missile in flight.
Type Cryogenic missile
Effects Flash freezing
Source EmotiVille & Ternville
Location Stratospheric Storage Warehouse
Cost to buy 70,000 F
Cost to sell 60,000 F

The FRZ Cryogenic Missile, commonly called a Freeze Missile, Cryo Missile, Cryo, or FRZ, is a specialized cruise missile that has the ability to instantly freeze anything it hits. Freeze Missiles are huge, about the size of a KZT 9000 Missile, due to the amount of liquid nitrogen they contain.


Freeze Missiles run entirely on liquid nitrogen. Inside the missile's front, where the warhead should be, is a nitrogen slush containment unit that holds a slurry of liquid and solid nitrogen. The containment unit is kept cold by thousands of little nanobots that emit lasers, slowing down the nitrogen atoms via Doppler cooling. Behind the containment unit is a guidance computer powered entirely by YBCO superconductors, which are kept cool by the liquid nitrogen. Freeze Missiles gain their thrust by burning kerosene along with a tiny fraction of Ditto A. The heat from the combustion is insulated by a glassy material developed by EmotiVille, so that the nitrogen slush does not melt. Upon impact, the fragile slush containment unit breaks, releasing the nitrogen slush. The slush spills all over the impact zone, freezing everything it comes into contact with.


Freeze Missiles are often used to immobilize troops, though their slow speed and low agility make the traditional method of ramming the missile into a platoon mostly ineffective. Instead, most missiles are programmed to explode in midair and release the nitrogen slush all over the target area. Several Freeze Missiles working together can easily freeze and immobilize hundreds of enemy soldiers, and the thick vapor produced from the liquid nitrogen acts as a smoke screen to confuse the other side.



  • United States of Antarctica
    • Compass livery


  • The Freeze Missile was proposed as a counterpart to the Heat Missile. In fact, it can effectively neutralize a Heat Missile if dropped at the right time.
  • Freeze Missile are actually more akin to bombs than missiles. Due to their size and weight, they are not fast or agile and can only travel short distances. Freeze Missiles are actually designed to be dropped from a bomber and activated in midair.
  • The separate components of Freeze Missiles are prepared in EmotiVille, then the actual missile is manufactured in Ternville.

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