Freezelandian 1st Air Cavalry

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The Freezelandian 1st Air Cavalry is an elite division of the Freezelandian Army as part of the Freezelandian Military Modernisation Program. There primary role is to serve as Air cavalry, recon and Light infantry. They are the first truly organized division of the Freezeland Army and the best armed one, receiving Fruit Blasters, PM1 Snowball Machine Guns and BA3000 Unscoped Carbines, with MP7 sidearms.


They were formed at the time of Penguinia after the USA supplied them with several Arcticopter AS 532. Penguinia could find no need for them and ordered the training of the Penguinian Cavalry Brigade, the predecessor to the Freezelandian 1st Air Cavalry, who would actually use them. When the Snowviet Union was formed the PCB were exiled into USA land where they trained there. Once the SU was liberated, they were renamed the Freezelandian 1st Air Cavalry and sent over to King Triskelle. They fought in the Great Snowzerland War V where they helped win the war.


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