Freezelandian Ocean Territories

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Freezelandian Ocean Territories
Country Freezeland
Capital city Queen Lasaralyn Island (Western Territory)
New West City (Northeastern Territory)
Formation 1998
Inhabitants Viking Penguins, High Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Location North of Freezeland
Neighbours Weddell, Freezeland, Munijoch, Ninja Archipelago

The Freezelandian Ocean Territories are a part of the Provinces of the Viceroyalty of Freezeland. For many Freezelandians the islands are popular vacationing spots due to its rich culture and slightly warmer climate.


In 50 BC, Viking Penguins set up colonies all over Antarctica. The Freezelandian Ocean Territories were several colonies that they established. In AD 300, they joined to make the Viking Ocean Confederacy. But, in 1707, as part of the race to found colonies, the HPC took over these islands. Many High Penguins went to the islands and assimilated with the Vikings, though they were still outnumbered and eventually were all gone due to inbreeding. However, the High Penguins did give a profound effect on the islands' culture, languages, and architecture. After the HPC's dissolution in 1914, they became part of Grand Ol' Land. When Freezeland became independant, they were known as what we call them today. However, after The Viking Empire and Freezeland were seized to create the temporary state known as the Snowviet Union, they were also annexed. The Snowviet Union transferred into the land of Penguinia, though the islands were little affected by either country. After the dissolution of Penguinia into the Viking Empire and New Freezeland, they became part of Freezeland once again. Today the FOT are heavily visited by Freezelandians from the mainland and tourists from the Ninja Archipelago and the USA.


The Freezelandian Ocean Territories are divided into two main units: Western Territory and Northeastern Territory. These were created by the Ocean Territory Act of the Montasje in 2012. These are not provinces, but are called territories instead. Because they are territories, they only have nine representatives in the Montasje.

Each territory has a unicameral legislature with 30 seats, which, according to the Ocean Territory Act, "shall be expanded to fifty once the population shall attain two hundred thousand intelligent creatures." However, this is very far off, since Western Territory only has 90,000 permanent residents, and Northeastern Territory has 75,000.

They are each divided into three counties.



The Islands offer a wide variety of transportation options.


The only three islands to have airports are the three largest islands in the region: Queen Lasaralyn Island, Gatsby Island and New West City. Most other islands have heliports or can be accessed by amphibious aircraft that dock at local harbors.


There are ferries that go to the islands from the Freezelandian mainland cities of Frostborough, Fanon City, and Ard Mchaca. One way trips can range from four hours to a day and a half, depending on the location of the island destination. The islands also offer ferry services from one island to the other and typically arrive in 20 minute intervals.

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