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Frenley image1.PNG
It's that guy!!
Title Frenley
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction He likes Cheese!
Health Has Asthma
Level OVER 1000! Well, well, well that's not bad.
Status Hiding in his igloo for 3 years now
Location USA
Frenley (CPW Statistics)
Former admin on the Club Penguin Wiki
Frenley image1.PNG
Reign April 26th, 2009 - May 12th 2010
Full name Cedric "Frenley" Matematx
Titles The Cheese Master.
Born January 19th, 1998.
Birthplace United States of Antarctica
Died None yet.
Place of death None yet.
Buried None yet.
Royal House An igloo. what'd you expect?
Dynasty None
Royal motto CHEESE!
Father ?
Mother ?

Who exactly is Frenley? Some say he was once an active member of the USA community, spending most of his time changing words on the Clubb Phengin Weekee, eventually earning him a spot on the team of administrators of the majestic wall of writing. His work was revered throughout the USA, and he eventually became well-known for categorizing many of the world's items and features on the wall. He was often praised in the Penguin Times for his works and worked closely with Sharkbate. He was rumored to spend most of his time in the Cattegoreez room, often having to endure all the screaming coming from the penguins' Showt Bockzes. One day, his fragile mind finally cracked and shut off the communications forever, leading people to talk on the much quieter Eye Arr See instead.


An egg mysteriously showed up in the boiler room one day, with penguins often mistaking it for a crumpled up issue of the Penguin Times, leading to people not paying much attention to the enigmatic egg in the corner. Upon his hatching, he immediately waddled over to the collection of old newspapers in an old rundown drawer. He spent most of his early years eating food scraps and reading old Penguin Times articles, becoming known to USA dwellers as the Boiler Penguin. He became extremely knowledgeable about the world around him. This is said to have led to his love of reading and writing.

After amassing enough knowledge to fill an entire Weekee, he decided to wander into the outside world. His lack of parents and education eventually led to him causing a lot of mischief in his younger years. In fact, he is the reason why Bean Counters employees used to have a bad time unloading trucks full of yummy coffee. He would throw fish, pots, and other junk at poor innocent penguins as they would try to unload the truck, much to their chagrin. Aside from that, he would also pounce on unsuspecting penguins upon their exit from the Dojo while donning a ninja suit he stole from Sensei.

Involvement with the Clubb Phengin Weekee[edit]

Frenley became very involved in the Clubb Phengin Weekee in his teenage years, becoming an valuable member of the community.

Discovering the Clubb Phengin Weekee[edit]

After a lovely day of causing mischief and traumatizing unsuspecting penguins, he decided to cool off by taking a walk along Highway 1, whilst ignoring all the traffic about to run him over. While playing a lovely game of Frogger with oncoming automobiles, he glanced to the side and noticed a bright wall with words scribbled all over it. He immediately jumped waddled over to the gates and pushed them open. What he saw brought tears of joy to his eyes. A place where he could finally bring information about Club Penguin to the masses! He immediately started editing, and kept on editing, and then he went editing, and he also did a bit of editing. Little did he know that his life was going to change then and there.

Enter the Showt Bockz[edit]

There comes a time where every penguin must find their calling, and boy had Frenley found his. He would spend most of his days scribbling information on the wall, impressing fellow users with his editing skills. On a chilly endless winter day. Frenley's constant editing on the granite walls of the large board eventually made him quite exhausted to say the least. Carrying his trusty toolbox filled with numerous items such as Tacks and freshly smithed Hammers, obtained from Webmaster Barkjon, he wandered off to his UsaPajer to add a plethora of Usabozens and Templatez.

After pasting his editcount onto his wall, he then waddled off to a lesser-known section of the Weekee littered with Puffle droppings and broken Leenkz. He came across a peculiar looking drawer, with a tag inscribed with faded black marker reading "Widgetz". Letting his curiosity take over, he pried open the drawer and found a small device, with "Showt Bockz" inscribed on its side. To his surprise, pressing the power button actually turned on the strange device, which theoretically should have been dead by now after what seemed like years of disuse. A prompt flickered on the screen with instructions to log in. Frenley wiped the dust off the screen with a cloth and punched in his credentials. He was immediately chastised by a bureaucrat (whom he later found out was Metalmanager) for having made a minor grammar mistake. Nonetheless this didn't turn him away from the Showt Bocks, and he eventually made some very close friends with this device, including the one and only Snowman 1001.

Also known as...[edit]

His alias on the Weekee is Ced1214, but also goes by the name of matematx when he needs to go undercover. The reasons for this are unknown.



  • He developed an affinity for cheese by reading about it all the time in the Penguin Times. It is advised to stay away from him when carrying cheese.
  • His best friend is Snowman 1001.
  • His brother (not blood-related) is 007jor.
  • If he sees Hat Pop doing "?", he yells "QUESTION MARK!!" She and Snowman 1001 find this amusing.

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