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Frosian Warriors
Frosian Warriors' Emblem
Armed Forces overview
Formed 1998
Superseding agency SIA
Jurisdiction Frosian Islands
Headquarters Erikshaven, Frosian Islands
Shops City, Shops Island
Ministers responsible Lavender, President of Shops Island
Daniel Frost, Governor of the Frosian Islands
Armed Forces executives LMGT, Director of the SIA
General Broseph, Grand General of the SIA Armed Forces
Parent Armed Forces SIA
Key document Incorporation into the SIA
The Frosian Warriors work as a semi-autonomous entity, although still under the authority of the SIA.

The Frosian Warriors are the unofficial military of the Frosian Islands, jointly with the SIA. It used to be the official military for the Frosian Islands before it was annexed by Shops Island in 2013. Ever since, the Frosian Warriors have been a child agency of the SIA and are responsible for the defense of the Frosian Islands. They also share military bases with the Shoppers.


Free Republic of Guymed[edit]

The Frosian Army was founded sometime after 1998 as the official military of the Free Republic of Guymed. The president, Guymed, was also the General of the military. In addition, up until 2013 the Warriors were all one force, rather than being specified into Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. They mainly focused on defense, although they didn't bother anyone so they didn't think they would need a strong defense (as the didn't charge passing fees to other nations who wished to go from Antarctica to UnitedTerra.

Shops Island[edit]

Although their defensive forces were ok, President Guymed knew they wouldn't stand a chance against Shops' military. As such, the Free Republic of Guymed became a shopper territory (The Shopper Territory of the Frosian Islands) in 2013. At this time, the Frosian Warriors military forces were integrated into Shops Island's military. The Shops Island military let the Frosian Warriors stay as the protectors and peacekeepers in the territory, but a few SIA officers always remain on the bases to keep things in order. After the integration, LMGT (director of the SIA) also had the forces split into certain divisions (Army, Navy, etc.).

The attack on the Frosian Islands in early 2014 was somewhat unexpected, and the Warriors weren't prepared for it at all. Even with Shopper military assistance, the entire territory fell to the Puffalians.

After the end of the Frosian War, one of the first military actions of Lavender and LMGT was to have the Frosian Warriors totally restructured, better equipped and better trained. In a process that would technically last years, the Warriors became a more advanced force then they had ever been. By the end of 2014, the Warriors in total had 50,000 soldiers, roughly 10% of the Frosian population. The Air Force was given hundreds of Shops Island's best fighter jets, as well as a few hundred heavy bombers, all of which were eventually recolored to Frosian colors, in addition to tanks, aquatic tanks and high tech naval ships. Over the next year Frosian seamen and pilots were trained to be super effective soldiers, almost to the caliber of Shops' main forces.


Frosian Warriors Army[edit]

A soldier in the FW Army.

The FW Army is the primary attack and defense force of the Frosian Warriors. They work side-by-side with the SIA Army in military operations and combat situations involving the Frosian Islands. The FW Army's weapons used to be manufactured locally and by the USA, but ever since the Frosian Islands became Shopper territory, all FW Army weapons, vehicles, and artillery are supplied by the Shoppers.

The FW Army has fought bravely alongside Shoppers in many wars, including the GSWVI and the Frosian War. The FW Army has become used to following Shops' commands. They also follow many of Shops' military tactics and strategies.

Frosian Warriors Air Force[edit]

The Frosian Warriors' Air Force, AKA FWAF, operates an arsenal of aircraft provided by both Shops Island and the USA, along with a few locally-built models. The FWAF used to have mostly locally-built models with others coming from Lichenblossom, Ternville and some other small retailers, but most of these models were sold or junked when the Frosian Warriors came under the SIA. The FWAF operates jointly with the SIA's air bases on the Frosian Islands.

Frosian Navy & Coast Guard[edit]

The Frosian Navy is the primary sea force of FRG. It consists of 32 ships total. A subsidiary force, the Frosian Warriors Coast Guard, is the coastal control force of FRG.

Frosian Warriors Space Defense Force[edit]

The FW Space Force is the space oriented branch of FW. It collaborates mostly with the FWAF with satellites, which relay target information. It also manages the launch of Deletion Missiles and Ice Missiles, as well as the development of the Goop Warhead.


  • 1st Frosian Division
  • 2nd Frosian Division
  • 3rd Frosian Division
  • 4th Frosian Division
  • 5th Frosian Division
  • 1st International Division
  • 2nd International Division
  • 1st Coastal Division
  • 2nd Coastal Division
  • 3rd Coastal Division
  • 1st Aerial Division
  • 2nd Aerial Division
  • 3rd Aerial Division

Munitions and equipment[edit]

This is an approximate list of all munitions and equipment owned by the Frosian Warriors as of 2015. Please note, that this isn't the only military equipment on the islands. There are separate SIA military outposts on the islands which contain even more munitions, however everything listed below has been assigned to the Warriors. Most of the images below are also inaccurate, as most Frosian tanks, ships, etc. were recolored to a more standard camouflage.

Heavy artillery[edit]

Image Name Quantity Branch(s) Notes
ShopsIslandTank.png Tank Destroyer 400 Army
HeavyTank.png Heavy Tank 450 Army
WheelTank.png Wheeled Tank 500 Army *These tanks work much better than normal or heavy tanks in Frosian topography, and as such are favored over their sister units.
AmphibiousTank.png Amphibious Tank 20 Army, Navy *They only operate with the navy on rare occasions.
ArtilleryCannon.png Heavy Artillery Cannon 5000 Army

Aircraft and spacecraft[edit]

Image Name Quantity Branch(s) Notes
FighterJet.png Fighter Jet 200 Air Force, Navy *Only involved in Navy actions if they are stationed on an aircraft carrier.
Lancer.png Lancer 35 Air Force, Space Defence Force
HeavyBomber.png Heavy Bomber 25 Air Force, Army
AttackHelicopter.png Helicopter 150 Army, Coast Guard
Actis.png Actis 20 Space Defence Force


Image Name Quantity Branch(s) Notes
LandingCraft.png Landing Craft 350 Navy, Army
Warship.png Warship 50 Navy, Coast Guard *Five warships accompany each aircraft carrier.
A few warships also take part in border patrol with the Coast Guard.
Dreadnought.png Dreadnought 15 Navy *Three dreadnoughts accompany each Aircraft carrier, along with multiple warships, for protection purposes.
Submarine.png Submarine 5 Navy *One submarine often accompanies each aircraft carrier, especially when patrolling enemy waters.
AircraftCarrier.png Aircraft Carrier 3 Navy *Shopper Vessels Culture, Asiapelago and Guardian were placed under Frosian command since Shopper naval ships don't usually stay on patrol in the islands, they just pass through and/or stop for supplies.
*The aircraft carriers are always accompanied by a strike team consisting of multiple warships, dreadnoughts, and submarines.

Smaller weapons and ammunition[edit]

Image Name Quantity Branch(s) Notes
Snowball gun.PNG Snowball Gun 10,000 All *Not the primary weapon of the military.
Ba1sniper.png BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle 800 *These were decommissioned when the SIA took over, in favor of fatal sniper rifles. However, a few were kept in the rare case that they are needed.
N/A Deletion Laser 1,000
N/A Hot Sauce Powered Fire Distributor (Flamethrower) 8,000 Army
N/A Ditto Grenade A few thousand Army
BlueKeysaber.png Keysaber A few hundred *Rarely used
*Most are probably in storage somewhere


Image Name Quantity Branch(s) Notes
FrosianMissile.png ICBM Classified Air Force *Although a few ICBMs have been placed on the islands, they are technically under Shopper control. However, the Shoppers claim otherwise in case they decide to wipe an enemy off of the Earth using the Frosians as a cover-up.

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