Frost Bite

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Frost Bite
A Frost Bite
A Frost Bite
Status iucn2.3 EN.png
Conservation Status
Invalid status
Scientific classification
Domain: Club Penguin
Species: Frigus Morsus
Frost Bites only live in Club Penguin
Frost Bites only live in Club Penguin

Frost Bites are icy creatures ruled by Jack Frost. They were discovered by Rockhopper in middle of November, on Frost Bite Island. They later eventually made it to Club Penguin Island, but were managed to be kicked out into the Frost Bite Cave by middle of January. They can freeze other creatures.


Someone please insert more history prior to Rockhopper here. Thanks.

Back in the prehistoric ages of Club Penguin, Garugg the Ugg Ugg was experimenting with caveguins. In a very nasty accident involving lava sauce and the Scary Ice. They mutated into Frost Bites, which soon froze the prehistoric island. With this, many dinosaurs ended up dying before the historical volcano blast AND meteors came crashing down. The caveguins evolved into the modern penguin in secure caves, but the Frostbites, with nowhere to stay, sailed away to an unknown island on a rickety old raft made of wood. It is believed that they drifted for miles before they found a dessert island. It is also believed that they froze everything on the island, making it more of an ice island.

A trillion years later after the explosion, the Frost Bites were re-discovered by Rockhopper after he ran aground on the Frost Bites' dessert island. As he repaired his ship, Rockhopper and the local Frost Bites became bitter enemies as the Frost Bites thought he would attack them, although later became very friendly towards each other. Several years later, in late 2012, the Frost Bites mysteriously made their way to Club Penguin.


Frost Bites are interesting species. They are 70% ice, 20% organs and 10% blood. Only 5% of their skin is made of feathers and the rest is all solid ice. Thus, it is much harder for them to survive warm temperatures than penguins.


Frost Bites are quite dangerous to penguins. They are usually peaceful, but they take anyone approaching them as a sign of danger and will immediately engage in battle with them. Currently, the only sophisticated Frost Bite is their leader, Jack Frost, who was released from his ancient grave in Operation Blackout.



  • The time between the first evidence of Frost Bites and their second appearance is 12 years.

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