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The Frostborough Crown is one of the main newspapers in Freezeland. It is mainly popular in Frostborough and the surrounding area, but it is sometimes read in other areas. It is considered by many to be the highest quality newspaper in Freezeland. The Frostborough Crown is independantly owned, and has been since it was first published as the Atlantic Star in 1887. The Frostborough Crown is a relatively neutral paper, that promises not to endorse any political party. However, it is seen as pro-monarchy and anti-Amluc Riam (which led to a shut down).


The Frostborough Crown is the only independently-owned daily newspaper in the city of Frostborough and has been so since its launch in August 1887 as the Atlantic Star. Bringing events more up-to-date, the paper saw a dramatic growth in its circulation, particularly due to the beginning of the Khanzem.

In June 1982, the paper came under total control of the company's current owning family, was renamed the Frostborough Star and the fortunes of the paper began to change dramatically. It is the second most read newspaper in Freezeland and it is also widely read in County Frostborough and Midland. The Star's popularity peaked during the time of the Freezelandian Revolution until the War of 2002. During the Revolution, it took a pro-Independence stance and after Freezeland became independent, was called the Frostborough Crown.

The Crown was shut down in 2010 due to opposition to Malcur. Publications resumed in 2011.


The Crown states that it primarily focuses on issues relating to Frostborough, but in actuality it focuses on national events as well (along with an international section). The Crown's sections are:

  • Headlines
    • Frostborough & County
    • Midland
    • National
    • International
  • Politics
  • Business/Economy
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Advice/"Rant Corner"
  • Upcoming Events
  • Classifieds