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As you can see, this is the Grand Telenacle of Frostize
Country Liguria
Monuments Pope Bezin Square, Royal Telenacle
Neighbourhoods Old Town Frostize, Mainland Downtown Frostize (Suburban), Lorraine River Suburbs
Mayor Benito Fortlezza
Population 700,000
Inhabited species Viking Penguins
General information
Native name Frostize
Foreign name Frostize
Demonym Frostizians
Founded 445 A.D.
– Founder Ligurians, Vikings
Time zone VTZ
Summer time VTDZ

Frostize, is an ancient city and one of the only Overseas Territories of Liguria. It is well known for it's labyrinth of canals bridges and passageways that can make new visitors lost without a map. It is also the capital of the Vikings, and it is the very place where the first penguins discovered the Antarctic Mainland. It's also the capital city of the AU.


About 1995 BC, The High Penguin, named Sigurd, who was from Valnor, arrived in the Lorraine Delta in what is now modern Frostize with his wife and a large group of puffles. It was here that the puffles of all colors disbanded and colonized Antarctica. Sigurd was not satisfied with living in the area, so he moved on into the Trans Antarctic Mountains, although he did know that one day his descendants would one day make that landing spot his capital. Since Sigurd's discovery of Antarctica, the Lorraine River Delta was not inhabited for almost 1000 years after Sigurd's arrival. Frostize city was originally settled in the later years (Believed to be 445 A.D.) of the Penguin Empire by Vikings from Snowprus. It was built on top of the Lorraine River Delta, and used the natural canals to travel through the city. After the Penguin Empire fell, Frostize became a large city-state because it was already so big. It also ruled some land around the city, so it had food. However, for the most part, it was a large trade center. It joined the HPC in 1245. It continued to thrive, and was home to Pengo Pollo and the Hochstadt family before him. In 1878, it decided to regoin with it's mother nation, Liguria. This Move saved the city from distruction during the reign of Khanzem. Frostize continued to be independant until it finally joined Colonial Antarctica. It joined the Revolutionist side, and had a battle there. In the late February of 2010, the Vikings invaded all of the Antarctic Peninsula, bringing it to an end. They declared the Grand Viking Empire, and placed Frostize as the capital. It oversaw what the empire did during the Great Snowzerland War I. The Empire Ended after the war, but it was then replaced with the regular Viking Empire. When the Viking Empire was established, Frostize became the Capital of the Viking Empire and was where the government is seated. After the Viking Empire dissolved in 2011, Liguria reclamed the city and the rest of the land that surrounded it.

Places of Interest[edit]

  • Frostize Province Capitol Building - located in the suburban area of Frostize.
  • Pope Benzin Square - A well known icon of the country, it is located on Frostize Island.
  • The Palazzo - a famous palace that is now the Parliament building for the Republic of Frostize.
  • Royal Telenacle - Distributes electricity to all of the city.
  • Catacombs - secret passageways that are accessable from the Royal Telenacle.
  • Frostize International Airport - an airport that was built on a man-made island in 1976. The Airport was remodled one year ago, so it is high tech.



  • It's a parody of Venice, Italy.

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