Frozantium Empire

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The Empire of Frozantium
Frozantium Empire

450 AD–742 AD


The Frozantium Empire in comparison with it's neighbors.
Capital Frozantium
Government Empire
 -  450 AD Constantio I (The Great)
Constantio II
Constantio III
 -  719 AD Constantio IV
Historical era Early Medieval Era
 -  Snowprus invades the dissolved Penguin Empire; takes in many Viking invaders as new citizens Early 450 AD
 -  General Constantio betrays King Bacchus and proclaims the Frozantium Empire's independence. Late 450 AD
 -  The High Penguin army called the "Otto Penguins" capture Frozantium city and proclaim the whole Empire for the new High Penguin Confederacy. 742 AD
Today part of Mainland Antarctica
Parody of Byzantine Empire

The Frozantium Empire was a nation that emerged right after the fall of the Penguin Empire, and the Snowpriot's attempt to re-invade Antarctica.


The collapse of the Penguin Empire brought disaster across Antarctica. Vikings, Khanz, and High Penguins were raiding towns everywhere, and although they had worked together to destroy the Penguin Empire, they had now turned against each other, now bringing more chaos. Former Penguin Empire citizens were fleeing for their lives, and many of them became enslaved under new opressive High Penguin leaders. They called the captured regular penguins their "serfs", and they promised safety. Many castles were being built, and the Feudal System was being adopted wherever the High Penguins were. However, the Khanz and the Vikings did not like this, and they began raiding the castles and serf villages as well. However, there was a certain region of what used to be the Penguin Empire known as Frozantium that still had a decent strong army that continued to fend off High Penguins, Khanz, and Vikings during the invasions. King Bacchus, ruler of Snowprus, also decided that it was the perfect chance to invade the chaotic land, so he was able to re-assemble the Snowpriot army and they launched a full scale invasion of the Frozantium region under General Constantio, one of King Bacchus's greatest generals. Within weeks, the Frozantium Province was invaded, and it's military was doubled as it built a large wall around it's perimeters to keep the intruders out. However, although the Frozantium Region was claimed for Snowprus, General Constantio had different plans. Instead, General Constantio proclaimed himself Emperor of the Frozantium Empire, and a new Greek speaking country was born. Cities of grandeur where built everywhere, trade increased, and the small Penguin Empire city of Frozantium became a booming capital city. However, as time went by, the Emperors eventually became more and more corrupt, and they began to fight more and more wars against the growing High Penguin Confederacy and the Ligurian claimed city of Frostize, which was then part of the Republic of Frosteto, now a province of Liguria. One dreary day, the Frostizians attacked the city of Frozantium itself and sacked it, stealing all it's goods in 740 AD. The nation was crippled by the wars, and it's banks were beginning to run out of money to fund the battles. Hence, the Emperor knew that the nation would take years to re-cooperate, but he ignored his citizens and he continued to have elegant feasts of the best Frozantine and Snowpriot food in the land with his most trusted of Knights. Because of the ignorance of the Emperor, a special militia of Khanz began to plan their invasion of the crippling empire. These special Khanz called themselves the Cell-Jerks, because they were former prisoners of the Khan who had sworn their loyalty to him. They were considered the fiercest of fighters, and thus they took everyone by surprise when the Frozantium Empire was invaded by foot after they secretly crossed the narrow High Penguin Confederacy territory that separated the nations into two. The Frozantium Empire went up in flames, literally, by each town, village, and city the Cell-Jerk Khanz went through. Finally, when they reached the city of Frozantium, they went all out and crushed the army of Knights that defended the city, and the Emperor was slaughtered. The palace was ransacked and half of what was captured was taken directly back to the Khan of Old Pengolia (Then just called "Pengolia"). However, things got worse. The leader of the Cell-Jerk Khanz claimed the royal palace and all it's jewels as his own, which severely angered the Khan. Then, once the High Penguin Confederacy discovered that the Khanz had crossed their land to invade the Frozantium Empire, they underwent a mass invasion of the conquered Frozantium area and kicked out the Khanz, finally annexing the land to double the size of the High Penguin Confederacy, also leaving Damelaw and Old Pengolia to be the last nations on the Antarctic Mainland to be sovereign.