Frozen Ninja

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Frozen Ninja
It's Frozen Ninja!
Title Frozen Ninja
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Snow Ninja
Health Great
Level 30
Status Probably training with Sensei
Location Snow Dojo, Club Penguin Island

Frozen Ninja is one of the apprentices of Sensei and a skilled ninja. His training consists of dodging snowballs with cat-like reflexes, swimming down an icy river and braving the elements. The only element he cannot brave is fire, which tests him mentally and physically.

In the ninjutsu arts, subtlety and discretion are the keys to unlocking inner peace. Frozen Ninja cleverly devises plans, making the use of the environment to his advantage. Perhaps a description of this character would melt the frost on the situation; Frozen Ninja is a small blue penguin with shrike throwing knives in the back of his pocket, two shuriken stars hanging tightly in his black belt, and a gaze so cold it's as if time suddenly stops when he looks you in the eye.


Not much is known about his past. It is known that at some point in his life, he became a ninja, a water ninja and a snow ninja.

Meeting Herbert and Klutzy[edit]

When training to become a snow ninja, Frozen Ninja became used to the cold, feeling the winter chill's deathly embrace. However, the will to live is strong and can be found in the most weirdest of places. He heard a low growl coming from a nearby cave, to which Herbert was nesting with Klutzy, plotting his next scheme.

Hide in the shadows, that's what Sensei taught him. It had to be simple and quick. He crept up from behind the rocks in the cave, the shadows of the stalagmites dancing in the firelight. The plan was simple; take out Herbert and Klutzy, use their fire to keep warm and Club Penguin would be safe. However, Frozen Ninja became complacent and tread on a stick, which alerted Herbert whose growling was heard closer in the distance. Crap. Just a few more feet and Herbert would notice him, he could smell the seaweed pizza stench of the bear's maw already;

"Feeling cold?" Herbert said


"Welcome to my world. Come near the fire and keep yourself warm."

How odd, Herbert showing kindness? The mere thought perplexed Frozen Ninja. Maybe this lull in Herbert's normally evil nature could be used as an opportunity. Know thine enemy, Sensei taught him. Frozen Ninja accepted the gesture, and the three huddled up near the fire. The trio got to talking, Herbert told a bit about himself; how he was bullied by some of the other polar bears and how he later left the North Pole on an iceberg where he had to survive for several months before ending up in Club Penguin. Fear, anxiety, hatred, they all became tools of his, used to survive the brutal climate. He told of how he ended up in warmer climates and the iceberg melted, where he tried to fight the water current but failed, his strength leaving him. The current whisked him off to Club Penguin, how he survived to this day puzzled him but it was a journey where he learned he couldn't trust anyone. Frozen Ninja sympathized with him, the frost starting to pick up. Maybe Herbert wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Frozen Ninja left after it got warmer, and to this day he is perhaps the only penguin Herbert has tolerated. Nobody else understands the cold, only warmth.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

With deadly precision and tactical movements, Frozen Ninja is a beast to behold when drawn into combat situations, however he doesn't want to hurt anyone else. Only in self defense would he strike another penguin, and only if he couldn't avoid it. He is also


Frozen Ninja's training consists of rigorous exercises that are designed to push the limits of a penguin's body. These training exercises include sensory honing; Frozen Ninja is taught to hear faint sounds from a distance, see things clearly beyond 3 miles in sight, taste foods and be able to dictate the exact ingredients in the food, smell things near exact to a dog's sense of smell, and feel the flow of chi around him.

Card-Jitsu is also part of the training, however Frozen Ninja's cards are either water or snow. Water to combat the fire and snow to combat the water, however this strategy of his is sometimes used against him as the correct snow card could freeze the water, and the higher number always wins if it's the element vs the same element.

Frozen Ninja's training is waning in Card-jitsu because he cannot overcome fire. He has the Water Gem and Snow Gem in his Amulet, but he has yet to overcome the flame and earn his Fire Gem.

A part of his training has been to climb the tallest peak in Club Penguin, the icy breeze shattering his exterior. To survive and prevent hypothermia, he gathered some bark and sticks to use as tinder which he then lit ablaze with hot sauce, the smoke pouring out from atop the mountain as if to signal for help. However, Frozen Ninja did not need it. The fire, menacing in its wake was one to be respected. It kept him warm from the elements although the fire did not last as long as he hoped; the breeze picked up and blew the fire out. It was a sign.


  • He has never visited the Fire Dojo.

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