Fruit Island

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Fruit Island
Temple of Fruit.png
The deadly Temple of Fruit.
Country USA
Capital city Fruitville
Largest city Fruitville
Formation 2006
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 650,000
Location North of Sealville
Alliances United States of Antarctica
Neighbours Sealville, Puffle Island

Fruit Island, also known as Fruitland, is the largest fruit harvesting area in all of Antarctica, with most of the USA's fruit and vegetables coming from the island. A large number of fruits grow on the island, and those that aren't there naturally are slowly being introduced to the island to be grown. It is a sizable island off the coast of Trans-Antarctica, with a dense tropical jungle, a volcano, and an ancient Temple of Fruit that was found in 2012.


A long time ago, unknown beings built a sacred Temple of Fruit on the island. In modern times, Carl Arnott discovered the island after naming Ross Island. He started a small settlement there to farm and harvest the fruit. That settlement is still there to this day. After the Epic Revolution, the settlement and the island were abandoned. Captain Rockhopper re-discovered the island in 2005, and brought it to the attention of the USA, who decided to give it to Trans-Antarctica in 2006 (since it technically was part of the Sub-Antarctic Islands). Despite being close to the continent, Fruit Island has a tropical climate. Explorer 767 later discovered that the reason the island produces so much fruit is that the wind patterns and climate cause the city of Ternville to rain down on the island when it passes by. A trading deal was agreed on in 2009, and since then Fruit Blaster and Banana Blaster ammo has been exported from here.

In 2012, Rockhopper convinced the USA to let him lead an expedition on the island as long as he could keep some of the things they found as merchandise. During that expedition, a volcano and the Temple of Fruit were discovered, untouched for centuries before, and the island was proven to be significantly larger than previously thought. Not only is the island used to export fruits, now it is also a popular tourist attraction.


  • Fruitville - The capital of the island, where about 500,000 penguins live. It's metro area covers the entire island.
  • Fruit Fields - This is where the fruit is produced.
  • Fruit Rainforest - This is a large rainforest close to the fields.
  • Tern Roosting Nests - Terns roost here. It was created by an unknown force.
  • Rudi Family House - Where Sam, Drake, and the Rudi family used to live. It's now abandoned, and left intact.


There is a lot of fruit you could get here. These are all the fruits you could get on the island. (The number in the brackets represent how much fruits are approx. harvested every harvesting day from 2000-2009)

  • Apple (450)
  • Banana (200)
  • Orange (314)
  • Pear (219)
  • Pineapple (30)
  • Kiwi (110)
  • Mangoes (154)
  • Papaya (124)
  • Bannople (1)
  • Potatoes (10)
  • Coffee Beans (1 million)
  • Rice (450kg)
  • Peanuts (100kg)
  • Coconuts (30)
  • Vegetables (300kg)
  • Grapefruits (700, 2325 if you count the ones underneath the island)

Add more if you know fruits that are not in the list!


  • Puffles
  • Native Penguins
  • Migrating terns that spend the night here
  • Tribal Penguins
  • Innocent Gang


  • Skua Bosses
  • Leopard Seals



  • Rockhopper has been here countless times, especially in 2005 and 2012.
  • Acadia is interested in this island, since it could expand the nation's agricultural production.
  • Most of the residents of the island are hired fruit farmers/harvesters.

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