Frys Chalet

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Frys Chalet
Type Public
Industry Restaurant chain
Founded 1963
Headquarters Frostborough, Freezeland
Area served Continental
Key people Fisch Hochstadt (mascot), Joe Snowhills (CEO)
Revenue 17,000,000,000 F
Operating income 6,000,000 F
Net income 1,000,000,000 F
Employees 1,750

Frys Chalet (Pronounced Frïz Shalë ("Friss Shallay")) (Club Penguin Stock Market: FCR) is a global chain of eat-in fine dining resteraunts located across Antarctica and the main rivals to EarthSnow's chain (although it's huge rivalry to Eastshield Fried Fish is much more famous) and Fisch and Chips. It was found in 1963 in Frostborough by a small family but has since expanded into a global chain of restaurants across Antarctica.

Frys Chalet sells a variety of high quality premium and luxury foods while trying to keep the prices low. This has lead to criticism to franchising restaurants outside Freezeland who tend to keep this business model at the expense of customer health and safety. Frys Chalet has attempted to combat this by buying out the providers for the ingredients to many of Frys Chalet's foods.


Frys Chalet originates as a small, family-run restaurant founded in 1963. It was small, making a sizable profit to keep the family going, employing three waiters and one professional chef with most of the service done by the family. Now, it was made a time where fast food chains were nonexistent and fine dining was popular as a treat at the end of every of month. Penguins would flock to come over to Frys Chalet, although the restaurant was never busy.

Three years afters after being founded, the King of the Water Kingdom, Triskelle, took a random, surprise visit to the restaurant after hearing about the impressive food. From his first experience, he would come to Frys Chalet every fortnight to eat. This hugely publicised the small restaurant. They gained enough money to open up five more branches in Frostborough, including one in the upper class area of the city. An angel investor approached them, buying out a 35% equity in return for enough money to set up restaurants across the Water Kingdom.

The chain had 150 branches across the Water Kingdom and continued to expand. In the early 1970s, 30 branches were opened the Ice Kingdom, 20 in the Air Kingdom and 10 in the Fire Kingdom. Success in those areas lead them to build 100 further branches in the Water Kingdom and 300 in each other Kingdom. The company made the decision to expand into PreTerra, finding one branch in the city centre of New Club Penguin and three branches in Snowzerland, although the Snoss branches failed thanks to Swiss Ninja, who noticing their success, bought them out and founded his own (failed) restaurant chain (later those restaurants would be bought out by Fisch and Chips).

Competition from fast food companies became an issue. Eastshield Fried Fish famously sued them in 1983 due them apparently copying foods made by EFF and re branding. Frys Chalet denied the charges, claiming that they never stole "useless junk foods". Eventually the court declared their favor in Frys Chalet. The Kernel was furious; after work, he would always pop into the nearest EFF branch and shout at the manager, causing him to be thrown out by security (for some reason they never called the police).

Fast food companies weren't the only problems; there were also (largely unnoticed) rising stars, such as TerraSnow, founded in Snowville but would later expand to become one of the largest companies in Antarctica and Fisch and Chips, founded in Club Penguin City. Despite this, they continued to expand, opening branches in UnitedTerra, in Ternville, the Free Republics and independent nations and continue to offer Freezelandian cuisine.


Each Frys Chalet restaurant's exterior design resembles a chalet on might see in the Mammoth Mountain Range. The beam-like structures are always red, so it is easy to spot one due to the bright colour over the khaki walls.

The interior differs from place-to-place, but all Frys Chalet restaurants have male and female washrooms, which are cleaned every hour, sanitary kitchens, complete with rotisserie ovens, and a fine-dining area.


Frys Chalet is best known for rotisserie fish and smoked barbecue fish ribs, which are traditionally served with such side dishes as chips, potatoes, salads, rice and vegetables. Fish dishes are also served with Chalet Sauce. Sit-down, drive-through, take-out and delivery services are available. In certain parts of Freezeland online ordering is available. "Signature Frys Chalet" sauce, gravy and marinade is available as a powdered mix in Freezeland supermarkets.

A popular item is it's Quarter Fish Dinner which features a leg or breast quarter piece of Fish with dipping sauce, a roll and a side dish. During the Yule season a modified version of this dinner is sold as the Festive Special, with stuffing, cranberries, and a chocolate product, originally an elegant chocolate bar, currently chocolate truffles. Frys Chalet has also now expanded its menu to include fish sandwiches, fish spring rolls and pierogies.


Frys Chalet has received not received much criticism, but it has received some, primarily by loyal Eastshield Fried Fish customers. This is probobly because the CEO of the company, The Kernel says "It ain't nothin' but slop with a chandelier!". EFF customers also complain how "Prices are too high", or "The food takes too long to cook". For the most part, the whiners are ignored, all important food critics love it, and have rated it "Number one restaurant in Freezeland!".


Midland- "Taste it once, Love it forever"

Snowbourne- "Life should taste as good as Frys Chalet"

Northfold- "Always so good for so little"

The Kernel- "It ain't nothin' but slop with a chandelier." (There is an obvious reason this slogan is not in use)


Major plans for expansion into the United States of Antarctica have been in discussion, with several new locations planned to open throughout the Free Republics in the near future, but a longer while until more USA branches open. Frys Chalet has only two USA locations, both in Ternville. Currently, Frys Chalet is mutually exclusive in Freezeland, like USA chains owned by the YumYum company. Also, they might establish one restaurant in East Bank City, Antarctic Peninsula.


  • Frys Chalet has no Fat.
  • It shares a harsh rivalry with Eastshield Fried Fish.
  • It was rated "Number one restaurant in Freezeland".
  • All Frys Chalet restaurants are required to carry noise reducing items to prevent "Kentucky-based ear damage".


  • Frys Chalet has one of the most loyal customer bases out of any full service restaurant chain in Antarctica. It would not be surprising to find guests dining in the restaurants that visit it at least once a week.
  • Employees, who not only work for a cheque, but are happy to work at Frys Chalet, and to serve the customers.


  • Burglars
  • The Kernel (the founder of EFF sometimes comes in and screams at the manager).
  • Whiners/Critics from EFF.

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