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The craziest prankster puffle you will ever meet!
Title Oh no! It's
Gender Male
Race Orange Puffle
Faction Mabel's (wannabe) Bodyguard, MMK Member, Member of the Pranking Trio
Health Questionable
Level 44
Status Trying to dye his grey hair orange with Mabel's ice cream
Location By Mabel sneaking her ice cream treats
Occupation Mabel's bodyguard wannabe, pranking penguins, plumbing (more of a hobby)
Employer Bureau of Fiction
Fur color Orange
Hair color Light Grey
Catchphrase Wanna cream pie in your face?
Interests Ice cream, playing pranks on people, plumbing, Mabel.
Weaknesses Physically weak, boots.
Allergies LOL Cats
Friends Anyone with a sense of humor, Mabel (he's not her friend though)
Enemies Penguins with no sense of humor (especially Salina), Gruff
Member of MMK, Pranking Trio
Archetype Neutral, prankster
Weapon of choice Staff of Goofiness

Not to be confused with the Wabbit Virus. Hahahaha.

Fudd Lapooh is a partially insane orange puffle who is known for his ruthless pranking and infatuation with Mabel. He lives in one of Waffleland's numerous unnamed slums, but is quite happy with where he lives, as he is surrounded by crazy penguins like himself.



Fudd's theme song!

Fudd was born on August 20th, 1971 (his birth certificate says August 20th, 1995) in the dark forests of Antarctica along with his twin brother Dudd Lapooh. Just five minutes after he was born a monkey wrench that fell from the sky hit him on the head.

He was physically OK but his brain was damaged in a strange way. It prevented him from feeling happy and because of this he was very grumpy.

Early Childhood[edit]

Eventually when Fudd was old enough for school his parents bought him some books, pencils and paper for his studies and sent him to the nearby puffle school.

When he arrived he was very unpopular (being extremely grouchy all the time didn't help his relationship with the students at all) and was often pushed around by even the smaller puffles.

In studies he performed slightly below, but Fudd wanted to be admired by at least the nerds and wished for the tops grades. Because of his failure to do above and beyond the norm he grew depressed.

High School[edit]

Fudd arrived at high school just when he had started to make friends in elementary, and thus was even sadder then at the first school.

This time he could not even try to study, and as he pouted, his brain malfunction really began to affect him and now he turned into a raging maniac.

He didn't even try to make friends, and yelled at everyone and everything.

However, he did manage to (barely) pass and he moved out of the school into a slum in what would later become Waffleland.


One day while sitting in his tattered puffle bed and getting grumpier by the minute he found a coupon for a surgery clinic run by Doctor John Barrbuh and decided to go there to fix his brain.

When he arrived John Barrbuh told him that he needed surgery, and he operated on Fudd. His method for operating was very strange, as he swapped areas of Fudd's brain for other areas, and he almost completely rewired Fudd's brain!

When he was done Fudd was put through a few therapy sessions and when Fudd came out of the clinic, he was a different puffle.

He felt emotions he had never felt before (eg, happiness) and he no longer felt grouchy.

And then he saw.....Mabel.

Fudd had never seen such a well-groomed puffle, with such straightly-combed hair, and he followed her back to Explorer's house.

Once she reached his house, she flung herself through the puffle door and locked it.

After ringing the doorbell Fudd asked Explorer if he could visit Mabel. Explorer refused (as nobody in their right mind would want to see Mabel) and threw him off the porch.

Fudd decided to get back at Explorer. First he got a large barrel and set it by a cliff.

Then he rang the doorbell again and said to Explorer "Heya Explorer, would ya likey ta go ta da cliff with me?" Explorer, who knew it was a prank, played along and went with Fudd.

When they arrived, Explorer looked around. He did not see anything that would work for pranking Fudd.

Suddenly he saw a bomb inside a barrel. That would be perfect!

He rushed into the barrel and lit the bomb. Just when he was about to throw it Fudd shut the lid and rolled it down the cliff.

Explorer was shut in a barrel with a live bomb inside! At the bottom it exploded, and Explorer came out in Phreaker Mode.

Fudd laughed and laughed. He decided that he liked pranking and that he should do it more often.

Just then he remembered that he was going to visit Mabel, so he went inside the igloo. Mabel yelled punctuation marks at Fudd for the whole visit.

One day Fudd was in an explosion when he tried to make a robot bodyguard for Mabel's so-called birthday and it blew up in his face, turning some of his hair grey in the process. Ever since he has tried to dye his grey hair orange again with different things, including Puffle-Os, ice cream and hair color-changing machines.

He recently decided to become a plumber and became so good at it that he was invited to become the Bureau of Fiction's head plumber.

Now, he is the richest thing alive on the world and now is rightfully the owner of the Universe! (Not really, but he thinks so.)


Fudd Lapooh is immensely cheerful almost to the point of stupidity, thanks to Doctor John Barrbuh's rewiring of Fudd's brain, and most of his intelligence is devoted to pranking.

Oddly for someone who is always happy, Fudd likes Mabel and wants to be her friend, even though she is always grouchy and hates him with a passion.

Fudd Lapooh is not too aware of the Fourth Wall, even though he works on the Bureau of Fiction's lousy plumbing system sometimes.


Fudd is the (self proclaimed) world's most successful prankster and he has successfully pranked "unprankable" creatures such as Nightmare and Mary P. Bear, a feat which no other penguin or puffle has attained. He will prank anyone and everyone, and often does what he calls "pranking for hire", which means that he will prank for anyone that pays him.

Fudd's lesser known job is plumbing that works at the Bureau of Fiction and is also an active member of the MMK and he goes to the meetings and praises Mabel. However, after the pranks on fellow members, he was banned. That doesn't keep him from coming, though, and he was accepted back in and promoted.

He also Mabel's wannabe bodyguard and protects Mabel whenever someone wanted to beat her up but it usually ends with both of them getting beat up.

Fudd has often hoped that if she ever rules the world that she would hire him or at least give him some payment for his services. This is highly unlikely.


Taken from Conspiracy Theories for Conspiring Creatures:

Your Safety From Fudd Is Not That Safe!
Conspiracy Theory Number #45: Is Fudd's extremely successful pranking caused by an unseen power?

Explorer says Yes!

His statement:


This is the most laughed-at section of Conspiracy Theories for Conspiring Creatures, and is not included in newer editions.


Some say that Fudd Lapooh may one day steal Director Benny's laptop and change the universe to his liking (in other words, Antarctica would be no different from Waffleland. Stories have come up time and time again about what he might do:

  • Appoint Mister Bean as President of Antarctica, Chief Justice and Dictator of all of Antarctica.
  • Create a New Continental Order.
  • Become Director of the Universe.
  • And Narrator.
  • And Author.
  • And Illustrator.
  • And DJ.
  • And Creator.
  • Appoint himself as the Director of all of Antarctica's government agencies.
  • Make waffles the state food and ban anyone from eating them as they're sacred foods.
  • Make pancakes into an enemy of the state and order everyone to eat every single pancake on sight.
  • Make Mabel the Supreme Leader of Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
  • Make every single character (except Mabel) his own personal slaves!
  • Smooch lawyers and reveal a secret experiment to the public!
    • And thus generate porpoise ideology!

Add more!

Although he will not be another Director Benny, if he took over, then the universe would be in a terrible mess.





  • Fudd can be bribed to do almost anything if he is offered ice cream.
  • He is not very strong, and because of this is not a very good fighter.
  • If a boot is thrown at him, chances are that it will hit him, no matter how bad your aim is, due to Fudd being quite bad at dodging things.

Most Well Known Pranks[edit]

  • Trying to steal Director Benny's laptop (without success besides annoying Director Benny).
  • Inviting Penghis Khan out for dinner and taking him to Burger Khan. Penghis Khan declared that it was "Penghis Khan's favorite restaurant", and after Fudd revealed where they had been eating he was slapped with a fish.
  • Putting "Big Benny is ALWAYS watching!" posters on the walls of the Bureau of Entropy.
  • Hacking the Str00d3l F0rc3's CD players so that it only plays their least favorite songs.
  • Pulling off the Sensei's beard and giving him a fake pink one to replace it.
  • Putting dynamite in Gruff's mouth and then taping it shut.
  • Stealing the crown of TurtleShroom (penguin) in the night and replacing it with a slice of salami. The dictator woke up to find salami on his head.
  • Trying to eat Kirbguin and Kerb W.. He was eaten instead and thrown up with yesterday's lunch.
  • Dropping a piece of gum from above while the Imperial Emporer was strutting by.
  • Smacking Austin8310 with his own fish. Austin8310 then tried to whack him back but Fudd ate his fish and threw the bones at him. Austin8310 screamed punctuation at him for 2 hours straight.
  • Stuffing Flywish into a box filled with bronze and throwing it into a over-sized toilet.
    • Flywish almost got revenge. See this.
  • Putting spam bombs and Brain Soap in Lord Carrion's sandwich. Carrion had a bellyache for the next week and kept mumbling "Str00del force is awesome. Str00del force is awesome."
    • This was one instance where someone got back at him. Lord Carrion made it rain boots on Fudd.
  • Stealing Kwiksilver's Vortex Manipulator and hiding it in a warehouse full of identical, faulty Vortex Manipulators. Kwiksilver was not amused.
    • Kwiksilver had his revenge when he put Fudd on a constant time loop, in which he fell over in a pile of mud, over and over again. Director Benny eventually fixed it up.
  • Giving Fred 676 an solid-gold calculator that explodes when used.
  • Putting Director Penny into a stage play after eating some OxiPie. The audience was "blown away". Literally.


  • "Aw, where's me whoopee cushion?"
  • "I gyve thees song a 100000000 aut ohf 10"
  • "Dis staff was givin' ta me by XTUX Hun."

Reporter: Do you like bagels?

Fudd: No, I ain't Dr. Layfair Grimmon, don't insulty me!

Reporter: Ok, do you like Mabel?

Fudd: Of coursy! Who doesyn't!

Reporter: What?!? Oh, I mean OK. Do you like mustard?

Fudd: No, but I do likey cream pie!

picks up cream pie

Reporter: Oh no...

gets covered in pie

Fudd: Heyllo Mabel!

Mabel: ΔΩϠЯ҂Ӷ۝*^%*%$!

Fudd: Oh well, at leasty she dydn't call me ‽.


Fudd: Oh great...


Fudd: No ya kan't have cheezburger!


Fudd: Stop! Leave mah icey creamy alone!


Fudd: NO I AIN'T!




Fudd screams and runs out of the room

Multiple Personality Disorder[edit]

A side effect from his operation, Fudd has the multiple personality disorder to an extreme extent. Because of a misplaced cell while under operation often his "modes" happen whenever he does a certain task or goes to a place.

In this section his alter-egos are listed in full.

  • Crazy Mexican Ninja: Fudd puts on a ninja belt and mask, along with a sombrero and starts speaking in a sped-up Mexican accent. He always goes into this mode after eating hot chili peppers.
  • Crazy Mexican Ninja with an Overdose of Tacos: Just like above except it happens when Fudd eats more chili peppers than usual and Fudd acts extremely crazy, as if he had drank way too much Cactus Juice the night before.
  • Grouchy: Makes him grumpy like Mabel. He used to be permanently stuck in this mode.
  • Italian Plumber: In this mode Fudd fixes toilets extra fast, jumps down pipes and rescues the "princess" (Mabel!)


  • Pigma55 likes him, because he was disrespected at school, just like him.
  • He always seems to be trying to humiliate Director Benny by playing pranks on him like stealing his laptop, throwing cream pies at him and things like that.
  • He claims that he invented weirdness.
  • Slendar thinks that his last name sounds hilarious.
  • He has an alter ego named NinjaFudd, who is better at combat and wears a ninja mask. Too bad that he never uses it when he is in a bodyguard tryout.
  • Once he was arrested by the Fashion Police for having buck teeth and a staff. He escaped by flushing himself down the toilet and then proceeded to throw tomatoes at them.
  • Fudd has notoriously bad English and spelling.
  • He has frequently tried to take Director Benny's laptop without any success besides annoying Director Benny.
  • Bellina hates him and wants him killed because Fudd always plays pranks on her.
  • He has never caught the X-Virus for unknown reasons.
  • He was not aware of the fourth wall until Wolfhunter bought him.
  • It is rumored that he has an crazy crush on Mabel.
  • Salina hates Fudd with a passion. If she detects him anywhere within the radius of her power, she will grab him and throw him with all of her might into the nearest lake or place of water, making sure he gets good and wet. For some reason, though, her powers can not snap his Staff of Silliness, indicating that it really does have some sort of power to it. Fudd has succeeded in hitting her with a bolt of lightning several times afterwards.
  • Flywish says that he knows that Fudd was either dropped on his head or isn't a puffle.
  • His own father doesn't approve of his pranking, and says that he "liked the old grumpy Fudd better".
  • Most of the time after he pranks someone they laugh at their foolishness.
  • Being a plumber, he gets access to certain areas of the Bureau of Fiction when one of their pipes has burst and prides himself of being allowed to do this, even though most there see him as a pest and are glad when he leaves.
  • He has recently been seen taking the job of the narrator and always gets into a fight with the narrator himself.
  • He has an crazy huge crush on Mabel.


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