Fudd's Busy Day

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Chapter One[edit]

Fudd was happily walking home one sunshiny day from the Post Office humming to himself. He realized he had to cross the busy road. So he waited for the traffic light to turn red. He waited and he waited. He waited for the penguin on the little screen to come on. But it seemed forever that he had been waiting. He began to get bored. He looked around him. He noticed a pink penguin painting a bridge red. He turned around and walked over to the Penguin. Without saying anything he picked up the paint can and walked away. "Hey!" the Penguin turned around and glared at him. "Give that back!"

Fudd ignored her and walked up to the street light. The cars were still zooming by. "How am I going to get up there?" he wondered. Then he saw a ladder by the bridge. Apparently the pink Penguin had been using it before she ran home screaming "I quit!!!" He took the ladder and went the traffic light. he set up the ladder and cautiously climbed it. When he reached the top he looked way down. All the drivers were looking up at him and wondering what on earth he was up to now. Mabel was one of them. She nearly jumped out of her skin. [She was walking on the side-walk by the way.] Fudd took the paint brush and did one long stroke across the green light. As soon as he did so he heard the sound of brakes screaming. Then he climbed down the ladder and finally walked across the road.

Chapter Two[edit]

As soon as Fudd opened the door to his house he heard the telephone ring. He picked up the receiver. "Fudd get down to the police station right now!" he heard a penguin bellow on the other line. "Huh!? What!?" Fudd was surprised. "What'd I do?" he asked innocently. "Just get down here Fudd Lapoop!" was the angry reply. "Uh that's Fudd Lapooh." Fudd corrected. "Whatever...I hope to see you here in five minutes or I'll get you myself!" the Policeman shouted. Fudd hung up and ran to the door. He ran outside.

In minuets he was down at the Police Station. "You are under arrest for painting the traffic light on HookiePookie Drive" the Policeman babbled on. "There were penguins complain to me that they have been waiting two full hours!" he said. His face was red as a tomato. "I only painted it half an hour ago not two full hours!" Fudd exclaimed. "Well does it matter now Fudd Lapoop?" the Polieman said pulling out a pair of handcuffs from his pocket. "Lapooh" Fudd reminded him. "Right" the policeman rolled his eyes. Just then a penguin came in. It was the pink penguin that had been painting the bridge. "And not only that Mr. Police...He also stole a can of paint AND a ladder that I was using!!" she said. "I'm not surprised" replied the Policeman. The policeman listened very carefully to the pink penguin complain about Fudd. Fudd managed to sneak out the back door. "Whew" Fudd sighed in relief.

Chapter Three[edit]

Fudd hurried back to his house occasional looked back behind him to see if the mad Policeman had been chasing after him like he had expected. When he got home...to his relief the phone did not ring. He opened the door of his fridge and pulled out a fish stick. Then he grabed his TV remote and hit the "ON" button. "Big News! Fudd Lapoop has painted painted the street light! Oh horror!" the news reporter said. "What!" Fudd jumped. "Is it really THAT bad?" Fudd turned up the volume. Just then a familiar face came on the screen. "Mabel?" Fudd was shocked. "And here is Mabel...what do you have to say Mabel?" the News Reporter asked. "Hear I was walking along the side-walk and hear is Fudd-" Mabel was about to scream something horrible, Fudd knew it. "Hold on Mabel, I heard you were the one who reported this to the police?" asked the News reporter.

Fudd shut off the TV. What a day he thought. But it all taught him a lesson...next time if you are waiting for a traffic light to turn red cut the power cord instead.